Wednesday, 22 August 2012

MOF Izakaya

My boyf's anniversary treat to MOF @ My Izakaya. (Thats the whole restaurant name btw, the @ doesn't mean located at, haha). Its one of our favourite restaurants to go to, they have awesome promotions & set meals. I even bought a member card to enjoy the 10% discounts with free birthday treat ^^ There's lots of other benefits as well, & the member card only cost me $10.

It's Tuesday so we get to enjoy the promotion of 30% off our 2nd set meal! I think that's the best promotion out of the rest, so we're lucky.

Take a look at the Drinks menu! So much varieties & I feel like trying every single one of them. But the prices are quite expensive to me. It's like $6.50-$8 for the milkshakes & frappe. 

My boy ordered his usual VERY SWEET Chocolate & banana frappe while I tried something new, Iced cafe latte. I was very hungry so I chose something lighter & also cheaper for $5. But apparently, I made a very very bad decision, & I regretted ordering that drink. Unless you can take really bitter coffee, don't go for this drink.. It taste like some bitter coffee & I've tasted much sweet latte, especially the one in Swensens. I tried adding syrup & milk, but noooo I couldn't save the drink ):

Even this complimentary hot tea tastes so much better! It reminds me of bubble milk tea actually! If only it comes in the cold version. 

I wasn't very hungry as we had lunch really late. So I chose something that I usually won't order as it would probably not be able to satiate my appetite. This is the hot pot set meal & I chose the beef set with sukiyaki soup base. Price at $20.80. Actually it's quite expensive as there's only about 6-7 slices of beef & a pot of vegetables ): At least its delicious enough. I like to dip beef into raw egg!

My boy ordered a hot plate set meal that can choose a side dish + hot plate. He ordered Beef Moyashi Itame (Beansprout with beef) & Beef curry. I've tried a few mouths of curry beef before but I don't fancy Japanese curry. Bean sprout & beef taste good but I prefer the one @ Express Teppanyaki!

& Lastly, Happy 59th months my love! <3 Awaiting for our 5 years next month. 

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