Friday, 5 October 2012

Tony Roma's & Orchard shopping

OOTD. Black spag with Leopard prints bandage skirt! 

The Gelare at Suntec is finally reopened!

Was really disappointed that it was not there the other time! & Now they’re back with half-for-half waffles promotion! Me & boyf love Gelare waffles & it’s the best there! Hate it when the waffles either look soggy or taste cold. Total loss of appetite for those. But for Gelare you can enjoy hot, freshly-baked & crispy waffles there! 

I chose Tiramisu while my boy chose his all-time-favourite Chocolate overload! Wanted to go for Banana but I realize something weird  - Quite a number of Ice cream places have no more Banana ice cream!!! WHYYYYYYYY!!!! ):

We had some arcade fun before going to Orchard to shop around. Haven’t been there for quite some time.. But Orchard is filled with luxury stuff, it’s too high-end for me! Scape is a good place to have some window-shopping time, which is similar to Bugis just that the things look more unique. Prices are cheap too! Saw this pair of strappy heels & I really really love it, just that I’m afraid I’ll trip & fall! Someday maybe. I saw this shop selling ear caps & their designs are really unique! They even have cartoon characters which are not sold outside. I bought a Twin Star for my mum, Chopper for my brother, Ultraman for my boy (He chose that over basketball!!!!!!) & Some cute character holding a huge ice-cream for MYSELF! Suits me like a greedy girl!

It took us real long to decide what to have for dinner, even contemplated going back to Suntec for Kuishin bo! We wanted to have dinner at this restaurant called Genki Sushi but realized that the ambience isn’t good & it seems so empty.. So we headed to Tony Roma’s at Orchard Hotel Shopping centre after searching tons of reviews over the Internet. It’s something like T.G.I Fridays :D With alcoholic drinks served too. 

This time we picked Tony’s Baybreeze. From what I recall it contains Pineapple juice with Vodka. Compared to the Electric Lemonade at TGIF, this isn’t that good. I think the pineapple tasted quite diluted as well. But it’s still acceptable :D 

My boy ordered the Ribeye steak & the texture of the beef is really good, so tender & soft. Not rough at all. Juicy too! But a little too salty for me. I guess whats salty to me is good to him then! It's S$30+. Well, if you ask me, I prefer Astons more unless the taste isn't that salty :x

I ordered the Half BBQ chicken & ITS HUGE!!! Price about S$20+. I think the photo isn’t doing justice to the food because it looks a lot bigger than it is in this photo. It was a disaster on my plate trying to cut the chicken.. Half way through the dinner, we both realized that the knife they give was butter knife. Mine had a few jagged sharp-like things though. But my boy’s knife was totally blunt & he could still amazingly cut his Ribeye, while I am trying so hard even when I used the big sharp knife. 

It tasted so yummmmmy. I like the sauce they used! The oil amount was just right too, doesn't make the chicken too oily or too dry. I don't know what's special about the corn too but I love it! & the baked potato combination is really delicious, contains bacon, cheese, mayo & spring onion! Cheese & baked potato goes so well together ^^ 

*I'm going to be disloyal to Astons baked potato muahaha*

My boy said that I looked as if Eeyore JUST DIED!!! NOOOOOOO :<

He's still alive & kissing me! (Don't be jealous of Eeyore!)

& Stay tuned for the next post, I will be introducing to you some pretty apparels!! ^_^


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