Wednesday, 11 July 2018

LOFREE Four Seasons Mechanical Keyboard Review

Anyone else likes the typewriter sound like I do? Not sure if it's a strange fetish but I've always enjoyed listening to the sound of keyboard as I type away on my computer aggressively. #ASMR? 

Gone are the days when people use typewriters for typing documents. Inspired by this concept, the Lofree Four Seasons Mechanical Keyboard is cleverly designed to create a colourful and retro look to match with our tech gadgets in the modern days of the present. 

It comes in 4 seasonal colours - Aestival Blue (Summer), Autumnal Grey (Autumn), Hibernal Black (Winter) or Vernal White (Spring)(currently unavailable)which are simple and versatile with a touch of glamour. 

Before you doubt its usefulness, ask yourself: What is the amount of time you spend on mobile or computer gadgets daily?

Personally I would say, most of the time except for eating, sleeping, baking and going out. 

I tend to avoid using my phone at home, simply because it's a lot more inconvenient to type on such a small screen. I like how Lofree keyboard allows me to switch easily between multiple devices conveniently - including Mac, Android and Windows OS. It is especially helpful when I need to reply to my baking enquiries and have to type out a huge chunk of message! 

The layout of the keyboard is also designed similarly to a Mac built-in keyboard, which allows Apple users like me to adapt to the keyboard very quickly without trying to figure out the buttons.

In case you were wondering about the main difference between a normal keyboard and a Lofree Four Seasons keyboard other than the design itself, every single button contains Gateron blue switches, which requires lighter pressure to actuate the switch.
In other words, you don't have to strain your fingers repetitively when you type. And it's pretty sturdy too! #plusspoint!

Source: Lofree

The steps for bluetooth pairing is convenient and took me only one try to figure everything out, with special thanks to the instructions printed out on the wrapper. I'm prolly less willing to dig out the manual instead. 

I also prefer rounded corners/ circles over square-like buttons as they are more comfortable to type on, and also looks a lot more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. 

The only thing I would love if it has an added function to slot in my phone or tablet at the front! But since I am mainly using it in my room, it wouldn't be an issue for me. 

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Friday, 6 July 2018

Pooltime Cafe at Bangkok | Playing with Raccoons

Bangkok is not short of unique animal cafes and Pooltime Racoon Cafe proved this point well! Obviously this has to be in my travel itinerary because I need to fill up my list of the different types of animals I have interacted with. Raccoons are not easily available anywhere else especially in Singapore so this was a rare opportunity for me to experience playing with Raccoons. Pooltime Cafe wasn't located near the popular areas, but Grab is really convenient and cheap, hence it wasn't really a problem for us. 

We arrived shortly after their opening hours and we might just be the first customers as it was completely empty. The theme was kept to minimalistic pink, blue and white colour tones and it was quite relaxing to chill at this cafe with a cuppa coffee. Judging by the lack of customers (not sure if its because of the non peak hours), this cafe is rather underrated in my opinion, and it could be due to the lack of online exposure as compared to other prominent cafes, such as the husky one. 

Even with such a sleek and simple marble design, instagram opportunities were not lacked of. I was quite surprised that bf ordered the Pooltime signature milkshake (150 baht) instead of his usual favourite - Iced chocolate. But that means YAY, more pretty photos for me isn't it? I never really fancied artificial coloring/ flavouring in my drinks so the taste was pretty normal, but thankfully it wasn't overly sweet like others. 

A single ticket costs 150 baht per person, and you get to play with the raccoons for about 15 minutes. If no one is waiting in line, they might extend the time for you. I was told by the FB admin that you are also allowed to requeue after 15 minutes of playtime and there won't be additional charges!

Looks like I've got a matching outfit! 

Pooltime Raccoon Cafe Menu

Due to safety and hygiene reasons, the raccoons are not allowed to roam around the cafe freely and there is a segregated play room for us to interact with them on the second storey.

We were also given some snacks to feed to the raccoons. It was rather difficult to snap a photo because they would snatch the food from your hands very quickly.

They are also really active and enjoy climbing around. Playful little raccoons! 

While it might not be as happening as some popular animal cafes, it is a really good experience for those who wants to interact with animals other than the usual dogs/ cats/ rabbits. Pooltime Cafe is also a cosy place to chill with your friends and of course, to take plenty of selfies. (We sppotted 2 girls sitting nearby and they were busy taking OOTDs in the cafe). Overall, it was an unique experience, and I'm just wondering why there were not a lot of people. 

Pooltime Cafe
582/11 Between Ekkamai 26-28 (Tai Ping Tower)
Bangkok, Thailand

+66 90 652 4109

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The Flame Cafe - Affordable Western Dishes with an Asian twist

The Flame Cafe, well known for their 4 tier Pagoda steamboat along Tai Seng, has a hidden and underrated lunch menu that is worth travelling down for. We have previously tasted the Ayam Lemak Chilli Padi Pasta, and the taste still lingers at the back of my mind till now. They have recently launched a new Western Ala-carte menu with a wider range of mains, appetizers and desserts!

Honey Lemongrass Cooler, Roy Rogers, Fizzy Rasp
$7.90 each

These signature drinks are probably not easily found in other restaurants, give them a try if you're feeling adventerous! I was drawn to the Fizzy Rasp although Roy Rogers sounded really unique. Fizzy Rasp was a delicious mix of citrus Orange Syrup and fruity notes of Apple Raspberry. Roy Rogers is a combination of coke, cherry and grenadine. The cherry taste might be overpowering to some, so it depends on your preferences and liking towards cherry flavour, but it's not for me. Honey Lemongrass Cooler was a refreshing drink with a hint of sweetness from the honey. 

Battered Fried Calamari

The lightly battered fried Calamari was a great appetizer to start off your meal. Not overwhelmed with seasoning, the texture was also great and I didn't feel like I was going to have a sore throat after eating a few pieces.

Mussels Carbonara 

The first bite of the carbonara caught me by surprise as I wasn't expecting such a rich and creamy texture. I had a fair share of carbonara from other places which were either too dry or bland in flavour. But this plate of pasta was close to perfection for my tastebuds.

Despite the underwhelmed mussels which were slightly overcooked, I was still rather pleased with the overall dish. Where else can you find such fantastic carbonara for such an affordable price? To be honest, I would totally order this dish for the same price even without the mussels. Not to mention, it was pretty filling in a good way.

Rendang Beef Burger 

Skip the usuals and start digging in this unique Rendang Beef Burger (comes in Chicken too). I love the mix of tenderness and chewiness of the fats which was a seamless combination for my kind of patty. The Rendang sauce was not exactly the "BAM, in your face" kinda level, but I actually preferred it that way as I don't usually fancy overly strong flavours. It tasted pretty sufficient to my expectations and I really enjoyed the burger.

Grilled Salmon 

The Salmon steak, matched with citrus and tangy sauce, tasted refreshing. Most importantly, the salmon was fresh and tender. No matter how flavorful the dish is, a piece of salmon cannot be saved if it is overcooked.

Green Tea Mousse Cake

For the Matcha lovers! A delicate treat served in a wine-glass lookalike, layered with green tea mousse, yoghurt and OREOS. It was a pleasant surprise to have a mixture of flavours in one dish. The matcha was also not overly sweet, although it still has potential to be improved in terms of "matcha-ness". 

Banana Fritters

The Banana Fritters, a lovely crispy treat for both adults and children! Bf claimed that it would suit chocolate ice cream better but I felt otherwise, the vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce was a perfect balance to the sweetness.

If you're working around area, do pop by their restaurant to try out their really affordable dishes which has great taste and standard! Otherwise, you have to try their 4 tier pagoda steamboat if you haven't already done so!

The Flame Cafe

73 Upper Paya Lebar Road
Centro Bianco #01-01
Singapore 534818

Contact: 6282 0251

This is a food tasting invite, but all opinions are of my own.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Top 5 tips to maximise your time at Disneyland

You paid a whopping price of about $100 for a Disneyland ticket, but with the snaking long queues, it is almost impossible to visit every attraction/show when the park is only opened from 10:30am to 7:30pm (Time varies slightly).

