Sunday, 14 October 2012

Prawning/Fishing at ECP + Sumptuous dinner at Sushi Tei

#OOTD Lacy tank top from thecolorIS and red shorts

We're bored from all the usual dates like shopping & movies, so I suggested to go for Prawning instead! Came across this Groupon voucher that states S$30 for 3 hours prawning at East Coast park (U.P S$54). Seems pretty worth it isn't it? BUT WE GOT CHEATED. Not exactly a money loss issue, but it wasn't even any good promotion at all ): They stated $54 just cos 1 hour is $18 so they x3.. But in actual fact, the price for 3 hours is $33. Not a very big problem though, I still wanted to do something that we haven't done for quite some time :D

Didn't expect to catch much prawns as usual. And the place was totally empty, we were the first 2 customers! Not bad though, no professionals fighting to fish the prawns. Very quickly we caught our first prawn! But then our luck was gone, so we tried to lure the prawns at the pipes & walls to eat the bait. FAILED too..

But surprisingly, the fish pond were filled with lots of big fish. My boy was tempted to go & catch but it was a waste of money the other time we tried. So he said.

"I'll go fish if we catch the next prawn.."

Not even 5-10 minutes, I caught one. Without the "luring" method. He continued to say, okay the next one then. Another short while, a prawn was caught on bait again! He still dare to say next one then he will go & catch. Too bad, I think its fate that he have to go & fish because sooner or later the next prawn was caught!

And you know what.. after he walked away to fish, NO MORE PRAWNS WERE CAUGHT. Except for a mini tiny one which I tried to lure it with the bait..

I super like this photo app that I have downloaded :D Cool effect!

He went to fish which cost $5 per rod, you can fish without limited time but if the rod breaks then no replacement. So my boy went off to fish, & I expected no results. Because the rod snaps almost all the time. & yes it did, but he purchased a few more, so added up to the total amount of about S$20.00.

But we're wrong!!! He actually caught 2 big fish~ I was kinda shocked. And one of the 2 is actually quite big. Didn't know how to deal with the fish, so my uncle bought them from me and he even said that this type of fish is nice to eat :D

Successful boy ^^

Had dinner at Sushi Tei, it's been long since we dine there, because the food is much more expensive than Sakae. But I think the quality here cannot be compared to there, so much better!

The fried salmon skin tasted okay to me though, it didn't have a lot of meat even though it's crispy.. but the rest of the food that we ordered were super yummy.

My boy's favourite Kani Kama (Crabstick)

All-time-favourite Yakiniku (Beef) Salad with Sushi Tei Dressing. Their portion is really big compared to the past few times. The texture of the beef is also just right, not too chewy or rough. And it's just a perfect combination of the salad + sauce.

When I saw this on the menu, I cannot resist my temptations but to give this a try even when the price is S$17.00. Ebi Mentaiyaki. They come in large size as well for S$22.00. The prawn is already very fresh and nice, but I love the cod roe on top more. I somehow influenced my boy to love eating cod roe, but don't know why he cannot stand salmon roe :x

This set is just the best! Dosanko (12 pcs). It's S$25.00 but very worth it. Includes Red prawn, Zuwai crab, Raw scallopp, Salmon, Salmon roe, Sea urchin and minced tuna maki. besides the Tuna maki which tasted normal, the rest are super delicious especially my favourite sea urchin. The sea urchin by itself is already about S$8.00 per piece. The texture is somewhat like cod roe but SO MUCH BETTER. If you appreciate sashimi a lot, please give this a try!! I would like to try horse sashimi one day too.. Saw it in Japan before.

My boy ordered his Tempura ice-cream which was not available at Sakae anymore. I don't really like breaded ice-cream but the vanilla ice-cream tasted like some Hokkaido milk ice-cream which I love to eat. What's nice about Vanilla if it doesn't taste milky enough, right?

And check out this sushi miniature set at the cashier counter! So adorable looking. 

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& I have blog posts accumulating in my list. Oh goshhhh

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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