Friday, 7 September 2012

BBQ chalet with boyf's bball friends

Had a BBQ chalet with Dear, Leon, Leroy, Marcus, Bella, Andre, & Zi Heng (Gary only came when I left) Thanks to Leon's father, we had a free chalet but sadly I cannot stay over ): Oh wells~

Went to Supermarket & get some snacks & food before heading to the chalet. & Here's the guys trying to set up fire with only matches & fire starter.. They should have just gotten the $1.90 big lighter rather than the matches haha. But Andre said that they wanted it to be retro. Then they took so many matches for the fire to set up hahaha. We even resorted to using paper & tissue to make the fire bigger. 

Snap snap photos with my new camera!

The guys flexing their muscles~ All of them said that the camera damn cheat. Hahahha

& they were all switching positions to test out the camera's 'magic' effect.

& The arm wrestling game begins~ Zi Heng was the winner hahaha. 

Dear & Leon act only hahahahha. But can see the muscles as if they used damn lot of strength.

& a last photo of me & boyf :D

Short post because I have no idea what happened after I left at 11plus~