Thursday, 16 May 2019

Instagrammable Fairytale Rooms with 22 Stories

"Another OOTD opportunity!" 

Yep, that's my reaction whenever I stepped into every insta-worthy room at 22 Stories. While kids were excitedly queueing and waiting for the storytelling to commence, I was grasping every single opportunity for photos. 

Suitable for both the young and young at heart (and those who just wants to take photos), 22 Stories provides a brand new immersive theatrical experience from ANDSOFORTH Jr. With 4 lands and 22 unique rooms filled with wonders, families can enjoy an interactive adventure as each classic story comes to life right in front of your eyes. 

It was a free-and-easy experience and you have to queue for the different available showtimes of each individual room. 

We just randomly stepped into an available room (Genie) as we didn't know what to expect. Well, it was underwhelming, sad to say. But to be fair, it was a one-off situation partially due to the lack of participants entering the room. Since it was an interactive experience with minimal photo opportunities, things can get a little awk...ward, especially when there was only ONE kid inside.


Starting the magical adventure with the least interesting room doesn't seem so bad after all, as our excitement level increased each time we visited the next one!

With familiar characters from classical fairytales such as Snow White, Jack & The Beanstalk, Princess & The Pea and many more, every room is bursting with nostalgia as I recalled the storylines that I've read on books as a little kid.

If you're more interested in taking photos for the gram, one tip is to enter the rooms during the breaks between showtimes. We stumbled into one of the rooms to realise that it was completely empty and it was a breeze to take the perfect shot.

My brother actually brought along a DSLR, but we found that certain shots were better with our phone cameras instead.

Without having to travel to another country to visit Disneyland, kids can now come up close with Princesses such as Snow White! Both our ages are definitely off the charts for such exhibitions, but no doubt it is a great bonding family activity for those with young kids. 

I can totally imagine bringing my little kid to such events in the future, and watching him/her with brimming wide smiles as they explore around. (not that it's happening anytime soon though!) 

There are many stunning backgrounds for photo opportunities if you're the elder sister/brother of the family and don't find interest in any of the storytelling tales. Just look at this gorgeous backdrop filled with paper crafted red roses! 

Or how about this Moroccan inspired mosaic printed wall?

And wow, it was so much fun playing in this "Little Mermaid" themed ball pit. Can't miss out on the slow-mo and boomerang actions! 

22 Stories is a magical fun-filled exhibition that retells fairytale stories from a lively perspective. It's a great bonding weekend activity for parents and kids as they are able to experience real-life characters from story classics, which helps to expand kids' imagination beyond their limit.

Thank you 22 Stories for allowing me to relive my childhood once again!

Duration: 1 May - 30 Jun 2019

Friday: 5.30pm - 9.30pm
Weekends: 10am-2pm, 5.30pm - 9.30pm

PeopleUp @ Pandan 
200 Pandan Gardens, Singapore 609336

(Do note that the parking slots are only reserved for private parking so you will have to drive further up to park at the HDB areas)

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Top 8 facial tips to prep my face for my wedding day

As a bride-to-be, there are so much details to lookout for - Wedding gown, photography, flowers, balloons and just many more. When you're too busy preparing for your wedding day, it's not uncommon to neglect other important areas like your face! Being a bride-to-be can be equally blissful yet stressful at the same time. It's not a surprise that zits and pimples pop out at the absolute wrong time, because that happened to me (very unfortunately). And I suspect it's also due to my long haul travel.

It's best to prep your face a few months before your big wedding day. So, don't be a last-minute panicking bride like me! But if you happen to be in my situation, leaving yourself just a bare few weeks to rectify any skin issues, here are 8 facial tips that I use to prep my face before my wedding day.

Bridal Facial at your Favourite Spa

I had my bridal facial treatment at My Cozy Room Spa, also highly reviewed as Best Extraction Facial in Singapore. Their facial treatments are notable for treating clogged pores, acne and pimples (exactly what my concerns are) with a gentle yet thorough extraction. The treatment that I tried was their Premium Anti-acne LED Treatment.

Their treatment is customisable to different skin issues. I like how they really cater to individual needs and not just smack on the same products on every different customer.

Since I have a fair amount of acne scars and clogged pores, they recommended me to try the Anti-acne LED treatment. Containing microsilver with special ions, this painless treatments (blue light in particular) helps to kill existing blemish bacteria, and visibly reduce severe acne. 

Like I've mentioned earlier, best results are shown if you prep a few months in advance. So miracles don't happen overnight. I still have some acne scars on my right cheeks but my scars have reduced considerably, with less clogged pores. I noticed that my face was also more radiant and glowing as compared to my dull skin while I was overseas.

