Sunday, 14 October 2018

I SAID YES | Cupcake Delivery Turned Into Surprise Proposal

I said YES to the love of my life! 😭

Warning: Long post ahead so that years down the road I can read this and remember every single detail ;) So if you're not interested in reading all the lovey dovey mushy stuff, please skip to the next post and don't puke! 


Video credit: Colman

I cannot believe that he actually made me deliver cupcakes to myself at the blocks outside our secondary school as a proposal surprise. Let's just say that this proposal is the best of both worlds to me. I know many girls love their proposal to be at hotels because its grand (nothing wrong with that of course), but I have always wanted something really thoughtful that I can look back years down the road. And I'm still reeling from the shock that it actually happened. Of course, thanks to his awesome friends, especially Nicholas who helped him with this idea and planning too!

Tbh, I already knew this was coming because we had to start preparing for our upcoming house and even ROM soon. And there are certain restrictions from HDB if you get a resale flat. So yah, in case you were wondering, here's my explanation to you! It doesn't really matter because he was already gonna propose by end of this year before the house plan! **Such a big hint from him

I wouldn't say that this is the exact place we first met, we actually first met at my house bus stop where he asked me out. But the school bus stop still holds a very special memory - where he first noticed me. #LoveAtFirstSight? 

Bus 28 came at the right timing too.

Anyway... I didn't know when the proposal was coming and I didn't really think it was on that day since he told me that he has basketball competition some time ago. That could be fake but he also made me quickly booked movie tickets for Venom and exclaimed how excited he was for the movie. That lessened my suspicion on any possibility because I knew that some friends were involved so there wasn't much time. (So he actually had to eliminate any post-proposal programmes in order for me not to suspect a thing because we always plan ahead for our dates, wow that level of consideration) Also because he knew that I am somewhat good at analysing small details. Now that I recalled our past conversations, he planned every detail carefully.

  • Informed me that he wouldn't be free on that day until 3+pm
  • Had his friend use a fake whatsapp account to place the orders many days later 
  • Requested for delivery to be at 1pm, so that I will reject and suggest a timing that I am available instead
  • Asked his friend for help to transfer the money while we were overseas
  • Had the conversation revolving around his bball competition, making it sound so real and believable (Or am I gullible? haha)
  • Even took a video of himself playing in previous matches as a backup "proof"

So back to the actual day... The address is no doubt slightly suspicious but then I also met another carousell seller just a week back and it was also around the blocks nearby. Totally normal.  I was waiting for my "customer" to arrive at the block and suddenly they appeared 1 by 1 to pass me "Will you marry me" balloons. Omg I can't even remember what was my reaction, but my mind sort of went blank for a few seconds, like you know it takes some time to process?

OMG I was still staring into my phone (Being so oblivious to my surroundings) 

He came down at the last moment to pass me a bouquet of roses, and popped the question! OF COURSE I SAID YES!

In case you are all wondering, I did not cry okayyyy. My eyes were slightly blurry for awhile but that's that. I also didn't want to ruin my makeup, the weather was already very hot and I'm pretty nervous about what's going on.

And then it came to my senses after a while that I also prepared a surprise for him! He was totally unprepared for it!! He's actually a SUPER FAN of Chrome Hearts and I bought him a ring from my previous HK trip, kept it secretly for months knowing that he was going to propose this year. So I have been waiting for this day to come. And I had to keep it with me every time we go out together just in case! And he was soooo shocked hahhaha. I just thought it would be really cute to return him with a ring and I also wanted him to know that he is not the only one involved in this, its about the both of us.

Everything ended so quickly and I was still drowning in surprise and happiness. And we had some lovely shots at the bus stop and at the school main gate! Such great memories..

Photo credit: Nicholas

Thank you love for planning this just to put a smile millions of smiles on my face and made this such a memorable event for me.

And thanks to everyone who were there for us, helping in the collection of stuff, planning the lead, suggesting ideas, taking photos/ videos to capture the moment. I'm really grateful and happy to have you guys witness our engagement and it means a lot to me!

