Saturday, 11 August 2012

A new beginning of my blog (:

I finally have the time to sit down & type in front my laptop, deriving much enthusiasm from this. I have been blogging privately for the past 7 years or so. Recently, I have started a Nail art blog to share with all nail art lovers of my Blogshop products & designs that I have made. Now, I'm creating this to share the bits & pieces of my sweet fulfilling life. Thus, my blog name - Life like candy. Yes, I'm so optimistic, everything about me in life is great! I would probably want to share some interesting stories & random stuff that I have read or heard about (Hopefully this will motivate me to notice more news update?) And to maintain my English standard. I realize that there will be no more ESL after this coming semester.. 

Something about me. Firstly, as all of my friends will know, I'm in a blissful relationship with my boy <3 & One greatest passion about me is that I love Art & Music. Probably not so hardcore. But I have been taking Art & music lessons since I was quite young. I have been exposed to various types of Art & now I'm taking some design course outside, not so official one though. After I completed Piano practical exam Grade 8, I also stopped having lessons for my Theory. (Ahh, just too lazy to continue) Besides these, I was in Concert Band - Percussion during my secondary school days, seriously miss those times with my section & all the playing during practices. Then, I joined Piano Ensemble when I was in JC. I have learnt beginner lessons for Guitar too, but gave up due to my small hands & too many blisters ):

I sound like I'm venturing into the Arts sector of the economy. But no! You're wrong, I'm taking a Business Admin course in my school. Due to not-so-fantastic A level results, I eventually got myself into SIM - University of Buffalo. Not so much regrets except for not listening in JC classes probably. I truly enjoy the experience in my school, meeting new friends & having the slackest schedule ever. You are going to envy me so much. Haha. For the coming semester. My school lessons are 830-10am on every Monday, Tuesday & Thursday. For Wednesday, I end at 2pm. But not to be too complacent about it, I have quite many projects to complete too, but I certainly have more free time & that explains why I am here.

Some other common interests that I have are shopping & eating, will blog more about that next  time! My 2 weeks holidays is here, & I will have loads of fun, & especially because I will be going to different restaurants that are either new to me or I seldom go to - Himawari, Jpot, Korean BBQ, & the list goes on.. Excited! I'm also going to watch 'The Dark Knight Rises' with my boy tomorrow (:

I know my post is too wordy, but don't worry, I will be posting up more photos in the future, especially so when I get my CASIO-150 at the end of the month! (Hopefully!) Have been eyeing on it for quite some time.. 

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