If you want to know more about the treatment process, you may click here :
My Cozy Room has also been awarded Best Pre-Wedding Facial for the past few years! So my face is definitely in good hands. 

Effective Acne Treatment Products

I have been using My Cozy Room's Acne Drying Lotion for a few months and I dumped my previous pimple cream (ha! just kidding, I passed it to my brother as he's using the same brand).

The Acne Drying Lotion is specially formulated to speed up recovery of your acne especially after a facial treatment where there are a few red spots on your face. I also use it as a emergency weapon to deal with sudden outbursts of acne when I don't have the time to go for a facial treatment right away. It usually dries up the active acne and poof! They're gone in a few days or two. 

LED Device

Not everyone has this device at home, but if you do own one, it's really effective in removing blemishes and acne. It definitely comes with a high price tag, but I would say it's a pretty good investment if you're willing to spend. 

Otherwise, you can also go for the Anti-acne LED treatment once in a while to treat specific skin issues.

Hydrating Mask/ Ampoules

It was a rather hectic a day before our wedding as we had to go down to ROM to collect documents, settle last min stuffs and I had to go down to the venue to decorate my reception table. I only reached home at about 11pm and we still had to do the hair combing ceremony. Oh, and I actually had to wake up at 330am the next morning!

But guess what? I still managed to slip in 20-30 minutes for pampering my face. This step must not be missed out! I used a hydrating mask to keep my skin supple and soft overnight, so that it would be easier for the MUA to apply make up the next morning. Ampoules will definitely be more effective if you don't mind spending the extra, and is probably more useful if you require the makeup to last the whole day.

My Cozy Room also offers ampoules for brides-to-be who want to have that perfect glow on their special day! The BABOR Perfect Glow ampoule is effective in skin hydration, while providing a smooth and radiant complexion to your skin. 

Avoid Spicy and Heaty Food

Facial treatments and products are effective solutions but they don't do magic to your face if you can't control what you take in.

As a fried chicken and spicy food lover, it was honestly hard to resist the temptation for junk food. But yes, I resisted somehow and tried avoiding all sorts of food that may contribute to acne and pimples, except for dairy because I can't live without my coffee.

Seriously, this really works. Because when I started eating spicy food right after the wedding. Guess what?

(So yep, better control than to regret later on)

Hydrate Yourself 

This is probably the most common and also most legit advice you'll ever hear from anybody. It's essential for your body to be replenished with water regularly to maintain skin hydration and also to flush out any toxins from your body. Water, not sugary drinks, not coffee and definitely NOT bubble tea.

It probably sounds quite strange to have this advice coming from me as I don't usually follow this step. But it still serves as a good self-reminder. 

Sleeping Early

I'm a night owl and my mind works best at night to complete enquiries, blogs, or whatever baking logistics I have to settle. This was honestly a tough rule to fulfil but I tried my best. And I even skipped countdown party and stayed home to rest just because my wedding was in less than 2 weeks after New Year. Sometimes you just gotta make some sacrifices!  

Skincare Regime 

Apart from the 7 tips above, your skincare regime is equally essential to prep your face in advance for the most important day of your life! Come up with a proper skincare routine and please stick to it with self discipline. I actually brought over my skincare devices to my overseas trip, and it was very effective in controlling my breakouts, at least to a successful level of extent despite indulging in really unhealthy food.

It really requires a high level of diligence to maintain your skin, I wouldn't say that I have done a great job on this area, but I hope that the tips I've shared can help you achieve glowing skin on your special day!

Monday, 29 April 2019

Review | First GV Gold Class Experience | Avengers Endgame (NO SPOILERS)

The entire Singapore has gotten crazy over Avengers: Endgame, and both of us are not spared too. I started camping on all my devices in the morning on the day the ticket sales started, hoping to get a pair of Endgame tickets at Gold Class Great World City. I thought I had fast fingers as I was able to reserve the seats on my screen, but the system failed me as it crashed upon keying in the OTP.

After an hour of non-stop refresh, we finally got our hands on a pair of tickets (At the seat we want too!) I heard that some people were in the queue of over 30,000 on other cinema platforms? Just wow.

Scalpers on Carousell are also trying to make profits through the ticket sales, ranging from reasonable prices to hundreds of dollars. I just don't get it, this isn't a one-day show, I believe only die-hard fans have a chance of paying a higher price just to watch it first, but otherwise, this group of people usually have their ways to purchase the ticket once it is launched.

Btw this is my very first Gold Glass experience so I was really excited to give it a try with our favourite movie! 

