Friday, 19 October 2012

Yoshi Noya

In case any of you are looking for a photo of beef rice in my post like this one below...

The YOSHI NOYA I meant, is not this restaurant!

But my 2 lovely gifts from my boy 2 years back - Yoshi & Noya, 2 cute terrapins that have grown from this cute little size to a BIG one. It was meant to be a X'mas gift for me as I wanted a pet but my parents have always disallowed me to have furry pets at home.. So terrapins are alternatives. But they are really cute! So tiny looking. 

I named the dark one Yoshi as tortoise reminded of the Mario Yoshi (I know that Yoshi is a dinosaur, but somehow I just got reminded of it). To think of it, I should have named it Koopa & Troopa? The tortoise from Mario. Haha. I asked my boy to name the other terrapin & he said Noya. I still asked foolishly why he chose Noya & then I realised he named it after a restaurant. (>_<)

All of the photos taken were quite some time ago while they were still small & young.

The white tortoise-like thing in the water is supposed to provide calcium nutrients and make their shell harder, so that they won't crack easily.

I enjoyed hand-feeding them while they are still small. What I used to do was to lure them up the log before giving them a treat. My boy used to say that I was evil in making them climb up & down again. I don't always do that though, it's pretty time-consuming but I just like to look at their cute actions. 

I even used coloured paper to give them some shelter as the weather is really hot at times. And I like to watch them climb up the log and sunbath themselves, like the photo below! How adorable, there's so much space on the log yet it chose to lay on the pointy tip of the log.

I think that they have too little space & wanted freedom that one of it always tries to escape ): But the funny thing is that sometimes it just climbs up there to look left & look right, then enjoy the scenery peacefully.. Can't help but snap it down quickly before it got shocked and 'jump' off the log. 

Sometimes just observing them gives me new surprises and there could be amusing positions as well! *Ahems*

When they got bigger, my boy & I decided to just buy a big container instead of a terrapin tank, because a tank just seems so impractical. Expensive & insufficient space.. This container as wheels too! Hehe. & Look at one of them trying to hide inside the small barrel-like thing. 

I think I fed too much for the past half a year & they have grown so much (Their size now is nothing compared to even the last photo), really regretted it. & I specially did this post because I will be sending them to the reservoir next week.. It's not that I don't love them anymore but they are too big and the amount of water used to change their tank is really too much. And the tank is becoming too smelly as well.. Makes the whole room stink..

Anyway, the two small ones are my brothers' terrapins. After 1 year, his terrapins are still so tiny!!! I think I seriously fed too much!

I'll miss you two lovely little cuties. Hope you will find freedom and nicer food at the reservoir! I think you'll be happier there, too cramped in the tank already.


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