Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Review: LAVNG Affordable & Good Quality Leather Wallet

Finding yourself an affordable leather wallet is quite challenging, especially when branded leather luxury goods are charging at exorbitant prices nowadays. Neither would you want to settle with something of a cheap quality. However, at LAVNG, you can get the best of both worlds with finest natural leather wallets at affordable prices. Whether you're a man or woman, LAVNG has just the right product for you.


In case you have not read my post on LAVNG's kickstarter campaign, here's a recap about the brand:

The concept of LAVNG was established when the founder, Geetanjali found the real price of high-quality leather goods which are made in an environment-friendly manner during her vacation in Italy.
Luxury branded leather products usually come with a sky-high price tag due to middlemen, expensive real estate and celebrity marketing. The LAVNG team believe that there is a better way to make high-quality leather goods and transfer the low cost to consumers, while preserving the environment at the same time.


What makes LAVNG so special and unique? Made with full grain, organically tanned naked leather, the leather wallet ages beautifully over time, just like your wine. The wallet is not only durable in its most unique way possible, it is also eco-friendly due to its organic and biodegradable properties.

Wondering what does full-grain leather mean? It's the reason why LAVNG wallets are so durable. "Full-grain" leather did not have the surface buffed or sanded to remove imperfections as compared to "Split-grain" or "Top-grain" leather. As such, the material on its own is more long-lasting.


As a wallet is something I use on a daily basis, a versatile and minimalistic design like the long zip wallet would complement any styles or occasions. While fanciful designs probably stands out, I tend to get bored of them after a while. On the other hand, minimalistic designs are likely to retain my attention longer. I had a tough time deciding whether to pick Brown or Black, but eventually settled with Black as it is classic and timeless. 


This wallet is every ladies' dreams as it contains a total of 9 vertical and 6 horizontal card pockets. Time to stuff in every single membership card I can find! One hassle about carrying long wallets out, is that it is always taking up too much space especially for smaller handbags. Despite fitting in most of my essential cards, the wallet still remained slim when it was fully zipped up. Very functional and sleek. 

*This post is written in collaboration with LAVNG.

Sunday, 29 September 2019

My First Scuba Diving Experience in Maldives | Adaaran Prestige Vadoo

After watching so many shark thriller movies and being paranoid as usual, I never thought that I would step out of my comfort zone to try scuba diving for the very first time. I also didn't like the idea that I would be so vulnerable underwater and unable to reach the surface in time should there be any accidents. But I decided to give it a try since it's only a beginner lesson, and they open the course to even 10 year old kids!


It costed us about USD 350 for 2 pax (~SGD 480) which included diving + photos, and this course is suitable for people with zero or little diving experience. Booking in advance is required, and we had to sign a indemnity form during registration.

Basic Introduction

On the day itself, I was having mixed emotions between being excited and nervous at the same time. After all, it was my first time and I really didn't know how it will feel like. Our instructor gave us a basic training of hand signs and instructions to take note before we put on the diving equipment.

The equipment was super heavy!! I had issues walking down the steps into the water, and you really have to hunch your back if the weight is too heavy. But it's just a few steps and if you really cannot make it, I think they can help! The weight is negligible once your body is submerged.

The instructor moved on to brief us about the breathing technique (which is basically the same as snorkelling). So if you have snorkelled before, this wouldn't be an issue. Just remember not to breathe through your nose but your mouth instead. He also taught us how to clear the pressure from our ears and also the water from the goggles if water enters. He could also adjust our life jacket to control whether we float or sink.

Entering the Ocean

After we were comfortable under the water, we proceeded to submerge deeper by following the rope. For those who are worried due to zero experience, the rope allows you to grab onto something, so you don't have to worry about the currents underwater. I actually became used to the breathing after a while, but I had to constantly blow the air out to reduce the pressure. I would say that it's not too difficult to follow as long as you're not afraid of being completely in the water.

I did have difficulties trying to balance myself in the water as the flippers was slightly obstructive. So I looked like an awkward starfish in water (according to R).

The view was so gorgeous beneath the surface, and unlike snorkelling where you only get to see a small part, we get to see the edges of the coral reef! Once we turned to our right, we couldn't really see anything but the deep blue sea. (Might look a little intimidating to some! It actually made us excited as well) 

The beginner scuba diving lesson on its own is quite safe, as long as you do not panic underwater. However, since the water isn't too deep (12metres), I believe the instructor can adjust the lifejacket to make you float immediately in case of an emergency?

I Needed A Break!!

