Monday, 31 December 2012

[Omy] It's GOURMET-LICIOUS at Domino's!

Who said that Pizza must be always round! 

Just few days back, I attended a Omy food-tasting session at Simply "Gourmet-licious" from Domino's and tried their Domino's Gourmet Flatbreads!

Look at the whole stretch of food! Makes me salivate while snapping so many photos..

It's actually my very first time at Domino's! 

I was surprised to know that Domino's have this 30-minute delivery guarantee & 15-minute takeout guarantee. And if they are late, I'm going to get a FREE pizza. Like WOW. 

And am very lucky to have a sneak preview of their latest creation of their signature Flatbread, it's really something new & different from the usual I had. 

Look at all the other bloggers spamming their camera button. 

Pesto Prawn

Comes with succulent prawns marinated in herbs and spices, fresh cherry tomatoes, spinach, mozarella cheese on an authentic pesto sauce

Pesto is actually one of my favourite sauces! And I would like to have MORE of it! Really enhances the taste of the flatbread by a lot. The sweet taste of the prawns complimented the rest of the spices really well.

Chicken Sambal

Shredded chicken, fresh pineapples, red peppers, mozarella cheese on a spicy sambal sauce

A tad bit of sambal really spices up the whole taste! It's not too fiery hot and really matches well together with the chicken and the bread. Sometimes, extreme spiciness might eliminate the original taste and I really dislike that ):

Chicken Alfredo

Chicken Potpourri sausages, cherry tomatoes, mozarella cheese, parmesan cheese on a garlic butter sauce

Best best best combination ever even when it's all simple food. I loved how the parmesan cheese melted in my mouth. And I had a second serving! So far, this was the one with the strongest cheese taste so cheese lovers, if you don't want to go for the all plain cheese types, you just have to try this! 


Comes with fresh cherry tomatoes, olives, pesto, mozarella cheese on a delicious napolitana sauce

I don't really have a strong impression on this, but I think it tastes not bad as well! Don't really prefer olives :/ But to me, it has a very basic pizza taste compared to the rest of the flatbreads. 

And there are two other flavours - BBQ beef and Spinach & Feta which I left out some photos ): .... I guess I was too excited and started eating before I was done. Anyway, beef lovers and vege lovers, you know what you can aim for now! For ladies who are weight-conscious, you know you can enjoy pizzas like everyone else too! 

(Photo taken from their official website)

Super in love with Golden Roasted Drumlets - my all-time favourite. I think I ate FOUR. *Greedy*

Garlic Cheese Onion Rings

Something unique, I'm too bored of the usual plain ones :3

Crazy Chicken Crunchies in Original/ Tom yam flavour

Dip in your choice of sauce and savour those crunchy bits! Nom nom. I could replace these with popcorn :P

And now for dessert time! Honestly, I'm not a fan of caramel or chocolate, so I don't find these to my liking. But almost everyone there couldn't stop exclaiming how nice the lava cake is. I just cannot take super sweet chocolates, prefer dark ones!

Caramel Sticky Dessert

Chocolate Lava Cake

And Tiffany just proved that desserts are not only for consumption, but also for facial accessory, fancy a chocolate moustache on your face? :3

Lastly, a group photo of all the bloggers! Glad I made new friends there :D


And this is taken self-shot, for real :P Not even on timer. 

A photo of me & Rui Long!

A very happy girl at the end of the day! :D

Thanks for this special invite! 


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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Pika pika!!!!

Remember the blog post of Wreck-It Ralph previously? If you haven't read it, click HERE
I was asked to write about my favourite character in the movie, but I thought it would be also interesting to talk about my other favourite characters outside the movie. 

And so here's my favourite game character out of the games I have came across before!!
"Pika... Pikaa" (>_<) 

*Stuck in the hole*




Remember the game whereby you have to walk across the tall grass patch and hoping you won't run into any Pokemon...



Wild (Inserts Pokemon) appeared!
But of course there are times when you need to catch one too! Then you'll have to choose your attack and weaken the Pokemon in order to capture it. OR... Just run away if you can. 



I'll always love to play the yellow version to start off with Pikachu!!!! 

