8Crabs Delivery Review | Fresh and Affordable Seafood Delivered Right To Your Doorstep

What's that ONE thing you really want to indulge in when you're constantly stuck at home during this period? I have plenty on my list, but I have been yearning to have seafood for the longest time! Having constant home cooked meals might become a boring affair after so many days, and it's great to have a sinful treat once in awhile! 

Circuit Breaker ain't gonna stop me from satisfying my cravings! Especially when it's one of my top favourites - Black Pepper Crab! I usually enjoy seafood feasts in restaurants, but to enjoy within the comforts of my home - this is truly the first time. It does adds on to the pleasure of enjoying your food without the constant need to care if you're looking glam!  
If you're looking to celebrate a special occasion, or simply wish to indulge in a good and satisfying meal to reward yourself, 8 Crabs has all it takes to provide you with good quality and fresh seafood air flown daily, cooked and delivered in 1 hour right to your doo…

My Partipost Experience | How I Earn Money With Instagram Posts

My friend recently shared about an app where you can earn money just by posting content on Instagram without being an influencer or a blogger. My immediate thoughts was, "Really?" I've heard of platforms that sponsor products for you to write a review, but getting paid in real cash to your bank account? That's really a first.

I thought the concept was quite interesting and not a lot of effort is required to earn per posting. Since I'm already always sharing free content that I can relate to, why not give this a try?

There's a catch though. For certain campaigns, you will have to purchase the product/ service beforehand and submit the post for approval. So if you're not comfortable with that, you can take part in those campaigns that don't require prior purchase! These kind of posts usually range from $5-10 which is honestly quite a good deal considering that not much effort is required!

Here's a simple guideline on how to use Partipost:

1) Download…

The Truth About EA Mart | Failed Deliveries and Several Complaints By Customers That Were Hidden

Because of the COVID19 and panic buying situation, you might be one of those who turn to alternative groceries delivery websites. Just like my family and I, we turned to EAmart as it has delivery slots, as well as great discounts as a referral or first-timer.

When it's being promoted by big publications like The Straits Times, Asia One, Seth Lui Blogger, The Smart Local, etc... You can't sniff a single bit of suspicion about the company especially when there are no negative reviews on the Internet. They also did a really good job by hiding negative posts & comments (without a proper review tab) on their FB page.

"Must be trusted la!" Or so I thought.. And my mum thought that we managed to pick out a great deal because of the extra savings from the discounts. Hey, you wouldn't think so much when the brand has 0 seen negative reviews & had been recommended by trusted publications right?

But there were actually many who said that they were scammed!