As we went deeper down, water started to go into my goggles which made my eyes sting quite badly. Somehow I had issues trying to get rid of the water. I think as much as I tried to remain calm on the outside, I panicked a little inside. I was trying to give those signals to my instructor that something was wrong, then I kept pointing to my eye and upwards - which means I want to go back up. R must be freaking out behind me, as he didn't know what was happening. Our instructor brought me up to clear my goggles and we went back down again shortly.

I think water tends to enter the goggles in the deeper section (Or is it just me?) After a while, I was like: Forget it, let's just move on. Before I knew it, we already completed the course and we were back on the surface. I didn't think we went 12 metres down but the instructor told us so. I was pretty shocked! The course lasted about an hour excluding training.

Overall Verdict

I really love the whole scuba diving experience! Even though it is only a beginner lesson, it allowed me to have a solid feel of how it is like to dive without any experience. If budget wasn't an issue, we would have gone for a 2 day course. R wasn't especially keen at the start and he only obliged because I pulled him along. But after the course, he actually enjoyed it too!

This is quite a wordy post but I really want to note down every details of the experience and my personal thoughts so that those without scuba diving experience can know what it is like to try out for the first time!

Friday, 27 September 2019

Leekaja Hair Salon Review | Magic Setting and Tokio Inkarami Treatment

When I stepped into Leekaja Hair Salon, I wasn’t only preparing to get my hair treated, I felt like I was living a lifestyle. With a rustic botanical style that screams nature in your face, I almost mistaken the hair salon for a floral themed cafe.

Unlike the usual hair salons where you enter with only one purpose to get your hair done, Leekaja Hair Salon provided me with a unique and luxurious spa-like experience.


Decked in wooden furnishing with vines and greenery, the ambience is fantastic especially if you are into the rustic and floral theme. Hands down, this is my favorite salon so far!

If you have booked for a Director’s service, you can even enjoy more exclusivity and privacy at a separate corner.


At the lounge area, a short and professional consultation was provided to better understand my needs and requirement. My hairdresser Jun asked me for some photos of the hairstyles I wanted. Instead of overcommitting to any hairstyles I showed, he explained that the curls shown in the photo were not created by perming. And he suggested more realistic and natural perm styles that suited my look. He also went through the details of the type of perm and treatment.

He suggested Magic Setting (starting from $300) and Tokio Inkarami Treatment (starting from $240).

Treatment Process

Magic Setting is a process which includes both rebonding and Setting perm. My hair has always been quite frizzy and rough, hence the rebonding smoothens my hair on the top but gives me the S curl at the bottom for more volume. I initially wanted something with more curls but Jun suggested giving me a more natural and wavy hairstyle which could last equally long.

The Tokio Inkarami Treatment is a 5-step treatment to protect the hair from chemical damage caused by the perm. It tames the damaged and frizzy hair, and leaves your hair soft and shiny. My hair ends are badly damaged due to bad hair care and regular perming for the last few years.

I love it when salons provide me with a drinks menu instead of just offering the usual tea/plain water. They had a rather wide variety of drinks so much that I felt like I was in a cafe (again).

Leekaja Hair Salon has their very own barista section to serve customers (and the customer’s friends/family members who are patiently waiting at the lounge). To my surprise, some pastries and a banana was served to me as well. Food makes a 3 hour process a lot more bearable!

Jun was very friendly and patient throughout my haircut and treatment. He also gave me haircare advices to maintain good hair condition.


Before visiting Leekaja Hair Salon, my hair was very dry and frizzy with grass-like hair ends. As I haven't had a hair cut in quite awhile, the weight is also causing my hair to be very flat on the top. Most of the curls from the previous perm has also become non-existent. Shampooing my hair has always been a really frustrating thing to do because my hair would get tangled everywhere. 


I told Jun to cut off quite a bit of my hair as it usually grows very quickly and I also wanted to clear the split ends. The perm turned out wavy rather than curly style which is more natural-looking, and I'm loving it!  Most importantly, my hair felt REALLY smooth and soft, and I haven't felt this texture in a long time. 

After trying several hair treatments from other hair salons, the Tokio Inkarami Treatment from Leekaja Hair Salon is really one of the best! Let's just say that I can't stop harassing my hair for the next few days...

Other Services

If you are looking for a variety of pampering services, Leekaja Hair Salon also offers other treatments such as manicure, pedicure, and head spa treatments. 

P.S. I'm so in love with every corner of their salon! 

Leekaja Hair Salon definitely offers something more than just their effective treatments. With their excellent service and great ambience (especially if you fancy botanic theme like me), you get to really enjoy the full pampering and luxurious experience. While their pricing is towards mid-high end range, you get what you pay for. And I assure you, it's gonna be worth it. 

