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[AD] Popin Cookin - Treat yourself to deliciousness daily!

Sponsored Advertorial:

If you're very much into DIY stuff or cute little things, you would love to know more about this advertorial! A video tutorial is also included in this post! 


Look at these cute lil' sushi. Just makes me want to grab one & pop into my mouth! *Greedy me* It's actually really edible but I haven't really tried. Well, my brother says it tasted nice though. You could give it a try! Smells like gummy bears to me hehe. 

Thanks to the owner, I got sponsored 5 sets of Popin Cookin! Was super excited while waiting for my package to arrive. 

Sushi set
Curry rice set
Hamburger set
Decoration cake set
Panda yaki set

& look at my final products!

I have done a video tutorial on how to play with the Sushi set so take a look :D (It's my first time doing a video tutorial hehe) The instructions behind are in Japanese so it could take some time to understand their photos. 

Please watch it! :D

Sushi set

So do you know how to use it now??! I love how the Ikura (Salmon roe) was made. They look really exactly like the real thing! And it really does pop and burst in your mouth. Amazing!! Besides this step, my other favourite step would be making of the rice. I think that the Japanese are really smart to invent such cute products!! 

So.. here's my final product! Used a Sushi plate to make it look more realistic ^^ That small little cup is the Soy sauce. If only there's Wasabi!!!

Itadakimasu!!!! (>_<)

Curry rice set

Will be showing you a step-by-step tutorial as well!

You will have to cut the boxes accordingly. (There are photo instructions on the box)

1) Pour 2 small cups of water into the round mould (I did this part wrongly, didn't realise the small small cup attached to this box, so I estimated my own level)
2) Pour in the blue packet of powder
3) Stir well using the spoon
4) Continue till it forms a rice texture

5) Pour 1 cup of water into the mould
6) Pour in the orange packet of powder
7) Knead into a dough
8) Form your preferred shape, I made star & round shape :D

9) There's this packet of crispy balls
10) Crush it with something heavy till it's in powdery form
11) Dip the dough into the powder
12) You will have a hashbrown texture!

 13) Pour in 2 cups of water to the mould
14) Pour in the last packet of powder and stir well
15) You have the curry now, then pour some curry sauce on to your rice & YOU'RE DONE!

Pretty easy, isn't it? The curry really smelled salty.. :D

I wish I had a tiny Japanese bowl so it will look more cute though.

I won't be going into details for the other 3 sets, if you don't know how to play with it, you can ask me!

Hamburger set

I like this set because there's many steps. Love to play with things that are time-consuming hehe. Note: You will need to use the Microwave for the last 3 sets

I like cutting the fries! I should try adding salt to make it look more like real fries. And the coke is really gassy, smells like the real one too. Oh, do remember to cut out the plastic behind to form the fries packet, hamburger flag, and strap for the cup. My beef patty looks damn fail!! ):

My cute Snoopy figurines having a burger feast! 

Decoration cake set

I think this is the most challenging out of the 5 because of the icing decoration. I tried to put the strawberry icing (In the 4th box) into the fridge for it to solidify faster. Reminds me of Konnyaku jelly :D  

Sylvanian Families theme. Such a sweet & romantic date ♥


Panda yaki set

This is the simplest and most straightforward out of all. It could be good for those who are beginners. The main steps are to mix the powder and water together, and then spread on the sheet which has the panda outline. 

Sadly I did it the other way round, so my panda turned out to be bulging out. It's supposed to be a flat-looking face. Oh wells~~

If you don't like any of the above designs, there's other designs from her shop. So do take a look! They are also selling a featured item Halloween Treat or trick set at S$8.10 (U.P S$9.00). Halloween is round the corner so you might want to purchase a set too?

I think that this whole activity is really very interesting and cute to play with. I would definitely highly recommend this product ♥♥♥♥♥ I really enjoyed doing this advertorial. Thanks again to Lovemelancholy!

If you want to have cute-looking erasers, you can purchase the eraser making kit. They come in donuts, ice-cream and desserts design! I bet you won't bear to use the eraser to erase your writings because they look so irresistible! You can buy it to make your whole stationery set look pretty though.

(Picture taken from the Facebook page)

(Just for a little suspense.. Hehe)
There's a LUCKY DRAW as it's Lovemelancholy's 2nd birthday!!!!
They will be giving out 5 hampers of popin cookin (WORTH $45)! Stand a chance to win 1 for yourself now! 

You can enter the lucky draw contest by following the instructions below:

1. "Like" their FB page. 
2. Claim offer on our FB page to enter lucky draw! 
Add the "$0.00" Lucky Draw into the cart and check out via the shopping cart.
4. State your FB name under COMMENTS before secure checkout.
5. One chance per FB name only. Repeated entries will be disqualified.
6. Every purchase of item purchased via the website gives you one additonal chance in the lucky draw. Make payment for your items together with the Lucky draw added to qualify.
7. Contest ends 31 Oct 2012, 11.59pm.
8. 5 lucky winners will be announced on 1 November 2012.
9. Valid for those residing in Singapore only.

And just some extra information, they ship INTERNATIONALLY as well!!! (Except for the giveaway) Readers outside Singapore, you can join in the fun too!


Have a nice day! ^^

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