Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Katong Laksa & Canton Paradise~

I'm back with awesome food again!! Went to Katong I12, one of our favourite place to go recently. Wanted to try Canton Paradise with my boy, but sadly there's different menu for lunch & dinner (I should have thought of that earlier..) I was actually planning to go there just for the drinks & dessert though. So there was a slight shift of plans (: We went to have Katong Laksa for dinner before going to Canton Paradise for drinks. 

This was taken during lunch ^^ 

My boy wore this shirt out that was bought @ Bugis street! ^_^

I seldom like to go Hawker Centre places to dine during a proper day out (Except when its a very quick meal before heading home), but Katong Laksa is an exception. They do have indoor seats but the place & ambience is of course very much not up to standard compared to restaurants. But the Katong Laksa they sell is really nice, I dislike those that are too spicy or too oily. This one is just balanced ^^ I ordered the Medium bowl so its S$5.00. But don't ever try the Ice milo sold there... It tastes terrible & totally diluted that I wanted to spit it out after taking a small little sip..

After a satisfied quick dinner, we headed to Canton Paradise for drinks & dessert! The food there is in Hong Kong style. I seldom go for HK food with my boy, only with my parents. But I was really craving for their milk tea. It really had a very close authentic taste compared to those really good ones in HK. 

This rice ball with grated nut & custard filling is mine! Its S$4.80. I wanted to order 双皮奶 (Some beancurd that is made from milk), sadly its sold out.. The rice balls were not bad, I especially like the grated nuts on the surface, they tasted like oats which I kinda like. Very filling though.

My boy ordered 2 Longevity Buns (寿桃) @ S$1.00 each. I was actually quite surprised that he likes to eat. I don't really favour. Usually only eat them when its someone's birthday.

I ordered the Original ice milk tea (冰镇奶茶) @ S$3.50. I think its really cheap compared to some of the drinks sold at restaurants. Something different about this compared to the normal Ice milk tea is that its basically cold without ice. So the taste will be stronger & more original compared to the diluted versions. I was a little disappointed with their method though. I have tasted the real type in HK where by they put the whole glass of milk tea into a big bowl of ice. So it will stay cold even after 1 hour & is still not diluted. My boy didn't want the original type so he ordered the 鸳鸯 @ S$3.00. Its a mix of both milk tea & coffee. I introduced this drink to him quite some time ago & he agrees its nice too! Good for people who wants to drink coffee but cannot stand the bitter taste.

I cannot believe their drinks are SO CHEAP! I'm definitely going back for more! But I will go there for lunch some day as I want to try their wanton noodles, etc. Not the dinner menu.. From what I recall, the wanton noodles are about S$7-8 only. Don't compare these prices with food court though, compare it with normal bowl of noodles in restaurants. Not forgetting their eating environment is actually quite comfortable. 

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