Tuesday, 4 September 2012

My New Precious Camera - CASIO EX-TR150!

I finally got my dream camera after so long! When I found out about this camera, I wanted to buy it but sadly its out of stock everywhere in Singapore.. Waited for the Comex show to sell this camera & boyf went to queue for me early in the morning to secure my purchase as there will be only 40 sets daily ^__^ 
Thanks love <3

But some idiots just don't know how to queue.. They just barged in when the door is opened. I think its really poor management of Comex. Luckily I managed to be within the 40 customers! I wonder how those people in the queue behind will react.. 

It comes in 3 different colours pink, white & red (Which actually looks like hot pink). Heard that red is limited stocks, I wanted pink all the while as it matches my laptop & I like that colour. I was so indecisive but I got pink in the end :D

The freebies include: Some cleaning set, mini tripod stand, portable charger, 3 8GB SD card, 2 camera pouch, 1 multi-card reader

Very cunning. They're not selling the individual camera which is $549 but in bundle sets. So I got myself the $748 set which includes Casio TR150 & Casio ZS12 with some freebies & a free portable charger worth $49. I think they want to clear away their old stocks.. Lucky for me I managed to sell away the other camera so I won't somehow make a loss :D My mum is also paying $150 for me YAY!! 

The pink is slightly different in the photo, would prefer this colour rather than the metallic shades. Oh well its good enough for me! ^^

Some AWESOME features of CASIO TR150:
Small & lightweight 
Its only 122 x 59 x 14mm in size & is a pocket-sized camera (Looks just like an Iphone, my friend even thought that its really a phone, not a camera!) Its really light & weighs about 157g only! Its so convenient that I've been bringing out my camera EVERY SINGLE DAY even when I think I wouldn't need it much. Well, just in case isn't it :D It has a really pretty & sleek design as well! I really dislike those camera that has the very obvious or big camera lens, just like the ZS12 on top.. So Casio Tr150 is really a perfect choice for me

Rotating LCD & freely moving frame
I like how the camera is able to twist & turn in different angles so that I can camwhore in many different ways! (Look at the photos below) This is one of the main reasons why I love this camera so much!

Wide angle lens of 21mm
With a 21mm wide angle lens, I can also camwhore with my friends & even 10+ people can fit into the photo nicely. (Now that I have used this camera, I find my Iphone camera really lousy.. Like my head looks too big for the phone) Good for full body photos as well!

Make up mode
There's also a make up mode of Level 1-12 which makes your skin flawless even without foundation on. I personally prefer the level 3-4 for now :D 

Motion shutter
This is really a great tool if you're snapping from a far distance. Don't have to run to your camera to retake again. Just wave your hand at the sensor & there will be countdown of 2 seconds before snapping a photo. 

The countdown timer is really useful especially because I'm not used to clicking the shutter button (More used to the touch screen), so this can prevent me from having shaky hands when pressing the button! More time to prepare before snapping a shot too (: I just found out that I can choose the countdown time too! No more 2 or 10 seconds only!

Other decoration tools
HDR art, Panorama shots, Cut-&-paste tools~ Haven't really tried that out yet.

So here are some different angles I can camwhore with~ You can always explore with more!

That's all for today!!! :D Gonna go explore more on my camera hehe!


  1. Hi,

    I saw some good deal of Casio TR150 at below website. I bought one as well.

  2. the website is


  3. Hi! Oh I see! Casio has increased the price from $500+ to $600+ last month I think.. Anyway enjoy using it! It's awesome :D