*I won't be reviewing the movie so NO SPOILERS*

We bought the Gold Glass Dining Set that includes a set of Crispy wings, fries, garden salad and soft drink for $62. GV members can enjoy it at $59, but we couldn't log in our membership at the point of time. 

We reached the cinema about an hour before the movie and headed for the Gold Class lounge on the 2nd level. It was indeed quite satisfying to receive exclusive service from the friendly staff. We were greeted and ushered to our preferred seats to order our food.

The Gold Class menu included a variety of choices for appetisers, mains, desserts, snacks and drinks. In order to fully enjoy the Gold Class experience and the lounge (of course), we came with an empty stomach. 

The best way to enjoy the food is to not have much expectations as some of the food are microwaved type of quality. But overall, you're paying for the premium service and not really for the food standards. 

Truffle Mushroom Soup ($10) was quite legit though. I have seen restaurants serving "Campbell texture" soup which I don't fancy. This mushroom soup had bits of mushroom pieces and has texture like the blended type. 

The crispy wings were served piping hot and have a nice crunch. The portion was also very generous and bigger than I've expected. I love the truffle tomato relish with lemon wedge dressing which has a tangy sweet flavour to it. The Meatball Pasta ($15) felt like it was microwaved but I like the taste of the sauce, meatballs were also quite juicy. 

It was my first time entering the theatre, and it is really so spacious! Our seats were 4th row from the front (D3-D4), which was quite perfect for us. The seats were super comfy and we were also provided a cosy blanket, we don't need to worry about the coldness anymore. 

The seats are also adjustable on the back and leg rest to your own comfort. For 100% comfort, I also took out my shoes and hide it under the blanket. Who cares about glam at this point of time!

There is also a service call button on the table if you need to order food.

Special mention to the Oreo milkshake as it was SUPER DELICIOUS. It wasn't too sweet or gelat. Just the right taste for me. I love it so much I wish it was easily accessible for non-gold class movie goers. I was actually deciding between Oreo milkshake and Strawberry mango smoothie. Turns out that these two are the recommended choices from the staff! I thought that oreo milkshake would be a better choice as I can get smoothie from Boost. And I love it!  

Even with a whopping price of $62 per ticket together with the cost of extra food ordered, we had no regrets because it was a one-of-a-kind experience to watch your favourite long-waited movie in the best comforts coupled with exceptional service from the staff.

Watching Endgame at Gold Class theatres is also more worth the price as it is a 3-hour long movie, and I heard from others that the normal cinema was very noisy with kids. No offence but you really wouldn't want to be disturbed by cries and talking while you're fixated at the show.

The food might not be the best, but c'mon, it's not a high-class restaurant, just have less expectations on the food, and you might just get the best out of the whole experience!

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Top 5 Reasons Why Fortune Cookies Make Great Wedding/ Birthday Door Gifts

It's not uncommon to relate Fortune Cookies with Chinese New Year as boxes of Fortune Cookies get swept off the racks of supermarkets every festive season. But what if Fortune Cookies can be more than just CNY goodies? I actually had Garden Fortune Cookies (from Foodieland) as additional wedding favours at my own wedding for an extra touch of blessing for everyone.

Here are top 5 reasons why Fortune Cookies make great Wedding/ Birthday door gifts:


Fortune Cookies are definitely practical because they are edible. How many times have you received door gifts that were kept aside somewhere in your cabinet after the event? There is certainly no right or wrong in preparing customised or cute gifts for your guests, and that's absolutely fine as long as you are willing to spend. In fact, customised gifts are really thoughtful and special for birthdays or weddings. But if you're looking for something practical, you can consider fortune cookies too!


There could be many times when the guests will be left to mingle among themselves while the hosts are busy. The Fortune Cookies serve as a great purpose for guests to crack open and reveal their lucky blessing on the strip of paper.


Even a small-scaled wedding doesn't come with a small price tag. Not everyone can afford to spend so much on the wedding. For solemnization events or buffet lunch parties, giving out fortune cookies as party door gifts might reduce the strain on your pocket.

And for those who already have a wedding favour in place, these fortune cookies are pretty affordable as an add-on gift item as well!


How many of you choose wedding favours based on your wedding theme? I DO! I actually picked a pair of love birds salt and pepper shaker to suit the theme.

The gold packaging is also a great match to most wedding themes - rustic, oriental, luxurious, botanical, etc.

I think I made the right choice by placing some of the fortune cookies at my reception table for an extra gold accent among the rustic botanical theme.


While your guests turn up at your wedding/ birthday/ baby shower party to give their blessings, it's always nice to return this blessing back at them. I love how each fortune cookie has a hidden positive quote/ reminder to cheer up or motivate the person who reads it.

