Saturday, 18 August 2012

Tung Lok Restaurant - Dad's Birthday Celebration

Celebrated my father's chinese lunar birthday today @ Tung Lok restaurant. Its some Chinese restaurant serving set meals & ala-carte food. I sure had a super delicious meal! Almost every single dish my parents ordered is something that I like a lot!! I'm feeling hungry as I'm blogging right now!

Outfit of the day ~

I'm not sure whats this soup called. I think its 猴头菇, actually it tastes not bad, but I didn't want to be bloated after drinking so I only took half a bowl. My mum say that its very healthy though.

This is one of my favourite dish. Peking Duck. If I'm not wrong its about $30+ for half a duck. The main dish will be this, & the meat will be cooked into your choice of noodles with additional charge of $10. I love the crunchy skin inside the crepe. It matches very well with the garnish & sauce. I think I can finish the whole plate!!

I love bamboo clam too! Its an individual serving. But this dish is a little too salty. I prefer the plain one, which I can add soy sauce & chilli. Thick sauce doesn't suit the taste. But I think this time they made it very fresh & the portion is quite big! That's a good thing though!

We ordered 2 servings of cod fish to share as I wasn't really interested in eating fish, especially cod fish. But I got to admit this is cooked really well!! 

This fried scallop is also damn good. (2 servings of this as well) There's some powdery texture on the outer surface which tastes a little like egg. Its really a small portion but really worth the price. I took small bites of it as I couldn't bear to finish this >_<

My father ordered 2 servings of Wagyu beef specially for me & my brother. Its about $50+ per piece & its quite small.. & I think this time it failed. Every mouth I took in was filled with oil & fats. It isn't like that in the past. Not that I'm being paranoid, I can take in chicken fats & KFC skin which some people think its disgusting. But this is far too extreme, & its sad that the food is wasted when its so expensive. Of course, I gorged down everything. Its still WAGYU BEEF after all :x

Nothing fancy about these 2 dishes. I was quite full towards the end already plus I didn't really like the noodles as well. 

This fruit juice is really unique as its served in test tubes. Like real test tubes! Every single time I dine here with my family, I always look forward to this drink. The flavours are random (I think because its complimentary for us), this time we got pineapple. Apple is another of my favourite flavour too. 


The birthday cake was served after that, but we didn't eat it at the spot, was too full & there's dessert waiting for us! 

I seriously love to eat this dessert too! Its called 雪中情怀. Even the name sounds so sweet & nice already. I never fail to order this every time I dine there. Its ice cream with mango served inside the Coconut shell. I like the flakes which is added in too. Everything taste so awesome when its mixed together!!! Indulging like in heaven >_< 

Anyway, here's a family photo of us (Super bad quality because the person didn't take the photo nicely) *sad..*

&&& Happy birthday to my Daddy! Though his actual lunar year birthday is next week :D

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