Here are 5 tips that I recommend if you wish to maximise your time at Disneyland based on my personal experiences.

Tip #1 
Pick the Correct Date

Visiting the park during peak season is not recommended, unless of course you don't really have a choice. My family and I went to HK Disneyland last year during Chinese New Year and because of the CNY visiting practices, there were not a lot of people, at the very least there will definitely be less locals. My friend and I also went there in May and the park was considered quite empty, in fact I didn't even have to queue for some rides! I tend to avoid weekends too, for the same reason. Tourists' visits are inevitable though.

Tip #2
Fast Passes

Regulars would know by now that fast passes are available for a few attractions. Unlike other theme parks such as Universal Studios, these fast passes are available for the public on first come first serve basis, and you won't have to purchase anything. Just insert your main ticket into a Fast pass machine and a Fast pass will be given straightaway.

Feel free to return to the ride between the stated time duration e..g 11:00-12:00. They can be rather strict about the time so don't be late even by a minute! It surely feels good to be ahead of the queue isn't it?

Tip #3
Prioritise and Plan Ahead

Are you only interested in the scary rides? Or more keen on performance and parade? It's important to think through before even stepping in to the park, or you'll spend more time deciding where to go than queuing for the rides. Parades are not really my kinda thing, and I'd usually give that a miss unless I happen to pass by one of the performances in between my rides.

Some of the main performances are worth watching, and it's a waste if I happen to miss it. For such shows, I usually plan ahead and queue at least 30 minutes ahead of time to get a good seat. In fact, seats do run out for some performances! You wouldn't want to spend so much on the ticket and realise that you're not maximising the most out of it.

Tip #4
Get a Head Start 

The park usually opens earlier for people to shop and dine, but they will block out the area towards the attractions. Be kiasu and stay at the head of the line. When the park officially opens, go towards Tomorrowland first, grab a fast pass at Iron Man attraction and queue for Space Mountain just beside, or vice versa (Usually about 10 minutes waiting time at this point). After Space Mountain, go for the next popular attraction that is nearby.

Just before the fast pass is due for your next ride, head to another land to collect your fast pass ticket for another attraction. If you're in a group, get the fastest person to do the job and meet at the same point. This allows you to maximise the use of Fast passes.

By lunch time, I would have completed about 4 main attractions that usually have relatively long waiting time.

Tip #5

Use the Disneyland app

I'm impressed, after all these years they finally created a Disneyland app that has a detailed view of the map, including showtimes, character appearances time slots and allows you to track waiting time for the rides. With the app, you may not even need the map brochure, which can be rather inconvenient to take in and out of your bag. (Although I must say it's a good alternative to a fan/shades if the weather is way too hot)

Checking the waiting time on the app allows you to preplan your next ride just in case the one you wanted to go for has a longer waiting time. Well, at least you have your queuing time to check on all these information before making any decisions!

I guess that's about it! There might be a few more kiasu tips here and there but here are the main ones to get you through your Disneyland visit! Thanks for reading! ;)

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Royal Albatross | Unique and Romantic Dinner Cruise Experience (Promo Code: Mons2)

Royal Albatross has always been on my bucket list for a romantic dinner date with my boyfriend ever since I found out about the attraction. If you don't really fancy formal candlelit dinner but still prefer a sweet and unique experience with your other half (just like me), Royal Albatross's Sunset Sail City Lights will be a great alternative to celebrate your special day together. Perhaps a good opportunity to pop the question too? Better make sure it's a yes, otherwise you'll be stuck on board with nowhere to run.

Before your romantic dinner, you can even bring your date around Sentosa for a full day of leisure and fun, good idea isn't it?

Known for one of Singapore's top attraction, Royal Albatross is a stunning 47m 4-masted 22 sail super yacht that is an excellent choice for hosting private events, corporate functions, birthday celebration and even surprise proposal parties. The ship also resembles an old-world pirate ship in its modern form, don't you feel like being in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie?

