Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

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Went on a date with my boy last Saturday to catch a movie - The Dark Knight Rises. Honestly, I didn't have a good impression on this movie before I watched it. Batman was some superhero that I didn't bother to look out for. The previous few movies of Batman that I watched were not impressive either. The Dark Knight (2008) was somewhat acceptable to me but I didn't really fancy  it though. But after reading reviews & having high recommendations from friends, we both decided to watch the movie. 

The movie was a little complicated for me at the start, too much talking & explanation that I got a bit off track. But the plot was seriously good. Actually I enjoyed most parts of the scenes, at least the talking didn't make me fall asleep like some other movies did..

Not to be too much of a spoiler (even though MOST of you have watched it), I'll just reveal some favourite parts of the movie. What left me a strong impression is the part where Batman tried to climb out of the prison. I have no exact reason why I like that part, maybe its the anticipation when I'm watching the movie. Not to forget the amazing twist at the ending part! Watch & you'll know.. One role I admire is the police officer John Blake. I admire his altruistic spirit of his role in the movie, not the actor himself though.

My ratings of the movie will be 5/5! One of my favourite movies for 2012! I realised its so awesome that I watched it the second time just today, with my family. Since I had nothing much to do, I tagged along with them. Managed to understand & absorb more this time, & I'm not bored of it even when I just watched it on Saturday :D 

I would say that its better than Avengers (2012) & The Amazing Spider-man (2012). My boy chose Avengers over this though.. Avengers is funny but The Dark Knight Rises has more in-depth story plot. Actually both is good, just depends on which genre you prefer. Will be catching a few more movies if we have the time - Greedy Ghost, maybe Total Recall or The Expendables 2? ^^

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