Wednesday, 22 August 2012

OG2 Steamboat + Teppanyaki

OG2 Steamboat just yesterday, finally successful in planning a dinner outing after like 3 months! (: Was supposed to be a BBQ, but they switched to steamboat since it was less messy. The venue was at Ben's house & I took 1 hour to reach there but at least I didn't get lost! :x

As usual, this is my outfit of the day! Front is a little plain but I was attracted to the ribbon at the back when I saw it @ Bugis! Me like ribbons! 

Before the steamboat started, Ash, Shaun & Ben somehow mentioned about results. I totally didn't know about it when it was already posted last week. How blur.. Its so funny that everyone is already talking about it & I still haven't check my results yet. Frantically trying to log into my UBlearn, but it kept coming out with error. But I managed to find out in the end, disappointed with 3.4 GPA, hope to do better next sem! No more last min studying for the finals!

Anyway we had mainly Teppanyaki instead of Steamboat. There was quite a variety of food compared to group steamboat or BBQ that I had in the past. Yum yum ^_^ I spammed crab sticks like crazy. I think I gorged down about 10+ of them.. 

There's this stuff tiger at his house which is like really nice! Both me & Ym were like attracted to the tiger. Keep snapping pics! It looks like a real one from far :0

Boyf came to look for me after his work, took him long to travel here from Pasir Ris.. So nice of him ^^ So he stayed for about 2 hours & get to know my friends as well. I love this pic too!

Ym took this pic of me while I'm cooking. 

I don't really like this pic, my eyes couldn't open due to the strong flash of the camera, but that's the only pic we took so I'm just going to upload it :D

Had an enjoyable time with my boy & my Uni friends ^^

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