Photo credit: Edmund 
Video: Colman 

And if you managed to read till the bottom of the post, thank you for your time! :D
I'll be sharing my journey with our house renovation and wedding preparations too! Stay tuned!

Love and Co Lovemarque // Chrome Hearts

Monday, 1 October 2018

Vegetarian Thai Food at Gin Khao | One Raffles Place

Let's start this post with me being really honest - I am a meat lover, and it's rare for me to have a complete meal without any meat. But Gin Khao recently launched a Thai Vegetarian menu which I surprisingly really enjoyed! It has always been a challenge to find restaurants that serve a balanced menu of both meat and vegetarian food, and I think I just found one!

The Wok Fried French Beans with Olive Leaves ($9.80) looks really ordinary but trust me when I say it's not. Its taste is beyond what it looks. The saltiness and sweetness from the olive leaves blends really well with the long beans. We had 9 dishes that day, and even though we were so bloated from the food, this was the only plate that was left empty. 

Another of my favourite dish was the Taro Fritter ($8.80), which was a really nice snack to start off my meal. I could hear the loud crunch when I bite into the fritters. This is rather filling though, I would actually suggest ordering it as a sharing dish. 

On the other hand, the Thai Spicy Crispy Noodles ($8.80) (in the same photo) was a slight letdown as it wasn't as crispy as expected. A random thought but it actually reminded me of the side decor for dim sum. I like the hint of spiciness and it could have been a great appetizer if the crispiness can be enhanced. 

Cault Marmite ($12.80). Sounds so fanciful huh? My brother actually mistook it for chicken, and he was wondering why there was meat. It's actually Cauliflower! I felt like I was eating a completely different dish because I couldn't really tell that it was cauliflower on the first bite. Just don't think too much and you might be fooled by its rather firm texture and convince yourself that it's not vegetables that you're eating. 

My brother was looking forward to the Thai Glass Noodles with Mushroom Pot ($12.80), but I was just like "Hmmm but there's mushroom..". But I was quite surprised that the mushroom taste was not too overpowering. In fact, it was a very satisfying and flavourful pot of glass noodles. 

The Phad Thai Veggies ($10.80) is a refreshing and healthier version of the usual Phad Thai. It does taste a lot healthier with a subtle sweetness, if you're someone who prefers lighter flavours, this would be a suitable choice for you. It can also be a good complement to the other dishes with a stronger and richer taste. 

While I don't really eat Mala, I quite enjoyed the tingling spices of the Mapo Tofu ($10.80) which wasn't too overwhelming. It doesn't give much of the numbing sensation, which is perfect for my liking. If you are going for the real deal, this may not be the ideal dish for you. But otherwise, it was really appetising for my tastebuds and I could still have spoons of it nearing the end of our dinner. Rice is not optional imo unless there's really too much dishes on the table!

There are other varieties of appetiser and dishes that is enough to cause a dilemma - Wok Fried veggies with Mabin Sauce, Yum Wakame and more! 

Yay to more food choices especially when you hang out with friends who are Vegetarians! Most of the dishes are meant for sharing, it means you get to try out different varieties. But if you're a big eater by all means order 1 whole plate to yourself! The prices are really affordable, making it a great place for a quick lunch if you're also working around the area.

Gin Khao 

One Raffles Place
1 Raffles Place, #04-29 · 6532 2387

Quayside Isle
31 Ocean Way, 01-12
6570 2208

P.S. This is a food tasting invite but all opinions are my own

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Anniversary Celebration @ Pulai Springs Resort JB

We just came back from a short getaway/ anniversary trip and I'm already feeling the effects of a post-vacation blues even though it has only been 3 days. Just whoosh past like this without any warning. We've been telling each other how we couldn't wait for our house to be ready so that we could spend all the time we have together, even if it means just nua-ing in the house practically doing nothing much all day. 

