Monday, 8 October 2012

Meetup with SY & Swensens dinner with my boy

It's been LONG since I meet up with Siyuh! Had a great time chatting with her. This was supposedly a study session but we ended up talking & camwhoring :D Well, we miss the old days studying at Mac or KFC together. I think it's a very conducive environment to study in, even when the places are filled with crowds. Food makes me awake! Hehe. 

Hope you like your very belated birthday gift! It has been rotting at the corner of my room since your birthday!!

She's camwhoring with my awesome camera :D

Boyf came to meet me after Siyuh left. We headed to arcade again but it was super crowded. & I suck at driving Initial D on that day. ~No feel~ We headed to Swensen's for dinner. I feel like I'm running out of restaurants to go to around Tampines.. But I stuck with my decision since I was really craving for the milkshake I had the other time! #Cravings again

My boy made a really WRONG decision in ordering the Fish & Chips, it tasted terrible. There wasn't any fish taste & it doesn't taste crispy at all too. I think it's worse than those fillet burgers.. 

He also decided to use his new Ultraman earcap to photobomb all my food pictures! SHOOOOO~~ 

Cookies & Cream Milkshake float. I think it's quite a normal milkshake to me, too much vanilla taste. I prefer the one with hazelnut! & I expected that they have some extra milkshake from their silver shaker cup used to pour into this glass. Greedy as usual. But I ended up not finishing this cup of drink as I didn't really fancy it much :x 

Swensen's has recently come up with a new menu. So I ordered this Cornflake Fried Chicken. All the oil & crispiness of the chicken! It's like when your teeth sinks into the meat of this tender hot crispy chicken, it's so yummy!!!!! I have absolutely why they make the fries so big though, it's not appetizing to eat it this way. Didn't really eat any of the fries. & my boy was still jokingly complaining why his longest fries is the same length as the shortest fries on my plate. *Good things comes with quality not quantity/size :D*

We ordered this Banana split to share, & Swensen's doesn't have any more Banana Split ice-cream. THAT'S MY FAVOURITE FLAVOUR. How can!!! *CRIES* What's with the missing banana flavours of most Ice-cream outlets anyway. 

Ending the day with a sweet photo of us! 

Will be updating on a new advert soon~ On some beautiful accessories! stay tuned! ^^ 

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