Friday, 26 October 2012

BUFFET!!! Cafebiz at Traders Hotel

*Yum yum~*

OOTD: Floral dress with brown strappy wedges

Wanted to wear my new tribal maxi dress but Singpost delayed the delivery.. ): Will be doing on that advert soon!! Anyway my outfit is the same as my blog banner :D

We went to have a buffet dinner at Cafebiz located at Trader's Hotel. Buffets are great for big eaters like me!! Especially when there's no money constraint. You pay once & you just gorge everything down, whatever that can fill your stomach! Just grab all the delicious & worthy food to satiate my cravings!!! 

Snapped a picture of the place before we can enter. I think Cafebiz has a much better ambience & cleaner environment than MBS Todai. The tables are spaced quite far apart so it doesn't feel too cramped. 

As usual, I will always aim the Seafood section first! I don't believe in 'Save the best for last' when it comes to food. Food always taste much nicer when you're hungry isn't it! I wouldn't want to force the food down my throat when I'm already full at the end. That's pure wastage :/ 

They have seafood like clam, crab, prawns & the best is LOBSTER! I'm like OHMYGOD they have lobsters!!! That's one of the best dish for tonight! I ate like 3-4. I think my boy took a lot more than me!! Another would be one of the crab pincers. It tasted really sweet & juicy compared to the Snow crab legs in general. But the clam & mussels sections is not very impressive. Some don't even have taste.. No oysters too, surprisingly. 

Sushi & Sashimi Bar. Not much variety but the Sashimi is really fresh & nice. 

I think this is the seabass, there's a salmon one at the seafood section & it's really nice! Have to use the forks & spoon to dig out the flesh though :x The dish is cold, but the salmon isn't too dry or rough in texture. 

Noodles & roast meat section. I FORGOT TO TRY THE BEEF ): Because I went all excited over the laksa there. I like laksa in small portions & their soup base has quite a lot of chili oil :DD My favourite! You're supposed to put your preferred amount of noodles, vege, etc into a bowl then pass it to the chef & tell them what soup you want. I prefer it this way, you can choose how much you want to eat. :D

After rounds of seafood, we went to have the dessert! The variety over here is definitely much more than MBS Todai! Just that don't have my favourite Macaroons..

Cakes & Mousse were average to me but looks very appetizing to me! They even have Kiwi mousse but I didn't try that :/ 

Chocolate fondue!! Not a great fan of chocolate, but it's always cute to have one during buffets! My boy actually took a bowl & place it under the fondue to get chocolate sauce for his waffles. Can't believe he spammed so much chocolate & still take so many M&Ms. 

Ice-cream section. They have unique flavours such as sweet corn, durian & EVEN COCONUT! 1 of my favourite yet hard-to-find flavour. You don't always see coconut flavours selling in ice-cream stores around Singapore. I didn't really put any toppings but just the waffle biscuit!

This crab pincer is damn delicious & sweet! Very meaty ^_^

ALL MINE *Greedy max* I still have a chocolate cake over at my boy's plate. No space to put :x He gave me a try of the cherry & you should have seen both of our reactions. Such an unforgettable experience with the cherry. I have never tasted such a disgusting taste of it before!!!!!  

Had an overall good dining experience there! The service was GREAT! 
I LOVE BUFFETS especially going with my greedy boy too. Shall find the next hotel buffet to try again ^_^

Anyway prices for Thurs-Sun dinner are S$62++ for each person. On other days I'm not too sure, couldn't find the price chart..

Traders Hotel
1A Cuscaden Road
Singapore 249716
Tel: (65) 6831 4374

Can't wait to go to Halloween Horror Nights at USS!! Event hours extended till 1am!!!

-- 25/10/2012 --


  1. u tried melt the world before the food is great !