Monday, 12 November 2018

Tsui Wah 翠華 at Clarke Quay

The newly opened Cha Chaan Teng (茶餐廳),Tsui Wah (翠華) got me really excited to try out their dishes as I have been missing Hong Kong food every now and then. As a person who is from Hong Kong, let's just say that most of the HK cafes/restaurants that were previously opened in Singapore, were not very impressive.

While the restaurant has the Cha Chaan Teng feel, the cleanliness and service is above what you get at HK, which is a plus point. The menu also resembles a newspaper which is really creative.

You can also save the hassle by ordering and paying through the app if you frequent this place a lot!

Hong Kong Milk Tea is usually a must-try when you dine at any Cha Chaan Teng. Unfortunately, the milk tea ($4) is a disappointment, the drink tasted so bland. You can actually judge by the colours of the drink, it looks really diluted in light shades of brown (And we have already asked for less ice btw). According to Serene, teh ping tastes nicer than this. 

Not sure if we were just unlucky but we also took a glance at other people's cups and theirs look about the same too. I would totally suggest trying other drinks instead, because I didn't even manage to finish more than half a cup. So underwhelming. 

On the other hand, The Crispy Bun with Condensed Milk ($4) absolutely won our hearts (and tummies)! In fact, the standard surpassed the one we had in HK previously. Just check out the golden yellow toasted top! I could hear the crisp from every bite I took! The melted butter together with the condensed milk also made the whole bun so irresistible. And as sinful as it might be, we both can't help but to order a second serving.

I'm already craving for this again, and despite having such a bad drink, I would still return to Tsui Wah for these!

Oh, and did you know that this crispy bun is also known as 豬仔包,奶油脆豬 ? #funfact 

Fish Combination in Fish Soup with Mixian ($8)

The food is more or less pretty decent in terms of quality. For $8-11, I wouldn't complain to get a taste of Hong Kong if I am ever craving for any. I didn't try Serene's portion but she gobbled down her food shortly, I'm sure it must have tasted nice.

King Prawns in XO Sauce with Tossed Noodles ($11)

Personally, Tsui Wah's dishes at HK were never super impressive, and I have nothing much to ask for at Singapore's outlet. But what set apart greatly from the rest of the dishes was the Crispy Bun. I highly recommend to at least give it a try! 

Tsui Wah @ Clarke Quay
3 River Valley Road Block A, #01-03, 179020
6250 9270

Monday, 29 October 2018

Sudio Nivå Wireless Earphones | Bid goodbye to tangled wires

Earphones/headphones are becoming fashionable statements and even part of our accessories stash, and when it comes to selecting a design and colour, it's easy to get spoilt for choice. Sudio has recently launched their completely first wireless earphones - Sudio Nivå, making it portable and so convenient!

It comes in 4 colours - black, white, blue and pink, and I was already caught in a dilemma. But I eventually chose blue as it is something more unique as compared to the classics, yet not overly feminine to wear out on a daily basis.

I love how it matches my blue bralet top (and of course a whole lot of other outfits in my wardrobe).

How many times have you fumbled with your earphone wires inside your pouch or bag? I think I have already lost count. Sometimes, the wires even got stuck in my hair. With Sudio Nivå, all these are no longer a problem anymore.

On top of that, the blue matching storage case does not only act as an ordinary case, it also has a hidden portable charger (which can do up to 4 charges continuously), simply just by attaching the earbuds back into the case! Wow! Seriously? I didn't even realise this until I read up on the info. This gives the Nivå up to 17+ hours of battery life on the go.

Another huge benefit about wireless earphones is the 10m wireless range. Let's not even go into the tangling issue, a wired earphones has a general length of about 1.2m only. With 10m range, I could be walking anywhere around the room and still listen to my music!

The packaging includes different sizes for the earbuds in case the default one isn't too fitting for your ear size. I was initially afraid that the earphones may easily drop out from my ears (paranoid me), but I've tried wearing it out and it's quite secured! Not forgetting, the sound quality is great as well!

If you are keen to get one as a gift or for yourself, enjoy the promotion below!

Quote monsdiary15 to enjoy 15% off!

