Sunday, 12 August 2012

My art work designs

Had my usual art lesson today. I'm currently taking some design course and today's lesson is Shoe design - cross sectional sketch. Something new to me! I selected Basketball shoe (: Was quite indecisive at the start in terms of the shape & theme. But after I had the rough sketch, everything was much easier. I especially hated to do the bottom sketch as it was quite boring to me.. Side is always the best of course!

 Anyway here's the sketch with outline but without colours yet. I probably wouldn't want to try other colours like blue, green, yellow, etc. Red/ Hot pink + Black is my all time favourite. But of course I will try not to limit myself to these colours for my future designs ^^

Here's a close up of the shoe! The favourite part of the shoe is the fire design at the back. Makes the whole shoe seem more powerful. 

And these are some of my previous art work.

Logo design for Organic bee honey

Just some random sketches with colouring. Some designs were just really random but I don't really like them. But sometimes the outcomes of your drawing are really unexpected so it doesn't really matter I guess (:

Then I have to draw details for the chosen 3. I cannot decide which is the best out of the 3. What do you think? (:

I really like this art lesson for pattern design. So flowery! My favourite one is the Sunflower design (Top right). I didn't expect it to turn out like that as I didn't really like sunflower so I thought the design wouldn't turn out nice. For bottom right design, I was inspired by Beauty & the Beast where the beast must fall in love & be loved in return before the last petal of the rose falls, then the curse will be broken. So mysteriously nice!

Will be taking part in some competition soon, will reveal it when I'm done with it ^^

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