"Opportunity is always ahead if you look and think"

Sometimes you just need a little push for motivation, isn't it?

I have always imagined Fortune Cookies to be only seen during Chinese New Year, and this came as a surprise to me when Fortune cookies are suggested to be used for wedding favours. I think this is a brilliant idea either as an add-on gift or a door gift if you are looking for something more affordable! 

Saturday, 20 April 2019

Birthday Week

Is it true that birthdays are becoming less important as you grow older? I still treasure my birthday celebrations equally, it's just that the excitement no longer feels the same as before. #SignsOfGrowingOld 

As usual, we had our family celebration at home with my cousin's family. 

I actually treasured this celebration more than my actual day itself as I told hubs that if he can only pick either day, he has to come home for this advanced celebration instead of celebrating on my actual birthday. 

Somehow, everyone is also celebrating on the same day.. Because I had so much orders that weekend and I had to push some away. I even considered not baking my own birthday cake, but changed my mind as I just didn't like the feeling of getting a birthday cake outside when I'm a baker of my own! I wanted to make something really special this year and decided to do a replica of Muffin & Cookie! It's my first try on guinea pigs so why not right?

I'm also feeling a little sad that we're not going to BKK this year for a birthday trip. But I'm telling myself its ok! We have better things to look forward to (; 

Had a great one with SH and SY on my actual day too! Even though it was a rather failed birthday cake surprise moment (will explain later on), I have to admit I was surprised. We don't really do the "birthday cake thing" annually and sometimes we don't even meet on my birthday week as we're all busy. So honestly I didn't really expect anything. Well I guess no expectations always lead to pleasant surprises isn't it?

SH was also late for lunch, and he ranted about going to the library and was unable to find the book drop, had a little drama here & there. And then he went to Bedok Mall instead of Bedok Point. Not sure if he was really convincing or I'm just gullible but I bought the story. Towards the end of the meal, I wanted to tabao my drink, so he "helped me inform the staff". Shortly after, the staff came in with a plastic bag to our table. Yes, not the cake with a candle but the whole plastic bag.. I mean by then it was pretty obvious already and I was awkwardly smiling at the both of them. 

But I was still surprised okay!!! Thank you! The tiramisu cake from Chateraise was really really yummy! 

But seriously, Hoshino Coffee, your food is not bad, but service needs to buck up a little more. On my previous visit, I waited 45 minutes for the food even though the restaurant wasn't crowded. Now they can't even follow simple instructions. The birthday cake experience was worse than the one we had at NOM Bistro Bar. But to be fair, the cake was bought at the NOM itself! 

Rants aside, here's a happy photo of me trying to cut the cake! 

Had a blessed birthday this year ;)

Thanks all for the wishes too! 

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Flower Chimp Singapore | Trinity Box with Free Delivery

Chocolates and flowers usually come in perfect pairs, putting both into one treasure trove box doubles the romance and elegance! 

Flower Chimp's Trinity Box encases 9 roses in three colours topped with bedazzling gems, and comes with a small drawer filled with 16 pieces of Ferrero Rocher. The Trinity Boxes come in different colours but my final choice was Shades of Love as I couldn't decide which colour to pick. They all look amazing but Shades of Love reminded me of ombre colours on my rosette cakes. (Yes I'm being biased here)

No doubt it's a gorgeous gift to keep, and yes I love roses too, but I wanted to bless this to someone who needs it more than I do. And I've decided to do a GIVEAWAY in collaboration with my Monice Bakes. 

Fyi, the giveaway has already ended. 

But if you would like to learn more about Flower Chimp and their products, continue reading! 

Flower Chimp has an extensive collection of over 200 products that are catered to various occasions like birthday, anniversaries, newborn, apologies, grand openings and many more. You can add a special touch to your flowers order with a greeting card or chocolates to sweeten the gift! Not only do they offer same day delivery if you place your order before 1pm, you can enjoy free delivery to any location in Singapore! (Minimum order is not required)

I just had to take a photo with this lovely box before giving it to the winner of my giveaway! 

I love how the trinity box comes with two sweet surprises. And guess what? Bouquets have to be thrown away (which is always a pain in the heart), but you get to keep the box for other storage purposes. I always keep my small props in gift boxes, it really comes in handy! 

You may also opt for different colours if this is not something that you are looking for. But if you are indecisive like me, I recommend this design since it comes with 3 different colours and you get the best of all 3! 

The Trinity Box is perfect not only for anniversary/love occasions, but on Mother's Day as well! Surprise your mum on Mother's Day with Flower Chimp's trinity box or you can select from their classic and pretty bouquets too! 

Thank you Flower Chimp!