We didn't really have an intention to specifically celebrate our anniversary out of Sg, but my dad had some membership points left unredeemed at Pulai Springs Resort and he told me to finish using the points before the expiry date, so here we are! Just thought that it would be a great opportunity to celebrate our anniversary with their "honeymoon package". 

Our previous visits to JB was at Pulai Springs Resort too (for the same reason), but we had our stay at the Cinta Ayu Suite. But since we booked the honeymoon package, we stayed in the Anugraha Boutique Hotel (supposedly an upgraded version). But I was actually quite disappointed with the condition of the room. Everything was tattered and old, probably looked worse than a chalet. The floor also creaks at some parts.

Oh, one thing to note, Pulai Springs was actually part of my childhood memories.. My parents would bring me to this resort very frequently during the weekends when I was way much younger. Back then, the facilities were still in good condition and there was a playhouse corner which was my favourite. The memories were pretty vague but I could still remember the bits and pieces.

We enjoyed a 90 minutes relaxing spa which includes a full body scrub on the first day. The room was actually really spacious, but do not expect the massage to be top-notch standard. In case you were wondering how we spent, the Honeymoon package includes a romantic 3 course dinner + 1 hour spa for about SGD260/ night. On the other hand, the spa package includes a 1.5 hours spa for about SGD150/ night. It's pretty reasonable if you are looking for a staycation at JB.

I was in for a surprise when I stepped into the restaurant for our "romantic dinner". I really wasn't expecting much with the decor and ambience but wow they really made it special for us! Cheers to knowing my bf for 11 years already! #FeelingOld 

The staff was really nice to offer taking photos for us, and he really spammed my phone with so many different angles. Although the photo cannot save my tired face, I'm still quite pleased with the overall service. 

The 3 course meal includes toast, soup of the day, main course (selected in advance), cake and coffee. If you are not holding much expectations, the food is not bad to start with. Most importantly, I really enjoyed the dinner ambience and my company.

If you are really looking for some delicious chinese cuisine around the area, I highly recommend the Qing Palace award-winning Chinese restaurant. The food is affordable and super delicious, really glad to be able to enjoy a hearty meal without burning a hole in our pockets. At times, some people would just stare over at our table because there were so many plates on the table just for the two of us. But who cares? We're enjoying!

Since the membership points have already expired (by end sep), I doubt we'll be going back there anytime soon, but we might try out the malls near City Square or KSL in the future!

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

MuYoo+ at Bedok Mall | Fresh Bread + Fruit Tea Concept

I recently chanced upon a new Fruit tea and bakery store at Bedok Mall called MuYoo+ and was really interested to try their food and drinks upon knowing that there was an ongoing promotion. I didn't actually have a chance to step into their store yet as my brother was the one who tabao the food back for my family to try. I was also really craving for bubble tea during that point of time, but then again, when wouldn't I?

There was a great deal going on - Buy 1 bread and get 1 drink for free. Being a kiasu Singaporean, of course I shouldn't miss out on the promotion. And nope! It's no longer available! :(

But is Muyoo actually worth the hype? Read on and find out..

Dirty Drink Series – Brown Sugar Fresh Milk with Pearls ($3.90)

The dirty series seem to be really in trend nowadays! Thankfully, this does not involve dirtying my hands and mouth unlike the "dirty bun". Stirring the drink also gives that watercolour effect which can be quite instaworthy! The brown sugar added a caramelised taste to the drink and if you are someone who likes caramel flavours, you can give this a shot.

I was actually more inclined towards the Cloud Fruit tea Series which has a layer of Cloud cheese on the top of the drink. I'm a huge fan of Gong Cha Milk Alisan Tea with the layer of foam on the top. It's somewhat comparable to that, and the cheese isn't overwhelming which gives a good blend to the fruit tea. I ordered It's Just Peachy ($5.5) and Strawberry and Banana ($4.9) on separate days and honestly I can't decide which is better. 

