Wednesday, 31 October 2012

[AD] Bewitched - Treat yourself to yummilicious jewellery daily!

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As I've mentioned in my previous post, I will be sharing an advert on cute & dainty little accessories.. Which LOOKS DELICIOUS!! Simply irresistible & unique. 

Let me now present to you
Beautiful pastries & dessert handmade charms made by Bewitched!

I think by now you probably want to steal one & pop into your mouth, right??!

They let me have my favorite picks & macaroons would be the top of my choice definitely! I was enticed by this macaroons keychain with a small gem at the bottom. Baby pink would a cute colour. I was also really attracted to the various designs of donut & decided to make it a ring so that I can look at it all the time & feel hungry at the same time!! Haha *foolish thoughts* 

A little touch of Pink Swarovski Glamor

Donut ring with chocolate sauce & rainbow toppings!!

I really appreciate the owner's efforts in packing the items into a small cute bag like this. And it's attached with 2 small notes with definitions of macaroons & donuts. It's always pleasant to receive something with a nice wrapping, it's like receiving a present ^_^

Of course, they have other beauty accessories like necklaces, earrings, iPhone jacks & you can CUSTOMIZE your own preferred design if none of their designs suit you. Just tell them the colour & toppings you would like to have. And they'll make one that you request! All to your own liking ^_^ I would love to get a macaroon earring when I pierce my ear at the end of the year, provided that I do not become broke from all my shopping & dining haha :)

TAKE NOTE: They do ship to overseas as well!! ^_^ And free shipping for local mails!

I just can't stop looking at this cute macaroons!!!! AHHHHHH (>_<)

I would love to have all this mini donuts transformed into real ones!! There's so much for you to choose from! Why not just get all & make it into a bracelet right?! ^^

Want to get macaroons or cakes for your friend's birthday but want something more meaningful than just something edible? This is a perfect choice for you as you can customize a mini cake accessory just for her. It will never be eaten just like a normal cake will. Besides, for a birthday gift, the price is definitely affordable & worth it!

I wouldn't claim all, but definitely many girls will find these interestingly cute, so guys out there you know what to do uh. *huge hint over here* :D

So hurry up & get one for yourself or your friends/loved one!!!

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