Sunday, 30 September 2012

Rollerblading at East coast park, Canton Paradise & T.G.I. Fridays!

New experience @ East coast park - Rollerblading! 

Not exactly completely new as I have tried rollerblading in the past like many many years ago! But I haven't tried it with my boy. For a simple day out to rollerblade, it has cost us so much time & effort. But definitely worth it at the end of the day ^^ We decided to cab to ECP since there wasn't any direct bus to the place. Used to have 401, but I think it only operates on weekends! The cab fare was pretty cheap but turned out we went to the wrong bicycle kiosk. So we followed directions to the other one which we were told that it was near Mcdonalds. I checked from the Internet & it was stated '5min walk'. We ended up walking for kilometres before reaching the CORRECT location. Not forgetting that from the 1st bicycle kiosk to the Mcdonalds already took us long enough. Pfffff. What 5minutes walk. More like 5minutes drive. 

We rented the roller skates for S$12.00 per hour its 1-for-1 so S$12.00 for 2 hours. I thought I could rollerblade since I could ice-skate but I was SO WRONG. Its actually much harder to balance  and the small obstacles (Stones, twigs, etc) seem so trivial but I kept tripping over them. I also had problems learning how to brake. I think its a phobia in me! & I think this links to the movie we watched 'Premium Rush'. Brakes are death! Hahaha. We were more stable after some time though (: I had more experience than my boy but turns out when its some stupid rocky roads with lots of small obstacles, I seem like a total noob & need my boy to hold me! ): Always have the feeling that I will fall if I brake. Couldn't make it after barely 2 hours my legs got bruise! Made our way to Katong 112 to have late lunch!!

Canton paradise again! Love the food so much that I just signed up for membership :D 

Have done a review on Canton paradise previously. But just on the dessert & drinks. This time we had lunch. Highly recommended to try the fei po char siew!! Love fatty meat :D But I have to mention that I was utterly disappointed with the service.. 

This person came to take my order. Apparently she seems like she cannot listen to my words properly and she isn't familiar with the menu at all! I ordered Wanton mee + Roast meat noodles but change to hor fun. She gave me Wanton hor fun + Roast meat separately. And the worst thing is that even after a confirmation with all, she don't seem to know the difference between 冷奶茶 (Ice milk tea) and 原味冰镇奶茶 (Original Ice milk tea without ice). She keeps insisting its the same..

So when all the orders were mixed up, a senior waitress came along and retake the orders. But she left the wanton hor fun on our table, & expect us to scoop out the wanton from the hor fun to the plain bowl of noodles which came much later! Even the original Ice milk tea tasted a little diluted & I spotted 1 ice cube which isn't supposed to be there.. Disappointed ttm for the service on that day. But what to do, when I love the food there so much!!! 

Went to catch a movie 'Premium Rush'. My boy recommended this movie! 

Not a bad one indeed. Normal plot, BUT nice bike stunts! How amazing that he could predict every single route & he rides the bike like nobody's business! Go watch it if you're so much into bikes & drifting. (And I didn't realize he's the Robin guy from Batman until towards the end :x)
4/5 stars :D

We also had some arcade fun. Addicted to Initial D & Jubeat. Just love to drift! My boy taught me a few tips so that I managed to win the race ^_^ Can't stop driving on the machine.

TGIF! Coincidentally we picked this restaurant for our dining choice as I wanted something new. Bored of the old stuff! T.G.I Fridays!

& Yup it's always friday in here! 

Was a little doubtful of going to this place as the prices were really much higher than what we usually go for on normal dinners. But we're so glad we didn't make the wrong choice! It's like a bar. Actually, there's really a bar in it! I actually stared at the menu for about 15min deciding what to order. Just looking at the drinks menu is a headache. & The prices were really affordable about S$12-15 per drink. 

Decided to go for Electric Lemonade from their recommendation. Its vodka with lemonade from what I recall. A little sour & hot at the same time. Really nice! I didn't drink much I just took some from my boy. I would love to try the Tiramisu drink in the future~ Only heard of Tiramisu desserts but never drinks! *Keeps stealing my boy's cup of Electric Lemonade* Hehe. 

I ordered a Chicken & bacon sandwich which is about S$16.00+ (I keep forgetting the prices..) I don't really fancy sandwiches but this is really yummy! The chicken is a little crispy and its not too dry. VERY FILLING as well :x 

My boy can't stop saying how nice is his Beef burger haha. I don't really like it as it has a very strong burger smell. Had phobia of burgers when I went to US. Burgers & burgers almost every other day!! But for the restaurant's standard its delicious :D A plus point is that the beef patty is actually medium cooked! Not like the normal burgers which are well done.

I am so tempted to come back here next week again! 

I have created Twitter as you can see from my right sidebar! :D Finally able to make it appear on my blog!!! *LIKE AFTER SO MANY TRIES*


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