Leekaja Hair Salon
Address : 333A Orchard Rd. #03-13 Mandarin Gallery, 238897

Contact: 81330818

*This post is written in collaboration with Leekaja Hair Salon

Monday, 16 September 2019

InsectOut | Invisible Insect Screen Window Mesh To Keep Pests Out

A magnetic insect screen should always be on the top priority of your furniture shopping list if you have a fear of insects like me.

Having your own home might equate to more freedom and personal space, but it also comes with shouldering higher responsibilities like dealing with pests by yourself! This might sound silly to some, but for those with insect phobia, it is truly a horrifying experience to be stuck at home alone with insect(s).


It was traumatic to find a baby cockroach near my guinea pig cage. (Don't worry, no piggies were in the cage) And so unfortunately, my husband was working late, and I had to call my brother to rescue me because I just froze there while making sure that the baby “小强” did not escape. I can't imagine what will happen if it's the adult one. And I haven't even mentioned about how prone I am to mosquito bites! It's also the dengue season, so we should really take precautions!

On a separate occasion, there was a baby lizard in the toilet! I felt bad but I just had to find all sorts of ways to trap it before it hides somewhere.

Seriously I don't want to rely on pesticide all the time especially when my guinea pigs are home. I'm thankful that InsectOut Insect Screen Window Mesh has become my best solution in preventing pests from entering the house.


So after what happened, I quickly searched for an immediate solution. If there's a second time again, I would really lose my mind. I chanced upon InsectOut on Facebook just by searching "Insect mesh". Heck, I didn't even know what it was supposed to be called.

I actually found a few other options online, but because of InsectOut's quick and friendly response, and they mentioned about a complimentary site visit, I decided to just go for it.

I like how the site visit is non-obligatory, although at that point of time I was pretty sure that I am going to confirm due to the urgency. I was given a quotation on the spot and upon accepting it, I arranged for an installation date straightaway. If you prefer to take your time, I'm sure they will be alright too!

In fact, I was advised only to install the insect mesh on windows that I will open regularly, and save my money for the rest. Love how they were not pushy in sales at all!


The installation was very efficient and it took about 2 hours in total to install 2 window frames in the living room and 1 toilet window.

From about 2 metres away, the insect screen really looked invisible and blended in with the other window. the only obvious part was the black frame, but it didn't really matter since the colours are similar to my window frame.

Can you tell the difference?

They have installed a magnetic frame that is attached to the window frame, which allows the insect screen to be easily detached for easy opening of the windows. It is really convenient to open and close the windows, although for my case I plan to leave the windows opened 24/7 for my guinea pigs.

I was initially a little worried about the ventilation, but overall it seems great! Sunlight is definitely unaffected as well.

You know what's the BEST part?

I no longer have to worry about cockroaches, lizards and mosquitoes coming in from the outside. Although there is still a slim chance that they may still crawl in from the door gap but at least it's minimal. Especially during the Zika/ Dengue period, this window mesh is effective in preventing mosquitoes.

For people dealing with midges infestation near Pandan Reservoir, perhaps this might be a better solution. In fact, I heard from others that such invisible screens are installed to prevent their house cats from jumping out of the window!


The window mesh is also very easy to remove for vacuuming and rinsing under water. Yep, pretty fuss-free for lazy people like me. They were also really nice to pass me additional mesh to cut out and place it in the toilet and kitchen drain (Just in case).

InsectOut Magnetic Insect Screen Window Mesh 

Disclaimer: This post is written in collaboration with InsectOut, however, this collaboration was only initiated after I became their genuine customer and left a review on their page, and I am truly thankful  ;) 

Saturday, 7 September 2019

LAVNG: Eco-Friendly and Affordable Green Leather Collection on Kickstarter

LAVNG, a homegrown Italian green leather brand, has garnered popularity on their online store with high quality hand-crafted leather products sold at reasonable prices.

Recently, they have launched a brand new Eco-leather collection on Kickstarter campaign, where you can enjoy much more affordable leather wallets that look, feel and smell the same as organic leather! 


The concept of LAVNG was established when the founder, Geetanjali found the real price of high-quality leather goods which are made in an environment-friendly manner during her vacation in Italy. 
Luxury branded leather products usually come with a sky-high price tag due to middlemen, expensive real estate and celebrity marketing. The LAVNG team believe that there is a better way to make high-quality leather goods and transfer the low cost to consumers, while preserving the environment at the same time.

Environmental advocates will be very pleased to know that the wallets are all eco-friendly as LAVNG only uses full grain, vegetable tanned leather which are natural and biodegradable. Just like how wine tastes more exquisite as it ages, the full grain leather reveals its gorgeous finish over time.

Even with a minimalistic and simple design, the functionality has been well thought out by the design team. 

