Monday, 27 August 2012

Levi's Design-a-Shoe Competition 2012

*SO EXCITED* I've recently joined a Design-a-Shoe competition By Levi's

Anyway I have picked the theme Avengers since it's a recent popular movie in Singapore. I personally like the characters in that movie as well. Firstly, I want to design something that many people are familiar about. Secondly, Avengers consists of 4 main characters & they're in quite different colours. It'll also be unique if I have 2 different designs on both shoes (Which I'll get to design Hulk & Thor on the other if I'm in the final round). I chose to deal with Captain America & Iron man first as they're my favourites! Thirdly, I want to design something that adults & kids will like. 

I started out by drawing out the outline with a permanent marker. I enjoyed this process the most as I prefer drawing over colouring.

Now the colouring process. I chose dark blue with black background as I wanted the shoe to have the 'denim' feel. Its easy to match many clothes as well. I gave the 2 superhero the glowy feel by blending light blue & white at the outline, this is to bring out the main focus of the character & not to be affected by the dark background.

Here's the FINAL product! (Without the shoelaces)

Final product with shoelaces & I added some rhinestones to make it shine as well.

Which side do you like better?

The results will be announced by 31 August 2012 & I hope my design will be shortlisted! Then I will go through the process of voting & if I'm chosen I will enter the final round to complete the right shoe ^_^

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Astons Specialities @ East Coast Rd

OOTD - Crop top from Forever21 & Denim shorts

I just had to satisfy my cravings again! This time it was Macaroons & Astons! We went to Katong I12 (I thought it was called 112 previously :/). Its @ Obolo. The macaroons here are really delicious as well! Really tempted to have the cakes though. But it's quite expensive for 1 small slice, about $8. The macaroons are $2.50, same as Canele just that they have more flavours here & its also smaller. The one in Canele has a much thicker cream. 

Have tried many flavours before, this time I picked alcoholic ones as they are seldom sold in other places - Chocolate Whisky & Champagne. I felt like I got cheated.. The chocolate whisky don't even have any alcoholic taste in it. It's just plain chocolate. Whereas the champagne had a much stronger taste. Not bad I would say. But it's not like super good like I will be 0.0 

Headed over to Astons Specialities to satisfy my 2nd craving. Astons has always been our favourite dining place as well due to the super cheap & affordable food. Prices are as low as $7+ for a set with 2 side dishes! Where can you find such cheap & good food! Whenever we want to go for cheap food but in good restaurants, this will be our choice!

There was a promotion going on, with every set that you order, you can top up a Soup of the day (Cream of Mushroom) + Snapple drink (Kiwi Strawberry) @ only $4.70. Its quite worth it, from calculations the original price is around $7.

I ordered the Prime Ribeye Extra Cut ($18.50) with 2 free side dishes of Baked potato + Mac & Cheese. Baked potato is always my favourite, & most of the time I will always ask for extra butter! Doesn't taste good without butter.. The Mac & Cheese is not something I like.. Probably awesome for Cheese lovers because it's really TOO CHEESY!! 

My boy ordered Teriyaki Chicken ($7.90) with 2 free side dishes of Potato wedges + Baked potato. The Teriyaki chicken is good but I don't prefer so much sauce, & I really like the skin actually. Wedges seem normal to me. We ended up switching plates because he wants beef & I want chicken haha (: 

After dinner, we headed to Udders & shared Waffles with Tira-miss-u Ice cream (One of the Bestsellers!) Its actually Tiramisu with authentic italian mascarpone cheese, brandy, cognac. Also our all-time-favourite flavour. My boy just can't get enough of it that he wanted the 3rd scoop of Ice cream! 

Say cheese! ^_^

Friday, 24 August 2012

In search of awesome food again - Seoul Garden, macaroons, & Ice cream!

I chose to start off the post with this photo even it has no link with my title. I find this really hilarious! My boy noticed this poster when we were walking out of the cinema & he posed for me to snap a photo. I think this isn't funny enough, look at the next one.

HAHAHAH! Seriously this is funny, he's peeping at Ted's YOU KNOW WHAT. Actually there's nothing to peep if you watched the movie Ted :0

OOTD - I love this wolf top that I got from Bugis! The material is really thin ^^

And as usual, we headed out to search for yummy delicious food. We've been spending quite a lot on food recently, but its just all worth it to satisfy my never-ending cravings!! *Rubs tummy* But seriously, today's probably the 7th time I eat beef in 2 weeks! Ssikkek BBQ, Jpot, Tunglok restaurant with Wagyu beef, Express Teppanyaki, Og2 Steamboat + teppanyaki, MOF @ My Izakaya & TODAY'S SEOUL GARDEN! We went to the outlet at Marina Square but its slightly more expensive. I think its because of the Sushi bar? I'm not too sure but boyf says that the sushi sucks ttm. I didn't try as I wanted to save my stomach for other food ^^

I had student meal price so it was $14.99+ while the adult lunch price is $20.99+. Felt quite stupid that we were always dining @ Seoul garden during dinner. The price is $24.99+!! This is the lunch pricing though. 

Our soup base selection is always Seafood Kimchi, never tried others & never intended to anyway. Not quite interested in the rest especially the herbal one. My favourite meat will be the bulgogi chicken & beef. The bulgogi chicken taste so awesome! But my feelings were cheated.. I thought there will be this type of squid served during lunch. I haven't seen it in dinner times except lunch & this outlet doesn't serve any!! They serve another type which has the tentacles ):

I only took photos for a few plates as I was busy eating after that. The yellow chicken is Tom yam flavoured . Taste not bad as well!

