Friday, 30 November 2012

Savour your food at SAVEUR

A silly title.. I know. But it's kinda true because the food at Saveur is so yummy & delicious that you want to savour them slowly down your throat. Meet up with Shihua to have dinner together ^^ I wasn't so sure about the quality of food until we reached there at 5plus. The opening hours are really short from 6-9pm for dinner. Surprisingly, there were already many people waiting to get into the restaurant. 



Check out the cute duck on the menu. Actually, the menu is rather plain and there's no photos at all. The description is helpful but it would be good to have some photos especially for chef's recommendation.



Shihua ordered the DUCK (S$10.90)

"Duck leg confit, homemade mashed potato, saute shiitake mushroom, orange segments, & orange infused natural jus"


The below orders are ALL MINE. Nom nom nom :> I ordered 2 starters & 1 main course, super greedy.


FOIE GRAS (S$7.90)

"Pan-seared duck liver served with creamy lentils, & pickled pearl onion"

The portion came out much smaller than I have expected. In my mind, I thought that $7.90 is really cheap for an expensive dish like Foie gras, but in actual fact, the portion is really small. Don't be deceived by photos! The price is still considered reasonable though! And I thought that it was my first time trying it, but somehow it tasted really familiar, I just couldn't recall when & where I ate it before. Hmmmm. It's delicious, but I shall not eat it often, heard that it's cruel to the ducks ):



"A signature of Saveur's pasta tossed with chilli oil, fine-chopped Japanese konbu & sakura ebi with minced pork sauce"

The pasta is really cheap considering the fact that it is so neatly wrapped and cooked well. Look at the small cute prawn-like things. It adds much taste to the pasta! But the pasta itself is a lil plain. The taste comes mostly from the prawns. Don't expect such a big portion from a mere $5 dish, I got myself prepared by ordering another main course to satisfy my tummy :D


CHICKEN (S$9.90)

"A roulade of chicken thigh stuffed with foie gras-infused chicken farce, creamy parmesan sauce"

I think this dish is really unique, and Shihua said that it looks like Pork-belly. HAHA. I'd say it looks like fishcake to me. Apart from the rice, I think this dish is really nice. I can't explain, it's just really different from the usual chicken I have plus there's a tiny bit of foie gras in it, making it taste even nicer.


Say HI to the cute reindeer towards the entrance of the restaurant :D I can feel the Christmas season already!! 

Had a really good experience at Saveur, plus the serving time is really fast. We finished our dinner in less than an hour!!

05 Purvis Street
Singapore 188584
Tel no: 6333 3121

And we went for some Bugis shopping too! Bought a tribal winter top to wear during my Korea trip next month :D Got some other good buys as well, and I'll be heading back to Bugis street next week again with another friend. It's a shopping heaven :0

Till my next post!!! 

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Mon's Nailstore GIVEAWAY!

Hey everyone! I have done quite a few blog advertorials for other blogshops & I think it's now my turn to do one for myself! And yes, besides an advertorial, I'll be having a GIVEAWAY! Who doesn't love FREE GIFTS right?!!! Besides, all you have to do are simple steps and you'll stand a chance to win!!

Read more to find out about the details for the giveaway!!! IT'S REALLY SIMPLE! No voting or liking of comments is needed. All you need is a few steps & some luck (: Instructions are at the end of the page.


I have started out this online business last year and I still remember the exact date because it's just so easy to remember - 9/10/11. What inspired me to open this Blogshop is that I'm so in love with manicure & art, so I thought to myself, why not earn something out of my interest? It's a perfect choice because I have a passion for nail art & business.

I created my blogshop name - Mon's Nailstore, to keep it simple and it's also similar to my name Monice. I started out by selling fimo canes and stamping template thus I came up with this very simple logo. I hope it's presentable enough because I haven't thought of something more professional yet..

Mon's Nailstore (CLICK<<<)



Fimo canes are like one of the cutest thing I'm selling. Those tiny sticks can last you up to 50 pieces if you slice them neatly, and they'll go really pretty on your nails. It's also perfect  for beginners who are unable to control brushes yet. Come up with a fruity or cartoon theme because I have 10 different themes and a few hundred designs for you to choose from! Fancy a chanel or LV logo on your nails?


To fulfill my interest of nail art, I came up with a Customized Nail art to satisfy customer's desire of having beautiful nails. You can give me a photo/design for me to paint or allow me to create a totally new & unique design for you. It's also an affordable & reasonable price for people who don't want to spend huge amounts on manicure. These customized nail tips can also be removed and reused if properly cared.

*Photos on the left are not customized nail tips, just my fingernails.


You can also pick from the selection of the Special Nail Polish. Some of the main few are colour changing polish, cracking polish, magnetic polish & flocking nail art. I also have others so please go check it out! It's very simple to apply, but the effects are simply amazing!! If you want a furry texture on your nails go try the flocking nail art! And there's many others like glitter, matte, etc!


