Sunday, 2 September 2012

Nihon Mura ~ Sashimi SPAM!!!

Before I start off, I would like to announce that I have finally gotten my favourite CASIO EX-TR150!!! *Squeals in excitement* I will blog about that soon! Too much things to update & starting to get busy with my studies too, & I recently worked for 2 days distributing flyers for Triumph, pay is $15 per hour! How awesome is that! I earned $120 just for working 8 hours in total. 

Anyway, after a tiring day of work, my boy treated me to a sumptuous Japanese dinner buffet @ Nihon Mura located near the Tampines Stadium. We have dined there a couple of times before. I think the prices are worth it but pretty expensive.. Considering the fact that they have removed some of the dishes away already.. Look at the photo for the prices :D 

Its actually quite worth it if you are a Sashimi lover (LIKE ME!) I ordered almost all of them but sadly they don't have the Tai Sashimi. Thats the best ): Pictures below!

Nothing much that appeals to me at the Sushi bar.. I wouldn't ever eat super cheap stuff which I can have it at any other restaurants like Sakae Sushi!

I tried this dish which I think is duck.. But when I took it, I smelt something really revolting & sour that I thought something was rotting.. Turns out the smell came from this.. 

I didn't order the whole plate of Salmon Sashimi but this instead - Salmon BELLY Sashimi. It's actually a lot nicer. More fats I guess :x It was so good I ordered 2 plates!

This was really good too! I like the salmon roe at the top of the prawn. It really goes well together. 

Prawn & Squid sashimi ^^ I like the chewy texture of the squid. But pretty hard to swallow, you really have to chew it well or else it won't digest properly.. I finished the whole plate myself as my boy only tried 1 piece.. & he disliked it so much he said he wouldn't ever take another piece! 

This plate of beef is really so awesome. The other time we ordered this, it took like hours for it to be served. REALLY HOURS. It was only served at the end before we called for the bill.. This time it was much faster fortunately!! I think what's good about this dish is that the beef is really tender & the sauce is sweet. 

My boy is so in love with this dish. & he already made the whole meal worth it. He ordered 5 plates of this (Not this black plate of course, the small plate you can see at the back in this photo). This black plate contains 4 servings. Usually, 1 small plate at Sakae Sushi cost like $6.00. So he already ate food worth $30 excluding anything else!

Looks like an alien is invading his mouth.

I think the desserts are really limited so I didn't try any. He ordered the Chocolate Eclair, which he can easily spam a few plates, but not today.

My boy is so blur that he actually missed out this dish. Bacon is his favourite & he didn't spot this for the past few times. FACEPALM. I think it's not bad to me, as the bacon wasn't salty. I cannot stand bacon that is salty. But apparently, we had different tastes. So whats a good bacon to me isn't good to him.. :/

We ordered other food but I didn't snap photos for everything, busy gorging everything down!!!

Constipated face :0

Trying out my new camera, but wasn't really that used to it.. 

Anyway, that's all :D 
Will update about my Casio TR150 in the next post or so!

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