After embarkation, the ship sailed around Sentosa Island, St John's Island and towards the Marina Bay before turning back to Sentosa, with the whole journey taking about 2.5 hours.

Forget about wearing any fancy shoes to show it off during your dinner, because they will have to be removed prior to boarding the ship. I left my shoes in a cabinet at the docking area and received a number tag to retrieve them after the dinner.

Surprisingly, there wasn't a slightest discomfort in being shoeless on the ship as the floors were made of a special marine cork material that is soft and comfortable. It also minimises any chances of slipping during wet weather. In case you are concerned, shelters will be provided if it really rains (hopefully it won't!).

If you're thinking about hosting a private party with your friends, the Grand Salon has the perfect posh and luxurious ambience to fit your needs. As grand as the name sounds, we were really impressed with the venue, no wonder Royal Albatross is known for being the largest luxury charter yacht for celebrations.

Private guest cabins are also available for overnight charter, adding a whole new level to your staycation experience with your partner. Imagine sailing out to the calm oceans to view the starry night with no disturbance from anyone else, how romantic and peaceful.

If you wish to experience staying in the guest cabin without chartering the ship overnight, special private dining arrangements can be made instead. There is also a customisable ambiance mood lighting within the cabin, making your dinner more romantic than ever.

I was told that requests can be made to dine at the Grand Salon instead. While the luxurious setting and indoor comforts made me considered about it, I changed my mind realising that I wouldn't be able to enjoy the scenic views. We were ushered to our table on the foreward upper deck shortly after, where we could enjoy our dinner with a breathtaking view.

Add ons such as Mast climb and taking the helm can also be arranged in advance if you are up for a new challenge. There are two different types of dinner packages available.

Gold - Dinner Buffet (Free seating at the Grand Salon) 
$165/ $125 (Adult/ Child)

Platinum - 3 Course Dinner & Welcome Drink (Upper Foredeck)
$195/145 (Adult/Child)

The Gold package is more recommended for those who prefer a causal but unique dining experience whereas the Platinum package is more suited for couples who are looking for something more formal and romantic. 

We were definitely not short of entertainment as we enjoyed the cruise accompanied with live acoustic/ Jazz music. You can even request for songs or even dedicate a song to that special someone.

Sunset Sail City Lights Menu (Platinum)

The welcome drink was quite interesting, it tasted sweet and salty with a splash of caramel popcorn flavour.

While the food was amazing, I have to admit that the portion was not exactly sufficient for my monstrous appetite. Some girls may find this portion perfect, so it really depends on individuals. Well, I guess you might not want to fill your tummy to a 100% just in case of any seasickness. Special mentions to the French chicken roulade and buttery mashed potato! I was pleasantly surprised as I expected myself to enjoy the beef or seafood more. The chicken was so smooth and tender like it was almost gliding down my throat. The rest of the dishes were seasoned really well, not too overpowering or salty. I'm almost salivating as I'm going through this post right now. Not even kidding.

Dessert was a combination of sweet and sour. It was definitely a treat for me as I savour the treats while enjoying the city night view with a cool breeze. There were seats placed along the side of the ship for us to enjoy the cruise in a different way. As underwhelming as it may seem, I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually really enjoyable to chill and enjoy the scenery, especially when you're beside your loved one. 

Get your cameras ready as the ship sails past Sentosa Island where you can enjoy a glimpse of the spectacular outdoor night show - Wings of Time.

This experience was truly an unforgettable one, and I am really glad to be able to tick this off my bucket list. For couples who are looking for something more adventurous yet romantic instead of the usual movie/ restaurant dates, this will be a excellent choice. For guys who wish to impress your girlfriends, surprise her with a romantic date at Royal Albatross. Just ensure that the both of you are not prone to seasickness, or just pop some medication beforehand if you really have to.

It is surely worth considering if you want to enjoy an experience that is not found elsewhere in Singapore.

Quote MONS2 to enjoy a pair of Platinum ticket to Royal Albatross
Sunset Sail City Lights at $360 only!
(U.P $390)

Valid till: 30th September 2018

P.S. This was a media invite but all opinions are my own.