For something more complicated, go try the stamping nail art and this saves the hassle of trying to paint the exact design out. It will look like it's printed on your nails!


I have acrylic materials for you to create your own 3d art! It would be a very fun process as well!


Brushes and dotting tools are available for you to purchase and decorate your lovely nails! Dotting tools can actually save you the trouble to create the perfect circles.


You can also get yourself shimmering rhinestones/glitter or elegant pearls to add on to your design. These little things play a very big part! And they come in many many colours and shapes like ribbons, flowers, heart, and more! This is one of the basic item I would need for my nail art. 


And some pretty & cute 3D nail art materials if you do not want to create it by yourselves. These small cute things can be reused again!

(Not all the products & album links are shown here)

So are all of you really excited already?!?
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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Rise of the Guardians

HELLO readers! I've been updating really frequently recently! Partly because my school has just ended and I'm having my study break. Woohoo~ So it's just the start of my so-called holidays!

So I went to YumCha with my boy & my family at East Ocean Teochew Restaurant. I don't really fancy dimsum but I heard from my parents that the food there is really good compared to other HK dimsum restaurants in SG. They QQ dimsum also, which is cute characters made by normal dimsum like penguins and fish but it didn't look very appetizing so we skipped that in the end.



So my parents ordered my favourite dish - Peking Duck with Crepe! OMG HEAVEN.


So here's how you eat it. Put a piece of crepe at the bottom, followed by the crispy skin with the spring onion & cucumber and not forgetting a big piece of prawn cracker if you would like to! Oh ya, you can dip it in the sauce as well. Then fold everything up and STUFF INTO YOUR MOUTH. Nom nom nom :>

Then the duck meat will be used to cook with the noodles of your choice. Nehhh, but I don't really like.


And some other dimsum dishes. I was busy indulging in all the food that I didn't take much photos. 




My brother's head is too small! hahahahahah.


Headed back to Tampines to meet up with Leon & Yining for movie and dinner.

Since we had some time, we went to roam around at Toys R Us like small lil kids! I think many of us used to think that Toys R Us is a place of wonder and fun when we're young. I recalled that I used to bring my brother to those playhouse usually located at the back to play with the slides & all.  Haha, exploiting the whole area.


Lets look at these two princesses/bimbos-to-be! Now I can't stop laughing at this photo.
Y'know, photo speaks a thousand words huh? *Winks*


My boy is a tiger! RAWR.


I think we're really creating havoc with the toys in Toys R Us. But that Elmo is really in a wrong position from the start. Tsk tsk tsk. Well but it's really a good reminiscence of our happy and memorable childhood.. So to complete our whole childhood 'thing', we went to watch the new movie - Rise of the Guardians.


Definitely not a cartoon fan, but it's not bad honestly. Really suit children a lot though. The movie is mainly about the children's beliefs in fantasy characters like the Mr Sandman, Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny & there's a new character called Jack Frost too. Typical storyline about these good bunch of fairy-like characters fighting against as usual, the enemy called the Bogeyman known to bring fear to the children. And yes! In fairytale & cartoon movies, the good always win over the evil!

But I really love the scenes where they show super super adorable characters & my favourite is the Baby tooth (1 of the mini tooth fairies) and the small lil Easter bunny after it lost its powers. *Hop hop hop* With its cute big eyes. Just like Puss in Boots! OHMYGODDDD. Can't resist! You'll just go awwww over it. And of course there are other funny scenes so it's really a good choice if you want to watch any comedy and relaxing movie (:


And I'm really excited to announce to all of you that
Can't wait to blog about it soon!!! And probably a giveaway for my blogshop next week as well!

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[AD] Inmacloset

Sponsored Advertorial:

It's the start of the Black Friday which means the day following Thanksgiving Day in the US, and also the beginning of the Christmas shopping season!!!
Are you all ready for some awesome shopping?! 

Because I AM!!! And I got some pretty good stuff to share with you guys!


Don't have to dig into your closet frantically for clothes anymore because you can shop at Inmacloset now!!!!

Got sponsored 2 items of my own choice ^_^

Pearlie Pan in White
I think that this dress is a really cute one. And basically it could fit many sizes since the cutting is really loose and you can tie a ribbon included with the dress. The white chiffon dress is embellished with pretty pearls on the peter pan collar which adds on the cuteness apart from the sweet-looking bow. Dress is pretty short so it suits short girls like me! Girls who are taller can wear it as a top (: It comes in red too!