Sunday, 21 October 2018

#3 Journey to getting our new home | Getting our Resale Flat

Two months have passed since we made the decision to get our resale flat, and things are definitely falling into place! We're getting our keys in early November! But we won't be starting any renovation works till late Feb as we have made a deal to extend the owners' stay for another 3 months. Everything worked out like a breeze, thankfully! And our agent Ray, was extra helpful in his guidance that made the whole process almost effortless.

We actually chanced upon an ideal unit on Property Guru but it happened to be already sold. To be honest, it was more of a random viewing, and we didn't really think of confirming anything. More like we wanted to get a feel of how the resale flats at that particular area were like before our 1st BTO appointment.

Ray asked if we were interested in other units that fit our requirements and so we did. We just met him with an open mind and did not expect much, but he gave me a really good impression compared to other agents. He also shared a lot of advices and his experiences without being pushy at all. Based on our feeling, he seemed like a really genuine person.

We actually really like the first unit we viewed at Bedok Reservoir View, but thought of viewing an alternative unit around the same price together with a second viewing a week later. There weren't much for us to pick from due to the pricing plus we had a really good vibe about the one we've initially picked. It didn't took us long to confirm our decision but we wanted to negotiate first. We gave Ray a price but he actually returned to us with a shocking news, he managed to reduce the price even further by 3k! I'm really so thankful for this extra help which he didn't have to.

I really highly recommend him if you're in the lookout of a property! Here's his contact if you are keen!

Ray Chua 
Contact: 94899954

He is really knowledgable in his profession, definitely knows what he is doing and you can feel assured that everything will be handled well.

Getting a resale flat is generally quite straightforward (simpler than I thought). Ray guided us through every step from registering our intent to purchase a flat, to even helping us with getting the keys due to our busy schedule.

Do note that you will have to purchase compulsory insurance if you are getting a bank loan. We purchased directly from DBS otherwise there will be some fees involved if you are getting from other companies. And this might be something you wish to consider between taking up a Bank or HDB loan. Of course, not forgetting the misc fees like agent fee (usually 1% of purchase price) and lawyer fees (Usually $2.5k).

Honestly I don't remember having to fret over much stuff during the housing process (Apart from dealing with the earlier negotiation of course).

Can't believe this is actually happening! We have already selected our renovation company and I can't wait for things to get started in late February next year.

Sunday, 14 October 2018

I SAID YES | Cupcake Delivery Turned Into Surprise Proposal

I said YES to the love of my life! 😭

Warning: Long post ahead so that years down the road I can read this and remember every single detail ;) So if you're not interested in reading all the lovey dovey mushy stuff, please skip to the next post and don't puke! 


Video credit: Colman

I cannot believe that he actually made me deliver cupcakes to myself at the blocks outside our secondary school as a proposal surprise. Let's just say that this proposal is the best of both worlds to me. I know many girls love their proposal to be at hotels because its grand (nothing wrong with that of course), but I have always wanted something really thoughtful that I can look back years down the road. And I'm still reeling from the shock that it actually happened. Of course, thanks to his awesome friends, especially Nicholas who helped him with this idea and planning too!

Tbh, I already knew this was coming because we had to start preparing for our upcoming house and even ROM soon. And there are certain restrictions from HDB if you get a resale flat. So yah, in case you were wondering, here's my explanation to you! It doesn't really matter because he was already gonna propose by end of this year before the house plan! **Such a big hint from him

I wouldn't say that this is the exact place we first met, we actually first met at my house bus stop where he asked me out. But the school bus stop still holds a very special memory - where he first noticed me. #LoveAtFirstSight? 

Bus 28 came at the right timing too.

Anyway... I didn't know when the proposal was coming and I didn't really think it was on that day since he told me that he has basketball competition some time ago. That could be fake but he also made me quickly booked movie tickets for Venom and exclaimed how excited he was for the movie. That lessened my suspicion on any possibility because I knew that some friends were involved so there wasn't much time. (So he actually had to eliminate any post-proposal programmes in order for me not to suspect a thing because we always plan ahead for our dates, wow that level of consideration) Also because he knew that I am somewhat good at analysing small details. Now that I recalled our past conversations, he planned every detail carefully.

