Sunday, 9 September 2012

The pleasure of shopping & dining

It's been quite some time since I've really dressed up for my boyf, wore my leopard prints bodycon dress yesterday :D I realized that unknowingly, I've been wearing leopard theme clothes to Bugis for the past many times. Coincidence!!

We headed to Clarke Quay to satisfy my craving of my all-time-favourite crepe! I found that Singapore has less and less places selling crepe, luckily there's still one at Clarke Quay which is so yummy - Mazazu Crepe! Its also affordable at about $3+ to $5+ only! I usually order 1 salty & 1 sweet for lunch, but for this time I only ordered the sweet one. 

Here's the menu & this is just showing the deluxe crepes. There are a lot more & I will always take really long to decide which crepe to eat! I usually fancy crepes that contain banana or strawberry. And whip cream is a must!!! I'm a whipcream lover. I always tell my boyf that if he buys me a can of whipcream, I'll be very glad to just spray it into my mouth & eat it ^_^ 

Boyf ordered Chocolate Banana Gelato with Chocolate ice cream (Which is recommended by me! Not that I've tried it before, but since there's ice cream then why not!) I ordered something new which is Banana Brownie Custard. I wasn't so sure about the custard at the start, but its so delicious and sweet with the combination of whip cream as well. The brownie is quite filling though. But banana crepes are still the best! They go so well together with the crepe. 

*I wish I had a crepe pan at home*

Saw this @ Bugis Plus & boyf went to pose for a photo haha (:

We also went shopping @ Bugis Street & we got so many good buys! I found a unique looking Halloween costume (Not so much of a costume, you'll see it when I wear it :D) Boyf bought it for me @ $45 ^_^ Then I bought a red dress which I planned to wear for our anniversary dinner or during his birthday, there was no trying & now I feel that maybe its not good enough for anniversary. Shall decide again. Bought my new black flats for school. & My boyf also got a slogan tee. Pictures of this shirt for the next post! 

Was really excited when I saw this shop Mochi Sweets @ Bugis Plus. *SCREAMS OMGGG* The last time I had such an authentic Mochi was in Japan. The rest that I have tried whether in restaurants dessert or Mochi ice cream sold in supermarkets cannot compare to this brand. Its roughly $2.50 for 1 piece. About the same as those good macaroons. I tried the Peach Cream which is Peach flavour with white bean paste and cream filling. Heaven!! You should really try it! Some other flavours I would love to try are Mango Yoghurt Strawberry & Black chocolate. There's also Caramel macchiato, Green tea, Blueberry cream, Sakura & more~

We had dinner @ Sakae Sushi after that. And to our great disappointment, the food was terrible at this outlet.. 

The Salmon skin was supposed to be crunchy like the one we ordered at Jpot. But this was really CMI. Feels like you have put potato chips outside for a very long time.. Then it was so hard to bite on too. We asked to cancel the order for this as it was really very bad. Not that we are demanding. But how can they serve such lousy food ): 

The Salmon Mentai we ordered was nice but it was quite a small piece for a price of about $15.. Expected it to be a bigger piece. The cod roe on it is really matching with the salmon though~ 

The Soft Shell Crab we order isn't nice too. Really mood spoiler. Its not like the previous times we ordered. Very tempura like & not only that, but its not even nice as a Tempura dish. 

This is one of my favourite Sashimi - Hokkigai. Its better than Salmon, but abit upset that it looks smaller than usual. The taste is alright at least (: I think its a type of surf clam, worth trying definitely!

Next time we shall try the Ramen Champion @ Bugis Plus! Kinda regretted not going there~~

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