Jerines Clutch Bag in Coffee
Snake prints and other prints like Leopard prints are something that I am really really attracted to! It's as if my eyes will lit up the moment I see such patterns. I've got a tank dress, a jeans and even accessories but haven't got a chance to have a bag. So now I have it! This clutch is pretty big so I can store many things inside. I don't prefer small clutches because I have many NECESSARY items like my phone, camera, make up pouch, & more other stuff. I wouldn't want my clutch/bag to look so BULKY ): Besides, only some parts of the clutch has snake skin patterns which wouldn't cause it to be too overboard. I'll probably look really weird if it's snake skin from tip to toe :/

Here's a CLOSE-UP!


Here are just the 2 pretty items among the rest of Inmacloset's apparels and bags! 


Edgy skull pattern dresses to sexy bodycon and to sweet chiffon ones, they have a wide variety for you to achieve any look you want. Get the whole series to complete your whole week outfit for different activities & fun!


They have exotic and unique patterns and prints for their tops design so show your character and wear those out now!


Sweet and girly looking outerwear as well as bottoms have many choices for you as well! The pink blazer looks good enough for a formal and seems suitable for a sweet chic outfit as well! Mix and match all you want!


Besides the snake skin clutch that I got from them, they have other snake skin bags as well. And not forgetting the classy handbags for you to use on a dinner date!


The bonus point about Inmacloset is that they provide FREE LOCAL STANDARD mail!! I hate it when I have to fork out money for extra postage, it just feels like I'm paying so much more for the item and I will probably have second thoughts already.

There's FREE LOCAL REGISTERED mail for purchases over S$80.00 too! So it's better to shop everything in one go or group with your friends to buy in bundle so that you can benefit from the registered mail. It's always safer and more secured to get your items by registered mail (:

Readers that are overseas, Inmacloset provides FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING for purchases over S$200.00! So you don't have to start sulking because some blogshops that you see online don't do overseas shipping. It's pretty worth it because international shipping always cost a BOMB! Like seriously. Especially when the items are really heavy.

It's CHRISTMAS in a months time so pamper yourself & your loved ones with gifts!


Shop at:
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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka - Top 8 in SG!

Even though Japanese food is one of the best food ever (to me), Ramen has never been on the top of my favourite food list. And now I've found the reason why. 

That's because Ramen at other restaurants that I've visited DOESN'T TASTE GOOD. 

And thanks to Ben who gave me a 1-for-1 coupon, my boy & I decided to go for this - Hokkaido Ramen Santouka. And I have this good biased impression towards Hokkaido. I always had this stereotype that Hokkaido food are really delicious and ice-cream which is said to be made from Hokkaido appeals to me a lot as well. I don't fancy Vanilla ice-cream, but when it comes to Hokkaido, vanilla is a MUST-TRY FLAVOUR. 

Ooops I'm drifting away from the main food here. Yes back to topic, this restaurant looks really appetizing from the outside already. Display shelves showing the different flavours of ramen is just at the entrance. But actually, I didn't really bother to look at it, I'm already super hungry!! 

And it's the TOP 8 Ramen restaurant in Singapore!

I know this photo looks like the restaurant is super empty & I know you're having second thoughts about trying this restaurant already, but by the time I snapped this photo after making payment, it was already almost closing time. I think they have a break in between the lunch & dinner hours.

You can always choose to sit outside to enjoy the breeze and scenery (If there are any). But I'll prefer not to, eating a hot bowl of noodles and you still want to stay outside in the SG hot weather?! NO WAY.

I ordered the Ramen set with Grilled salmon & Ikura - Soybean paste soup base (S$21.50) while my boy ordered the set with the Charsiew rice bowl - Salted soup base (S$19.50).

The set includes a salad, Chawanmushi & hot green tea.

I think the ramen is really good! I especially like the pork inside, usually I just bite 1 mouth & dump it aside but on that day I was hoping that I have more than 1 piece. Yes they only put in 1 piece and that's really little ): But it's quite a big one though. The soup wasn't too salty as well and the noodles texture were just right. Chewy and good. *Slurps down my throat greedily* The hot green tea tasted quite bland though. 

& YES TO THE MOST EXCITING PART (Ahem, for cheesecake lovers only)

& Oh my, it's really a very puny lil' piece of Caramel cheesecake. Seriously, it's really really small. Nowhere near the normal cheesecake slices you have. And its S$1.50. Actually, it's not a bad thing to sell in small pieces and at a much cheaper price than usual cakes like S$6.00. I usually like to take small bites and have more other different food than to stuff my stomach with the same thing no matter how nice it is. 

But anyway this Hokkaido cheesecake is really awesomely delicious. Damn rich in cheese. Just a bit too hard so I'm like nibbling away like a small little mouse. Can't bear to take big bites when it's so yummy. I'm already craving for it the moment I stepped out of the restaurant. I should try the other flavour too. #REGRET

But overall, the dining experience is great!

Ramen Santouka
21 Cuppage Road
Cuppage Terrace
Tel no: 6235 1059
GO TRY IT :D I will be going back again! 

And this is for my boy! ♥