Sunday, 12 August 2012

The perfect teeth solution.. Invisalign!

I just visited the Dentist again yesterday. Had loads of appointments since a few months back. Had my Wisdom tooth surgeries (All 4 taken out already), consultations on doing Invisalign, & more.. Those who are afraid to extract the wisdom tooth, you probably don't have to worry too much. Its really painless to me. I think cramps are much worse in fact. I practically felt nothing due to the local anesthesia. All I heard was "Open your mouth, open bigger" & all the noisy drilling. The worst part was opening my mouth for about 1 hour.. The swelling wasn't that bad either. For the second surgery, I only took 2 painkillers on the first day and then I stopped taking it for the other days (:

After a few consultations, the dentist said that I'm eligible to do Invisalign! 

It's a type of TRANSPARENT braces that won't be visible when you wear it. Another great thing is that it's REMOVABLE. You can take it out when you're having meals, but now I'm snacking less in between meals due to my laziness to brush, floss & then brush the aligners again. It also has a smooth surface so there won't be any irritating ulcers in your mouth. It's only tight on the first 2 days, so there won't be discomfort afterwards. Sadly, the price has quite a drastic difference. Normal braces are usually 3-4k, but for my case its about 8k, not to mention there are other fees in between the course. Oh well, for the sake of perfect teeth, & acceptable looks during the process, ITS WORTH IT!

So here's my 1st set of Invisalign aligners! With a packet of chewies to fit the aligners nicely in my mouth. 

& This is the dental clinic that I go to - Orchard Scotts Dental. (:

My dentist gave me the next 3 set of aligners.

Just yesterday, I went to the dental for teeth trimming & placing of attachments. It's to trim slight parts of my teeth enamel away so now there's gaps between my teeth ): But that is just temporary because there will be more space for my teeth to be pushed in! I'll see the results in no time :DD *Inserts excited face* Luckily the gaps won't be visible after I wear on the aligners. 

I'm currently wearing this set of aligners - the 2nd set (: 

I was also given this tooth mousse in tutti-fruitti flavour to apply on my teeth for a week. It feels very disgusting at first (Like I'm swallowing toothpaste), but then I realised that its because I placed too much.. So now its acceptable for me after I reduced the amount! It's to reduce sensitivity since some of my teeth enamel is gone. 

It's so amazing how they can make this teeth mold which is the exact form of mine now. Not so nice I know, but in 1 year time, I'll be more confident to show my wide wide smile like this :D 

Will update on 'The Dark Knight Rises' soon .. (:


  1. It’s good to hear that you find Invisalign great for your teeth. Well, one advantage I found about it is that, because it’s removable, it’s easier to brush your teeth and floss as compared to having tradional braces.

  2. Yup! Agreed. & usually it's only painful for the first day of each new set. Free of ulcers & it's not visible :)

  3. Hi. I know it had already been a year since you post this but I just found your blog. If it is okay with you, could you please tell me whether you pay for your Invisalign by installment or full amount one shot? If it is installment, how is the installment plan like? I tried to call and enquires but their line is always engage. Thank you :)

    1. You can pay by installment. I usually pay few hundred every time I visit which is about every few weeks to a month depending on the development. Actually I did not really pay attention to the exact price each time I paid, so I can't give you a certain answer. But it is best that you book an appointment because each treatment is also customised to the patient.

      Hope this helps! (:

  4. Hi. In your case, how many teeth you need to trim? If not doing any extraction, do you need to trim every teeth? Thanks.

    1. Sorry I cannot remember how many teeth I trimmed, but certainly not every. I think it depends on your teeth as well, you will have to go through consultation before the dentist lets you know. Hope this helps (: