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A visit back to our childhood & ancient times - Mint Museum of Toys

Remember this childhood cartoon? "I'm Popeye the sailor man (Poo poo!)" 
This Mint Museum of Toys brings us back to childhood times where the ancient toys and characters lie. And the collectibles are consolidated from over 25 different countries! The place is much smaller than I expected but it's also something new for both of us. And not a single person is there while we're visiting the musuem. Ghost town~

Anyway, my sponsored package finally arrived & this would be my new favourite outfit! Sneak peek for the advert ^_^ Tribal is the new trend. And so my boy wore his tribal black top to match mine! Couple tee~

As seen in the museum are shelves and shelves of old ancient times. And oh my, THEY ARE REALLY OLD-SCHOOL. In fact, I haven't even seen or known about some before. They have different categories like the outerspace, dolls, Disney characters, Superheroes, etc. The museum has 5 different levels and you can make your way down from the top to view the toy collections. Some toys don't seem very fantastic but their estimated value is roughly $3k-6k or more?!?! In US currency by the way..

If you have watch Ted, you would know who is Flash Gordon! Hahah. But turned out I don't remember until my boy told me..

& My boy posing as Ultraman!

Batman!! AND ROBIN! Nah I don't like the cartoon Robin :D

James Bond collectibles

We also caught the movie Skyfall (A James Bond movie) just before we visited this Museum. Wouldn't say much about it but the actions are great, a pity that it's too draggy. 

A tall shelf full of TEDDY BEARS!! But why is Pinocchio considered a bear? Hmm :0

Recognize this classic Mr Bean bear???

There was this area of glass floor so I pulled my boy to snap a photo. The whole part is transparent so you can look down and you might actually feel like you're not stepping on a stable ground.. but I just love that feeling! Reminded me of this Crystal cabin on this Cable car ride in Hong Kong! 

Some childhood toys here, which have you played before? 

Spot that face!

We finished exploring the entire building in less than 2 hours, actually you might be able to finish it in 30 minutes. We just dragged our time to wait for dinner. Overall experience is average but it's worth the try if you're running out of places to go! Besides, if you're a great fan of toys, you might want to know more about it! 

There is a rooftop bar at the rooftop (Like duh!) But it is opened only at 6pm. 

So we decided to go to the basement to have early dinner at Mr Punch Restaurant. And the place greeted us with a beautiful abstract wall painting and some framed signboards and posters that gives a very old-school ambience and feeling. I was pretty skeptical about the quality of food at the start due to the emptiness of the musuem. But we decided to just go for it since we were entitled 20% off ala-carte food items! And the food turned out better than we thought!

Tequila Sunrise

My Tagliata Di Manzo (S$28.00)
It's a sliced US prime sirloin steak with mashed potatos and mixed vegetables and served with mushroom sauce. 

The beef tasted really chewy. I ordered medium cooked but it turned out a little medium rare. I kinda like the texture this way, just that I am not okay with the colour. TOO RED! I don't really favour mushroom sauce but I'm pretty fine with the sauce this time. And it's nice, just that the portion is too little for my hungry stomach.. Wanted to go for dessert and order Tiramisu but it's not available!!

Coca Cola Baby Pork Ribs (S$26.00)
It's baby back pork ribs that is marinated overnight in Coke, and caramelized with special seasoned Coca Cola sauce, served with french fries and mixed green salad on the side

My boy was really curious and tempted to try this unique dish, but it's not to my liking at all. I think that the sweet Coca Cola taste don't complement the ribs at all. It tasted weird, or maybe it's just my stupid mindset that Coke & meat don't match. My boy like it though :/

Had a pretty enjoyable time though the exhibition wasn't that fascinating as we thought it would be. 

Mint Museum of Toys/ Mr Punch restaurant
26 Seah Street
Singapore 188382
Tel: (65) 6339 6266 (Restaurant)

Thinking if I should change my blog banner too.. Should I?

-- 2/11/2012 --

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