  • Informed me that he wouldn't be free on that day until 3+pm
  • Had his friend use a fake whatsapp account to place the orders many days later 
  • Requested for delivery to be at 1pm, so that I will reject and suggest a timing that I am available instead
  • Asked his friend for help to transfer the money while we were overseas
  • Had the conversation revolving around his bball competition, making it sound so real and believable (Or am I gullible? haha)
  • Even took a video of himself playing in previous matches as a backup "proof"

So back to the actual day... The address is no doubt slightly suspicious but then I also met another carousell seller just a week back and it was also around the blocks nearby. Totally normal.  I was waiting for my "customer" to arrive at the block and suddenly they appeared 1 by 1 to pass me "Will you marry me" balloons. Omg I can't even remember what was my reaction, but my mind sort of went blank for a few seconds, like you know it takes some time to process?

OMG I was still staring into my phone (Being so oblivious to my surroundings) 

He came down at the last moment to pass me a bouquet of roses, and popped the question! OF COURSE I SAID YES!

In case you are all wondering, I did not cry okayyyy. My eyes were slightly blurry for awhile but that's that. I also didn't want to ruin my makeup, the weather was already very hot and I'm pretty nervous about what's going on.

And then it came to my senses after a while that I also prepared a surprise for him! He was totally unprepared for it!! He's actually a SUPER FAN of Chrome Hearts and I bought him a ring from my previous HK trip, kept it secretly for months knowing that he was going to propose this year. So I have been waiting for this day to come. And I had to keep it with me every time we go out together just in case! And he was soooo shocked hahhaha. I just thought it would be really cute to return him with a ring and I also wanted him to know that he is not the only one involved in this, its about the both of us.

Everything ended so quickly and I was still drowning in surprise and happiness. And we had some lovely shots at the bus stop and at the school main gate! Such great memories..

Photo credit: Nicholas

Thank you love for planning this just to put a smile millions of smiles on my face and made this such a memorable event for me.

And thanks to everyone who were there for us, helping in the collection of stuff, planning the lead, suggesting ideas, taking photos/ videos to capture the moment. I'm really grateful and happy to have you guys witness our engagement and it means a lot to me!

Photo credit: Edmund 
Video: Colman 

And if you managed to read till the bottom of the post, thank you for your time! :D
I'll be sharing my journey with our house renovation and wedding preparations too! Stay tuned!

Love and Co Lovemarque // Chrome Hearts

Monday, 1 October 2018

Vegetarian Thai Food at Gin Khao | One Raffles Place

Let's start this post with me being really honest - I am a meat lover, and it's rare for me to have a complete meal without any meat. But Gin Khao recently launched a Thai Vegetarian menu which I surprisingly really enjoyed! It has always been a challenge to find restaurants that serve a balanced menu of both meat and vegetarian food, and I think I just found one!

The Wok Fried French Beans with Olive Leaves ($9.80) looks really ordinary but trust me when I say it's not. Its taste is beyond what it looks. The saltiness and sweetness from the olive leaves blends really well with the long beans. We had 9 dishes that day, and even though we were so bloated from the food, this was the only plate that was left empty. 

Another of my favourite dish was the Taro Fritter ($8.80), which was a really nice snack to start off my meal. I could hear the loud crunch when I bite into the fritters. This is rather filling though, I would actually suggest ordering it as a sharing dish. 

On the other hand, the Thai Spicy Crispy Noodles ($8.80) (in the same photo) was a slight letdown as it wasn't as crispy as expected. A random thought but it actually reminded me of the side decor for dim sum. I like the hint of spiciness and it could have been a great appetizer if the crispiness can be enhanced. 

Cault Marmite ($12.80). Sounds so fanciful huh? My brother actually mistook it for chicken, and he was wondering why there was meat. It's actually Cauliflower! I felt like I was eating a completely different dish because I couldn't really tell that it was cauliflower on the first bite. Just don't think too much and you might be fooled by its rather firm texture and convince yourself that it's not vegetables that you're eating. 

My brother was looking forward to the Thai Glass Noodles with Mushroom Pot ($12.80), but I was just like "Hmmm but there's mushroom..". But I was quite surprised that the mushroom taste was not too overpowering. In fact, it was a very satisfying and flavourful pot of glass noodles. 

