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Halloween Horror Nights 2012 USS group outing!

It's my first time celebrating Halloween but I didn't get to wear the Halloween corset I bought because USS doesn't allow costumes or mask!! So my boy bought me this sheer tank top/dress (whichever way you want to wear it) for my simple Halloween outfit! I love it ^_^ 
My boy & I met up with Leon, Marcus, Zi Heng & Gemmel. Out of all the choices we had, we went to USS Halloween Horror Nights! Seems like it's the most hot-selling one as well. Tickets were even sold out on 26 & 27!! But the good thing is that even hours are extended till 1am instead of 12 midnight. 

A group photo of us!

I'm wearing a Devil horn headband which can light up! I wish I have the full outfit though :x

They have altogether 3 haunted houses - Death Alley, Insanitarium, & the Dungeon of Damnation & scare zones - Bizarre Bazaar, The Total Lockdown & House of Dolls.  My boy was clever enough to asked us skip Dungeon of Damnation & to go to Death Alley. The wait was only about 5minutes! 

Total Lockdown (Scare zone)

This reminds me of Left for Dead!! My favourite PC game so far. Shoot all the zombies!!! Let me reveal you something! I do dream about zombies now & then. YESHH I KNOW I'M CRAZY. From what I know, its about a helicopter crashing into a town area where many civilians and soldiers died. The place was really misty and foggy so you will never know who's standing in front of you! Some zombie-like person even walked slowly behind me before giving a scare while I was typing on my phone. And they were running everywhere growling and screaming at your faces. 

Death Alley (Haunted house)

It was an Asian chinese theme & was Chinatown. The creepy Chinese song was also replayed over & over again till it drives you mad. 我等着你回来~~我等着你回来~ (Translation: I'll wait for you to come back..) When I stepped in, this old ah ma totally gave me a scare. She was barging towards our direction & I didn't know what to expect. There were gory body parts all over and there was even a small girl who really freaked me out. She was holding out her hand with a doll staring into your eyes.. Overall the frightening level isn't too bad for me, just a few scares here & there. What you see is 'spirits' of fishmongers, hawkers, & some other Asian props. 

Leon & Marcus was walking at the front but nothing 'pop out' to scare them. But once I walk to that particular corner, something will sure come & shock me. That's because I'm a girl!! Grrrrr. But being scared is a fun thing actually.

Insanitarium (Haunted house)

Out of all the 3, this is the scariest to me. Maybe its also because my boy was sharing some NS & OCH stories he heard from his friends during the queue which really sounded very scary!! Somehow this haunted house seems the closest to reality, where all the mad & insane people are in the hospital. They are all shaking their cell bars & screaming hysterically. Feels like they're going to reach out their hand & touch me. I kept looking down because I was scared. Thinking back, I regretted it cos I will sure miss out on a lot of good stuff. I kinda dislike the water splashing at me when 1 of the "insanes" splashed out of the bathtub filled with water. & There's this room padded in white with strobe lights which is kinda scary as I was anticipating something to pop in front of me suddenly. 

At the exit of the Insanitarium, there will be 5 doors for you to choose from & ONLY ONE is the correct exit.. HAHA! Zi Heng & Gemmel walked so fast that we almost missed the door. Imagine the person at the front of the line. Which door shall you pick? *Evil smile*

We then took a short rest as we have completed most of the zones!

This picture fits perfectly look at the 'something' on top of my head! Leon even jokingly asked us to put it on Stomp hahahhaha! 

Decent photo of the 3 of us. I shall be nice & not upload Leon's duck face photo here HAHA. But in FB that's another thing! :x

& My boy's very 'creative' idea. Hmmm..

Dungeon of Damnation (Haunted house)

This was the BEST out of all! It's about the undertaker. Not that it's really scary to me because I'm not too afraid of fake horror hahaha. But it was really well done & elaborate. I remember walking on some gooey stuff & trying to balance on it. I wonder how girls can walk on it with super high heels! (& Yes, some of them really wore high heels) There was a human meat grinder too haha. Want to have some meat for dinner? Hehehe. There's also a wall full of hands stretching out to grab you. We thought that one of the hands would be real but turns out it's not! The guys got pretty scared by this haunted house. & Leon was saying that some girl kept scratching his back & screaming behind him. HAHAH DAMN FUNNY SERIOUSLY. Imagine some random people behind you doing that. 

 Some Halloween themed drinks were sold at USS and I think it's pretty interesting as they used test tubes, syringe & even blood packs to store the reddish & greenish coloured drinks. I was so tempted to get the blood pack one but 2 for $20 is way too expensive! There were even Tequila shots but I think it's fake because it's only 3 for $10 hahaha. 

Some selected rides & shows were opened as well so we went to take the Transformers Ride. 3rd time on it but it's still AWESOME! We also watched the Shrek 4D show but I got bored of that already :/ But this time we sat at the back & the seats were seriously damn bumpy. What a pity that the Battlestar Galactica Cyclon ride has a 1 hour queue & we don't have enough time already..

Bizarre Bazaar (Scare zone)

We took the most photos over here and this zone has the ancient Egypt feel, just exactly like the Mummy Ride. Their costumes are worth looking at! Mummies and Egyptians are just roaming about the street. Some of them are holding scorpions, snakes & skeleton bones~ Pity that my camera doesn't have flash since it's more of a Camwhoring camera so I used my Iphone 4s instead. 

The crow-like figure covered our faces the moment Marcus snapped a photo for us! Purposely one!

 This part is pretty amusing because the guy kept shouting "Don't touch the bones!" & kept repeating over & over again. I actually thought that it was part of the whole thing. Didn't know that we're really not supposed to touch it & he have to pick one for us. HAHA. I still tried to pull 1 skull out when it's like stuck to the table :x *OOPS*

House of Dolls (Scare zone)

While walking out after the clock strike 1am, we took a look at the House of Dolls as it was quite crowded at the start. Cabinets full of creepy dolls, clowns, & more. Didn't have much time to take much photos though.

The makeup on this zip-faced girl is superb! She even has a zip on her face which rips out to show her bloody flesh. So realistic! 

I wanted to snap a photo of this scary-looking clown but he came so close to me so I got a very close snapshot of him. Clowns are scary!! It's an irony how clowns are used to make little children happy but in horror movies it's depicted in such an unsightly way. 

Overall, I had an awesome experience with everyone and it makes me feel as if I've stepped into a haunted world. Scare factor isn't too high but I think the props, costumes & makeup are impressive! 

Hope all of you had an enjoyable & SCARY Halloween!

"Even death comes with 'strings attached'."

Next advert on cute little things coming up soon! 

-- 26/10/2012 --

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