So why is it my favourite character?? :D

It's beyond adorable and cute! "Pika-pika!" Just can't stand it when Pikachu says that. It's voice is too cute! And it will attack its enemies with thunderbolt! ZAPPPPPPPP. And I remember it always ending with the enemies (Usually the Team Rocket) "flying away" from the scene after being electrocuted. I like it's abilities and power as lightning power tends to be very quick when they strike. It's a simple power yet threatening :>

Even when Pikachu is angry, it's so cute too! 


Pikachu is unlike other Pokemon which are kept in a pokeballs. Pikachu did not want to go into the Pokeball as Ash and Pikachu are like real friends. And they're the best buddies!


It has a super innocent face, small and cute, but has a great personality and will be strong and loyal when his friends need him! It's also the main reason why I used to play Pokemon DS games. It's really too lovable. And I used to have a stuff toy which can transform from Pikachu to Raichu. Nehhh, I still prefer it in the cutest form (>_<)

It's a good thing that Pikachu doesn't evolve into Raichu :3


So PIKACHU is my favourite game character, WHAT ABOUT YOURS?? (:

Monday, 17 December 2012

[AD] GlamPuss

Sponsored Advertorial:


Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la ~~~~

The festive season of CHRISTMAS is here?! And also a period of time where we have loads of gifts exchange! 

Counting down...... 8 more days!!!

If you haven't thought of what to buy to doll up yourself or what to get for your loved ones/ friends/ family, don't fret and worry because you can get affordable and pretty Christmas-themed accessories at GLAMPUSS! 


Glampuss sponsored me two accessories to choose from and so these are my best picks!

The Prancing Floral Deer


All my attention came to this delicate piece of reindeer design among the rest of the accessories. I really love how the reindeer is made to be so lively and it also has floral prints on it. Different simple floral designs are imprinted in the reindeer such that it looks a lot more complicated and outstanding. It's a long necklace and you can just match it with most of your Christmas outfits. 

Well, I decided to match it along with my "Reindeer" hairband :D I just threw on a plain tank top and off I go!


Angelic Layers


Just like its name, this piece really looks angelic and elegant to wear on. A simple angel-like pendant with crystals attached to the wings. It looks kinda cute in a way as it looks like Tinkerbell too! A small crystal is featured on the second layer of the necklace making it seem more beautiful and interesting. 


There are much more Christmas-themed accessories for you to choose from! Snowflakes, holly wreath, presents.... They are sure to add festive flair to this holiday season! The prices are really affordable too! You don't have to be rich to look pretty and unique! \^_^/

Let's all celebrate this Christmas season with matching accessories!


Another of my favourite set would be the Phantom necklace. Such an exquisite piece of jewellery which comes in GOLD and SILVER! Get it before it's out of stock! 


Love for Fabric

Simple studs, clip on earrings and pretty fabric floral prints!



Check out their rings collection! Their designs are really special and nice. I really like the 'You've got mail' ring as a small envelope is attached to the bird which makes it really cute and lovely. 


Glampuss originals

If you're looking for something outstanding and different from the rest, they also have a section which is made originally from their own shop. They are specially handcrafted mini whimsical swirls rosettes in different colours. Their designs are all EXCLUSIVELY MADE AND ORIGINAL. Very interesting colour combinations which still makes you look eye-catching *wink*

You can never find this outside (:


Remember to check out their LATEST COLLECTION 4: Handcrafted!

Vintage-looking accessories and even handcrafted polymer clay rings for you to pick from~



Of course, variety and affordability are really important, but GlamPuss have some bonus points that I would love to point out ^_^

GlamPuss offers add-on services for shoppers who wish to purchase their products as gifts. For just a small sum of money, they will attach a message on a gift card or gift box for you to surprise that special someone on your behalf. It was really nice of them to send me a cute ducky card for thanking me about the sponsor. I really appreciate it. Thank you!!!! :DDD



GlamPuss is also very considerate to chop a stamp which stated "FRAGILE Handle with care" stamp on the parcel. By right, shop owners do not have the responsibility for any damage of products in the process of Singpost delivery. But to ensure they can maximise our satisfaction in our shopping with them, they went the extra step in purchasing a stamp chop to remind the postman to be extra careful. 