At LAVNG, the finest details are considered from the user's perspective, and this includes full length safety pockets, leather string with hook to carry keys easily, high quality YKK zippers, removable leather straps and leather loop for drawstring closure. 


Slim Wallet Eco Leather 
Dimensions : 4.3”W X 3.9”H

Made with luxurious soft full grain leather, this slim wallet is a men's keeper with its simple and sleek design. It comes in 3 different colours - Tan, Black and Midnight Green. Slim but functional, LAVNG's slim wallet keeps your important cash and cards neatly without taking too much space in your pockets. 

The wallet also comes with RFID blocking feature for anti-theft security measures. You don't have to worry about credit card skimmers! 

Zip Wallet Eco Leather
Dimensions : 7.5”W X 4.1”H X 0.6”D

A minimalist favourite, this zip wallet is a versatile piece for ladies of different age groups. It comes in 2 different colours - tan and black. So ladies, you won't have to be stuck in a dilemma. Classic and functional with high-quality YKK zippers and dedicated compartments, this wallet is beautiful inside out. 

 Stay tuned for a product review about LAVNG's wallet on my blog! 


Wednesday, 28 August 2019

My Favourite Packs from The Sims 4

I bought another expansion pack from Sims 4 again! Friends who know me wouldn't even be surprised. This would add up to my collection which is about 60% complete (I have ALL the expansion packs though)! The only packs that I'm not really keen on are mostly stuff packs and some game packs like Jungle Adventure and Strangerville. But who knows, I might get it when there's a really good deal and when I'm bored of the existing collection.

Being an avid Sims gamers for a few years, I'm so excited to share about my favourite Expansion packs from The Sims 4! I won't be doing a review on each pack but rather just sharing the main reasons on why it is my favourite!

In no particular ranking below:

1) Island Living

It might be too early to confirm whether this can stay in my favourite list for long, but I honestly think it could be a potential one and it's not just about the mermaids! I initially bought the pack because I was curious about the mermaids gameplay. And after downloading it, I realised that there were OVERWATER VILLAS. It's my dream to stay in an overwater villa (you would have known if you've read my previous Maldives comparison post). But seriously how cool it is to have your sims just jump into the ocean like that!

When I bought my Vampires pack, I didn't want to make my existing Sims into one, and I played with a separate household instead. But once I've gotten the hang of all the vampire gameplay, I got bored of it eventually, mainly because there's no emotional attachment to it. But for Island Living, I decided to turn my Sims into a mermaid (She can still act like a human on ground, so that works perfectly fine for me). And the mermaid design is gorgeous! Let's just say I spent a good 30 minutes just on customising one.

Special Points:
- Mermaids, overwater villas and beach life!

2) Cats and Dogs

Ever since I've started playing Sims 4, I've been waiting forever for the "pets" pack to be released. The team must have heard everyone's calls and they eventually released a Cats and Dogs expansion pack! It's also the very first pack that I did not bother to wait for a discount, in fact I preordered it (Because I was just too excited).

Having pets in the gameplay really livens up the whole Sims life. While I didn't finish exploring the Vet clinic, I think it's really cute to have dogs and cats walking around the house. There's not a lot of reasons to back up my reason to put this on my favourite list. If you love to hang out with animals, you're gonna love this! I heard that there were other animals like horses in the Sims 3 though! What a pity!

Special Points:
- Animals and Vet clinic

3) Get to Work

Get to Work is one of the first few expansions that came out in Sims 4, and it really expanded the gameplay by a huge difference. Without this pack, Sims usually "disappear" for several hours while they are at work. But Get to Work has 3 new career options that allow you to bring your Sims to work, this includes Doctor, Scientist and Detective. As your sims make progress on their selected career, you also get to try out new job scopes at work. Certain job roles have to be completed for your sims to get promoted as well. I've tried out all 3 careers and the doctor's career is my favourite! For some reason, I always have issues playing as the Detective as I cannot pick the right criminal! This expansion pack really adds on to the reality factor, making it one of my favourite!

Special Points:
- Literally get to work with your sims

4) City Living

Ironically, out of the 4 expansion pack, City Living is one with less interesting functions, but it's also one of the packs that I played the most. And this is mainly due to the apartment rental. My sims that are created from scratch usually do not have much money to begin with, and renting a small apartment with furniture included seems like the best and convenient choice! It's also quite realistic to be poor and renting an apartment while trying to save up money, isn't it? I only wish that we can actually be the landlords too! 

Special Points:
- Extra places to stay at 

Even though some expansion packs aren't as fun as these few, they definitely have their unique specialty, and most importantly, I just buy all of them because it expands the gameplay most of the time and I can let my sims roam in additional worlds. There are also additional clothes and furniture which is a bonus! Which is your favourite expansion pack from The Sims 4?