Sunday, 26 August 2012

Astons Specialities @ East Coast Rd

OOTD - Crop top from Forever21 & Denim shorts

I just had to satisfy my cravings again! This time it was Macaroons & Astons! We went to Katong I12 (I thought it was called 112 previously :/). Its @ Obolo. The macaroons here are really delicious as well! Really tempted to have the cakes though. But it's quite expensive for 1 small slice, about $8. The macaroons are $2.50, same as Canele just that they have more flavours here & its also smaller. The one in Canele has a much thicker cream. 

Have tried many flavours before, this time I picked alcoholic ones as they are seldom sold in other places - Chocolate Whisky & Champagne. I felt like I got cheated.. The chocolate whisky don't even have any alcoholic taste in it. It's just plain chocolate. Whereas the champagne had a much stronger taste. Not bad I would say. But it's not like super good like I will be 0.0 

Headed over to Astons Specialities to satisfy my 2nd craving. Astons has always been our favourite dining place as well due to the super cheap & affordable food. Prices are as low as $7+ for a set with 2 side dishes! Where can you find such cheap & good food! Whenever we want to go for cheap food but in good restaurants, this will be our choice!

There was a promotion going on, with every set that you order, you can top up a Soup of the day (Cream of Mushroom) + Snapple drink (Kiwi Strawberry) @ only $4.70. Its quite worth it, from calculations the original price is around $7.

I ordered the Prime Ribeye Extra Cut ($18.50) with 2 free side dishes of Baked potato + Mac & Cheese. Baked potato is always my favourite, & most of the time I will always ask for extra butter! Doesn't taste good without butter.. The Mac & Cheese is not something I like.. Probably awesome for Cheese lovers because it's really TOO CHEESY!! 

My boy ordered Teriyaki Chicken ($7.90) with 2 free side dishes of Potato wedges + Baked potato. The Teriyaki chicken is good but I don't prefer so much sauce, & I really like the skin actually. Wedges seem normal to me. We ended up switching plates because he wants beef & I want chicken haha (: 

After dinner, we headed to Udders & shared Waffles with Tira-miss-u Ice cream (One of the Bestsellers!) Its actually Tiramisu with authentic italian mascarpone cheese, brandy, cognac. Also our all-time-favourite flavour. My boy just can't get enough of it that he wanted the 3rd scoop of Ice cream! 

Say cheese! ^_^

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