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[AD] Bewitched - Treat yourself to yummilicious jewellery daily!

Sponsored Advertorial:
As I've mentioned in my previous post, I will be sharing an advert on cute & dainty little accessories.. Which LOOKS DELICIOUS!! Simply irresistible & unique. 

Let me now present to you . . . .
. . Beautiful pastries & dessert handmade charms made by Bewitched!

I think by now you probably want to steal one & pop into your mouth, right??!
They let me have my favorite picks & macaroons would be the top of my choice definitely! I was enticed by this macaroons keychain with a small gem at the bottom. Baby pink would a cute colour. I was also really attracted to the various designs of donut & decided to make it a ring so that I can look at it all the time & feel hungry at the same time!! Haha *foolish thoughts* 

A little touch of Pink Swarovski Glamor

Donut ring with chocolate sauce & rainbow toppings!!

I really appreciate the owner's efforts in packing the items into a small cute bag like this. And it's attached with 2 small n…

Halloween Horror Nights 2012 USS group outing!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN IN ADVANCE!!! It's my first time celebrating Halloween but I didn't get to wear the Halloween corset I bought because USS doesn't allow costumes or mask!! So my boy bought me this sheer tank top/dress (whichever way you want to wear it) for my simple Halloween outfit! I love it ^_^  My boy & I met up with Leon, Marcus, Zi Heng & Gemmel. Out of all the choices we had, we went to USS Halloween Horror Nights! Seems like it's the most hot-selling one as well. Tickets were even sold out on 26 & 27!! But the good thing is that even hours are extended till 1am instead of 12 midnight. 

A group photo of us!
I'm wearing a Devil horn headband which can light up! I wish I have the full outfit though :x

They have altogether 3 haunted houses - Death Alley, Insanitarium, & the Dungeon of Damnation & scare zones - Bizarre Bazaar, The Total Lockdown & House of Dolls.  My boy was clever enough to asked us skip Dungeon of Damnation & to go t…

BUFFET!!! Cafebiz at Traders Hotel


OOTD: Floral dress with brown strappy wedges
Wanted to wear my new tribal maxi dress but Singpost delayed the delivery.. ): Will be doing on that advert soon!! Anyway my outfit is the same as my blog banner :D

We went to have a buffet dinner at Cafebiz located at Trader's Hotel. Buffets are great for big eaters like me!! Especially when there's no money constraint. You pay once & you just gorge everything down, whatever that can fill your stomach! Just grab all the delicious & worthy food to satiate my cravings!!! 

Snapped a picture of the place before we can enter. I think Cafebiz has a much better ambience & cleaner environment than MBS Todai. The tables are spaced quite far apart so it doesn't feel too cramped. 

As usual, I will always aim the Seafood section first! I don't believe in 'Save the best for last' when it comes to food. Food always taste much nicer when you're hungry isn't…