It's also really nice of them to put up a 'Ring and necklace guide' as it is really troublesome for us girls to measure and imagine how long the necklace will be on our neck or how big/ small the ring is. I have gave up buying rings most of the time because of the misleading/ unknown sizes from other shops unfortunately...


Readers who are not in SG, you can still pamper yourself in this Christmas festive season as they SHIP INTERNATIONALLY!!! So hurry up and do your last minute shopping for Christmas :D

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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

What's your favourite game character? Catch Wreck-It Ralph!


You've been playing games for your whole life ever, have you ever thought how it'd be like to be INSIDE a game? (I wouldn't want to be inside this building though :x)



The movie is about Wreck-It Ralph tired of being the bad guy and being overshadowed by the good guy star of the game. He then takes matter into his own hands by setting off his gaming journey across the arcades to prove that he too, can be a hero. Ironically, Ralph unintentionally released an enemy which threatened the whole arcade. The movie will be showing the adventure of Ralph saving the day by taking down his enemy! Will he succeed? Watch and find out for yourself! (:

I'm really EXCITED and looking forward to watch Wreck-It Ralph!!


 Besides just a usual hero-villain cartoon movie, Wreck-It Ralph brings you deeper into the lives of gaming characters that all of you are familiar with! I'll get to see common game characters like Bowser from the Mario series, Sonic the Hedgehog and also scenes from the old-school game Pacman. And there's so many many more game characters that you'll meet along the way!

Though I'm a girl, I like gaming, so this is pretty much interesting to me! A little similar to Toy Story where all the toys become alive, but yea this could probably be even better!! And I usually dislike the Pacman ghost because they kept chasing my Pacman around ): But I kinda like this orange little ghost from Pacman after watching the trailer! And get to find out that it's called Clyde!


Wreck-It Ralph is also full of gaming references. And I found some examples online like Graffiti games, Kano's heart rip fatality, Konami code, Metal gear solid alert, Kill screen, etc... Nevermind if you don't get it, neither do I actually :< Haven't played many of those games before too so forgive me if I found the wrong information :3

Anyway the second part of the movie is mainly in Sugar Rush. AND OH MY, I love candies and colourful graphics!!! It's a super cute, candy-infused Mario Kart theme which includes power ups, jumps just like a kart race. They even have a similar section of Rainbow Road track just like in the Mario Kart! RAINBOWS!!!


 I ALWAYS LIKE TO PLAY THAT TRACK! Because it's challenging heheh.


I super love cute characters as well! And I'll ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS go 'Awwwwwwwwwwww' whenever I come across super adorable characters in movies be it in terms of looks, actions or voices. And so I came across this when I was searching for photos! It's my favourite character so far.. And I'm always going for cute characters!

This super squishy green round-looking lil ball....


I would name it sour squish though :3 It has jellybean hands and legs. Want to go to Sour bill and munch on its legs. Nom nom nom. Hahah.


So Sour bill is King Candy's diminutive minion and most trusted assistant. Look at his cute frightened face. \>_</



And it's so funny that he's always bullied because of his size and texture I guess.. In a way because he's kinda squishy. Ralph even threatened to lick & eat him. So evil :< Poor bill.. It's kinda funny to see him getting bullied though muahahhahaha!! *Sadistic me* But at the end of the day, I guess they became friends!




Although Sour Bill isn't the main character in the movie, I guess I would like to watch it a lot due to its adorable and cute features!

So this is my favourite character in the movie so far, WHAT ABOUT YOURS? (:

*EXCITED* (>_<)



And here's the trailer :D From the trailer itself, you could already tell that it's really a funny cartoon!

So Catch Disney's WRECK-IT RALPH in Singapore cinemas this 
20 December 2012!

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**UPDATED** (After being invited to the Nuffnang movie preview)

The movie is really good *THUMBS UP!* I usually dislike cartoon/ animation movies but this one is awesome! I like watching shows that are somewhat relatable. Not that the meaning of the movie relates to my life, but seeing characters and games that I'm familiar with makes me happy. Yes, really weird I know. But the whole movie is really meaningful as well. Showing how Ralph wanted to change his role of a bad guy to be someone heroic. He made a mess out of it, but managed to be a true hero at the end of the day!

Ratings: 5/5 (I even wanted to watch a second time!)