Monday, 27 August 2012

Levi's Design-a-Shoe Competition 2012

*SO EXCITED* I've recently joined a Design-a-Shoe competition By Levi's

Anyway I have picked the theme Avengers since it's a recent popular movie in Singapore. I personally like the characters in that movie as well. Firstly, I want to design something that many people are familiar about. Secondly, Avengers consists of 4 main characters & they're in quite different colours. It'll also be unique if I have 2 different designs on both shoes (Which I'll get to design Hulk & Thor on the other if I'm in the final round). I chose to deal with Captain America & Iron man first as they're my favourites! Thirdly, I want to design something that adults & kids will like. 

I started out by drawing out the outline with a permanent marker. I enjoyed this process the most as I prefer drawing over colouring.

Now the colouring process. I chose dark blue with black background as I wanted the shoe to have the 'denim' feel. Its easy to match many clothes as well. I gave the 2 superhero the glowy feel by blending light blue & white at the outline, this is to bring out the main focus of the character & not to be affected by the dark background.

Here's the FINAL product! (Without the shoelaces)

Final product with shoelaces & I added some rhinestones to make it shine as well.

Which side do you like better?

The results will be announced by 31 August 2012 & I hope my design will be shortlisted! Then I will go through the process of voting & if I'm chosen I will enter the final round to complete the right shoe ^_^

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