The Phad Thai Veggies ($10.80) is a refreshing and healthier version of the usual Phad Thai. It does taste a lot healthier with a subtle sweetness, if you're someone who prefers lighter flavours, this would be a suitable choice for you. It can also be a good complement to the other dishes with a stronger and richer taste. 

While I don't really eat Mala, I quite enjoyed the tingling spices of the Mapo Tofu ($10.80) which wasn't too overwhelming. It doesn't give much of the numbing sensation, which is perfect for my liking. If you are going for the real deal, this may not be the ideal dish for you. But otherwise, it was really appetising for my tastebuds and I could still have spoons of it nearing the end of our dinner. Rice is not optional imo unless there's really too much dishes on the table!

There are other varieties of appetiser and dishes that is enough to cause a dilemma - Wok Fried veggies with Mabin Sauce, Yum Wakame and more! 

Yay to more food choices especially when you hang out with friends who are Vegetarians! Most of the dishes are meant for sharing, it means you get to try out different varieties. But if you're a big eater by all means order 1 whole plate to yourself! The prices are really affordable, making it a great place for a quick lunch if you're also working around the area.

Gin Khao 

One Raffles Place
1 Raffles Place, #04-29 · 6532 2387

Quayside Isle
31 Ocean Way, 01-12
6570 2208

P.S. This is a food tasting invite but all opinions are my own

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Anniversary Celebration @ Pulai Springs Resort JB

We just came back from a short getaway/ anniversary trip and I'm already feeling the effects of a post-vacation blues even though it has only been 3 days. Just whoosh past like this without any warning. We've been telling each other how we couldn't wait for our house to be ready so that we could spend all the time we have together, even if it means just nua-ing in the house practically doing nothing much all day. 

We didn't really have an intention to specifically celebrate our anniversary out of Sg, but my dad had some membership points left unredeemed at Pulai Springs Resort and he told me to finish using the points before the expiry date, so here we are! Just thought that it would be a great opportunity to celebrate our anniversary with their "honeymoon package". 

Our previous visits to JB was at Pulai Springs Resort too (for the same reason), but we had our stay at the Cinta Ayu Suite. But since we booked the honeymoon package, we stayed in the Anugraha Boutique Hotel (supposedly an upgraded version). But I was actually quite disappointed with the condition of the room. Everything was tattered and old, probably looked worse than a chalet. The floor also creaks at some parts.

Oh, one thing to note, Pulai Springs was actually part of my childhood memories.. My parents would bring me to this resort very frequently during the weekends when I was way much younger. Back then, the facilities were still in good condition and there was a playhouse corner which was my favourite. The memories were pretty vague but I could still remember the bits and pieces.

We enjoyed a 90 minutes relaxing spa which includes a full body scrub on the first day. The room was actually really spacious, but do not expect the massage to be top-notch standard. In case you were wondering how we spent, the Honeymoon package includes a romantic 3 course dinner + 1 hour spa for about SGD260/ night. On the other hand, the spa package includes a 1.5 hours spa for about SGD150/ night. It's pretty reasonable if you are looking for a staycation at JB.

I was in for a surprise when I stepped into the restaurant for our "romantic dinner". I really wasn't expecting much with the decor and ambience but wow they really made it special for us! Cheers to knowing my bf for 11 years already! #FeelingOld 

The staff was really nice to offer taking photos for us, and he really spammed my phone with so many different angles. Although the photo cannot save my tired face, I'm still quite pleased with the overall service. 

The 3 course meal includes toast, soup of the day, main course (selected in advance), cake and coffee. If you are not holding much expectations, the food is not bad to start with. Most importantly, I really enjoyed the dinner ambience and my company.

If you are really looking for some delicious chinese cuisine around the area, I highly recommend the Qing Palace award-winning Chinese restaurant. The food is affordable and super delicious, really glad to be able to enjoy a hearty meal without burning a hole in our pockets. At times, some people would just stare over at our table because there were so many plates on the table just for the two of us. But who cares? We're enjoying!

Since the membership points have already expired (by end sep), I doubt we'll be going back there anytime soon, but we might try out the malls near City Square or KSL in the future!