The Kimchi & cockles are not for my consumption, its just to make the soup spicier & sweeter! The cockles method was taught by Serene ^^ But I have no idea how to consume it, the shell isn't open..

Boyf spammed lots of squid. He says this is cute, but I think its kinda scary.. :x

After lunch, we walked around & looked at the Toy catching machines! They have super cute toys in it I just want to bring all of them home!!! Dino family!! Actually its the Mario character Yoshi but we just like to call it Dino!

& my all-time-favourite RILAKKUMA! 

Caught a movie called 'The Watch', wasn't so fascinating. Basically, the whole movie was about 4 guys forming up a team called the Neighbourhood watch and they went around solving a crime which they found out that aliens are involved. Its not a sucky movie & there's a twist at the end, but I would say its only good for a home movie. Not so worth it to pay & watch in a cinema. Ratings: 3/5

I finally went to try the Macaroons sold @ Canele. Heard that the macaroons there are super good. I'm seeing unique & new flavours there as well! But the varieties are not as much as the one in Obolo @ Katong I12. 

I tried the Vanilla banana + Cookies & cream. Banana flavoured food have always been 1 of my favourite. Especially for ice cream & milkshakes. Cookies & cream is good, but it's quite a common flavour to me. I wonder how Rose flavour taste like, seems like it's a recommended flavour as well.. But I'm also afraid that I dislike the taste & waste my money :0

We didn't have a proper dinner as it was already too late.. So we headed to Andersen's of Denmark Ice cream @ Suntec. I had a 1-for-1 credit card promotion :D So its $12.90 for both of these sets! Super worth it! I ordered the single fondue with Macadamia nuts & Mocha almond fudge. (ALL NUTS). Disappointed that they don't have the Banana crunch anymore.. Actually that used to be the only reason that I go to Andersen's.

Boyf took Banana split with Belgian chocolate & Cookies & Cream. He's always into Chocolate! But I feel that this set is more worth it. There's my favourite whip cream too *Steal & put in my mouth* :D 

& Ending my post with this sweet wordings I've made during Ice cream meal ^^ 

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

MOF Izakaya

My boyf's anniversary treat to MOF @ My Izakaya. (Thats the whole restaurant name btw, the @ doesn't mean located at, haha). Its one of our favourite restaurants to go to, they have awesome promotions & set meals. I even bought a member card to enjoy the 10% discounts with free birthday treat ^^ There's lots of other benefits as well, & the member card only cost me $10.

It's Tuesday so we get to enjoy the promotion of 30% off our 2nd set meal! I think that's the best promotion out of the rest, so we're lucky.

Take a look at the Drinks menu! So much varieties & I feel like trying every single one of them. But the prices are quite expensive to me. It's like $6.50-$8 for the milkshakes & frappe. 

My boy ordered his usual VERY SWEET Chocolate & banana frappe while I tried something new, Iced cafe latte. I was very hungry so I chose something lighter & also cheaper for $5. But apparently, I made a very very bad decision, & I regretted ordering that drink. Unless you can take really bitter coffee, don't go for this drink.. It taste like some bitter coffee & I've tasted much sweet latte, especially the one in Swensens. I tried adding syrup & milk, but noooo I couldn't save the drink ):

Even this complimentary hot tea tastes so much better! It reminds me of bubble milk tea actually! If only it comes in the cold version. 

I wasn't very hungry as we had lunch really late. So I chose something that I usually won't order as it would probably not be able to satiate my appetite. This is the hot pot set meal & I chose the beef set with sukiyaki soup base. Price at $20.80. Actually it's quite expensive as there's only about 6-7 slices of beef & a pot of vegetables ): At least its delicious enough. I like to dip beef into raw egg!

My boy ordered a hot plate set meal that can choose a side dish + hot plate. He ordered Beef Moyashi Itame (Beansprout with beef) & Beef curry. I've tried a few mouths of curry beef before but I don't fancy Japanese curry. Bean sprout & beef taste good but I prefer the one @ Express Teppanyaki!

& Lastly, Happy 59th months my love! <3 Awaiting for our 5 years next month. 

OG2 Steamboat + Teppanyaki

OG2 Steamboat just yesterday, finally successful in planning a dinner outing after like 3 months! (: Was supposed to be a BBQ, but they switched to steamboat since it was less messy. The venue was at Ben's house & I took 1 hour to reach there but at least I didn't get lost! :x

As usual, this is my outfit of the day! Front is a little plain but I was attracted to the ribbon at the back when I saw it @ Bugis! Me like ribbons! 

Before the steamboat started, Ash, Shaun & Ben somehow mentioned about results. I totally didn't know about it when it was already posted last week. How blur.. Its so funny that everyone is already talking about it & I still haven't check my results yet. Frantically trying to log into my UBlearn, but it kept coming out with error. But I managed to find out in the end, disappointed with 3.4 GPA, hope to do better next sem! No more last min studying for the finals!

Anyway we had mainly Teppanyaki instead of Steamboat. There was quite a variety of food compared to group steamboat or BBQ that I had in the past. Yum yum ^_^ I spammed crab sticks like crazy. I think I gorged down about 10+ of them.. 

There's this stuff tiger at his house which is like really nice! Both me & Ym were like attracted to the tiger. Keep snapping pics! It looks like a real one from far :0

Boyf came to look for me after his work, took him long to travel here from Pasir Ris.. So nice of him ^^ So he stayed for about 2 hours & get to know my friends as well. I love this pic too!

Ym took this pic of me while I'm cooking. 

I don't really like this pic, my eyes couldn't open due to the strong flash of the camera, but that's the only pic we took so I'm just going to upload it :D

Had an enjoyable time with my boy & my Uni friends ^^