Friday, 28 September 2012

Lenas again!

Back @ Lenas again! Its a different restaurant under MOF. Which is similar to My Izakaya. I think I did not blog about the previous entry of going to Lenas but I can say that its one of my FAVOURITE restaurants to go to! There's once whereby me & boyf went to Lenas thrice in a week! Serious. Affordable and awesome. As simple as that. Obviously, don't compare to those high class Western restaurants or steak houses. But with prices ranging from S$15.00 onwards, where else can you get such nice food?! Have I even mentioned that the desserts & drinks have such a wide variety too? I always go all crazy about the desserts there, but I usually ended up ordering drinks instead. 

There was a special set lunch from S$9.80++. It means for every main dish you order, it comes along with a free ice tea/hot coffee + Salad of the day + Dessert of the day. Too full to try the dessert though, but the last time I went, it was super nice Vanilla ice cream! 

Ordered Hazelnut Frappe too! If you like Hazelnut, should go for Hazelnut milkshake at Swensens. Seriously a lot better!

My boy ordered the Chicken Spaghetti. I forget the exact name. I tried a bite & the chicken tasted good but I still prefer the whole or half a chicken where I can cut it myself! Hehe. 

I ordered Salmon as I was craving for it. My whole meal was really cheesy though! But I prefer the Pesto sauce salmon. & I love the Parmesan fries here! With 1 side dish it is S$19.00

AND CHECK OUT MY CUTE EEYORE (Part of anniversary gift from my boy!)

I really like this pic of Eeyore hanging on the stand. Adorable!!

Eeyore says "Lemme out!!!"

& Yep, thats basically all! Stay tuned for the next post! :D 

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