The fruity taste was pretty strong and not artificial unlike some others. The drink was also very refreshing and not overly rich like milkshakes/ smoothies. While the drink was pleasant, I felt that the price was pretty steep and I would rather go for a normal bubble tea instead. But I might still reward myself once in a while if I am craving for one! 

Unfortunately, the bread was not as fantastic as I have expected. I took one bite of the bun and I immediately thought of Bubblegum. The artificial grape taste was quite a turn-off personally and I didn't like the after taste. Perhaps it's just me but I think I would rather stick to fruit flavours like Strawberry and Mango. And yes, I had a sip of the White Grape Fruit Tea and I had the same thoughts about the grape flavour too.

But the burst of flavours from the cream to the bun itself might be a popular choice among kids!

The Strawberry version, on the other hand, had a more pleasant and fresh taste to it. The bread was also really soft, especially because my brother bought it when it was freshly baked and decorated. 

The Salted Egg Lava bun was also slightly on the disappointment level as the taste was quite subtle. Even as someone who isn't a salted egg fanatic, the flavours were way too mild to be noticeable. 

While the flavoured buns that I've tried were not really worth the hype, I have to give my compliments to the Ori Octoki! Even when the poor Octo was squashed, it still look ugly-cute! There were a lot of flavours going on inside this cute bun - chunks of fresh octopus, cheddar cheese and white chocolate.

Strange combination but surprisingly delicious. I really enjoyed chewing on the octopus with a mix of sweet and savoury flavours. The Ori Octoki is definitely one of the more unique bread flavours I have ever tried, and I wouldn't mind going back for more!

This is such a quirky packaging, I'll leave it to you to guess what is inside ;)

No doubt the flavours did caught my attention at the start, but it's not something that I would want to drink regularly given the higher prices as compared to bubble tea. I would still prefer to stick to something classic. But I would definitely wish to try some other unique bread flavours like Hot Crabby in the future! 

Bedok Mall, 311 New Upper Changi Road, #01-94 

Friday, 14 September 2018

BKK Mermaid Castle & Cafe

Being so overwhelmed with my current workload really makes me miss travelling to Bangkok. And yes! It's one of my favourite travel destinations because everything is so cheap and good over there! I can splurge all I want (somehow..) without putting a hole in my pocket. Bangkok has so many cute and interesting theme cafes, and I'm trying to tick them off my bucket list year by year!

Siam area is a really good place to explore if you're looking for various types of themed cafes. Unless you have a huge appetite to gobble down so much food in just a day, I suggest you split the cafe-hopping at Siam into two different days.

I initially wanted to visit the Unicorn Cafe but it was quite out of the way. Thankfully I found an alternative which similar to Unicorn theme - girly, colourful and magical! The Mermaid Castle & Cafe is quite hidden in Siam Square which has four storeys filled with nothing but mermaids, mermaids, and more mermaids!

With all the bright funky and glittery colours, taking photos at any corner of this cafe would still be #instaworthy! Nope, no OOTD photos as I didn't want to

While the food looks pretty tempting, we were already full. Ordering mermaid cupcakes don't make sense to me as I have made many mermaid cakes/ cupcakes before. So we decided to go for their fanciful drinks for 170 baht each. It's not the cheapest drink out there, but the portion is quite generous, and for such a pretty design? Take my money!!!

I'm not a fan of strong colouring in my food and drinks so pastel colours like these were still acceptable. The ombre pink to purple tones were also really pretty and I love the gold accents on the turquoise mermaid tail. The frappe was mildly vanilla flavoured and didn't taste as artificial as I have expected. And of course, I didn't have a bite of the mermaid tail.

Bf, being the usual chocolate lover, did not hesitate to order the Cocoa Frappe, but the colours will be compromised. Well at least we have 1 pretty photo of my choice of drink! 

Guess who has matching outfit that day! 

Mermaid Castle & Cafe at Bangkok Siam Square

236 Siam Square Soi 2, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand