Sunday, 16 September 2012

Birthday surprise for my boy

HELLO!!! :D I am super excited about this!!! With the help of his bball friends, I managed to gave my birthday boy a surprise in advance of his 21st birthday at Tampines yesterday. 

Leon & Marcus stayed around Hoops Factory & pretended to knock into us while the rest hide at Coffee Bean just beside. I had to stall time around Tampines 1 & I was so afraid he will get suspicious especially because I kept typing away on my phone so secretly. When everyone arrived, I brought him to Hoops Factory casually, then Leon & Marcus came in. After like a 1-2 minute chat, I told him that I need to go to the toilet. But in fact, I ran all the way down to basement to collect the cake. Then rushed back up to prepare the candles with the rest! :D Leon & Marcus walked him over (He definitely got suspicious but within that few seconds only so its alright) & TADAH! SURPRISE!!! I showed up with the cake & all of us sing for him ^_^

Andre took a video but he said that my boy doesn't have a reaction unfortunately. HAHA. We should have actually sing louder & make him feel ps. 

P.S. Gary isn't in the photo again (like the BBQ chalet) as he couldn't come early

The cake that I decorated at Icing Room Tampines 1. I am better with drawing cartoon on the cake, but I thought this would suit my boy better, besides the cake is too small to draw characters on it. Its only 4 inch! They do have bigger sizes but I find that too big no point, can't finish also. 

I really hope that my boy was really surprised, took quite some time to plan this & there were quite a few problems in the process. Wanted to surprise him at Seoul Garden but the management said that non halal cakes are not allowed.. Actually its a better choice now as I would be too anxious to wait till after dinner!!

So we had our dinner at Seoul Garden. My boy got free dining as there's a birthday promotion. For every 3 adults, the person whose birthday is in this month will dine FOC. All of us were gorging food down like nobody's business. I must say that their food is really nice!!! At least to me ^_^ Kimchi soup is the best over here! The guys were crazy over the squid I have no idea why, I think they spammed like super a lot! I think we really had an awesome & fun time! 

Leon, Zi Heng & Andre

Gary, my boy & me! 

My boy is always doing stupid faces when camwhoring. 

Marcus & Andre were cooking Fried Rice at Seoul Garden omg hahaha. I have never thought of that before!!!

I'm just doing what his shirt says 'TOUCH ME'! OOPS. *Just following instructions..* & The guys kept talking about this Touch me clubbing event. 

& Lastly, a group photo of all of us!! 
(I love how my camera can fit all of us in! Awesome much!)

THANKS to all of you! (Leon, Zi Heng, Vivian, Andre, Bella, Marcus, Gary) In one way or another for making this surprise successful! Especially Leon & Marcus, I know I kept disturbing you 2 haha sorry!! But really thanks a million! Wouldn't have make it without you guys, & I'm sure everyone had fun right? ^_^ Guys please go to the Halloween event with us okay?! Awaiting for your replies :P 


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