Tuesday, 13 November 2012

[AD] Castle Dream - A place where you can fulfil your dream

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Hey people, I know it's just the start of the week and many of you are probably feeling really gloomy and having Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday, etc blues~ But no worries! I have some awesome shopping place to share with you! And it'll probably brighten your mood up because Shopping always saves the day!!

If you want to get pretty accessories or even beauty products and bags, you can shop at CASTLE DREAM! Dressing up to be pretty is definitely every girls' dreams!

Castle Dream aims to "provide good quality items at an affordable price, good customer service and not forgetting a pleasant place to shop online."

So here is what I've got for my sponsored products

These type of necklaces are really in the trend nowadays and you probably know these are sold in many places around Singapore. But what you didn't know is that the prices at Castle Dream are much affordable than other places. I've seen such necklaces selling at probably S$15.00 or so. But they are only selling it at a range of S$8.00-10.00. 

I began to find my new love towards such necklace designs. Although they look quite simple from just a glance, it instantly adds on a lot of style and glamour to your simple outfit. You can just throw on a plain black tank top and still look awesome because now, the focus and attention is all on your beautiful accessories!

I picked this orange & blue necklace as I seldom see this selling at other places. Besides, it's always good to have quirky colour patterns to match your colourful tops! Don't be afraid to bring out the colours and loudness in you!

I know I chose the three necklaces with similar designs, but these are not just what they have!

They have different styles of necklaces for you to choose from. And check out their teddy bear necklace. It is their top seller! Moustache rings are available in different colours as well! 

Get their unique ring designs as well. The peculiar and interesting designs just never fail to make me take a look. Their rings range from girly styles like roses and hearts to the edgy look like spikes and skull. Choose your pick! 

Of course, you would have to get a pair of cute earrings and bracelet to complete your whole fashionable look!

Castle Dream also sells beauty products like make-up, slimming products and pretty bra straps that make your outfit stand out. You can also try to achieve your dream body figure with their slimming outfits too!

They also have super affordable bags to match your school outfits or casual wear. Many girls are also carrying clutches instead of bags and they have clutches in different colours too. Small cute pouches are available at prices as low as S$4.00 so get one for yourself now!

You can now fulfil your dreams at Castle Dream!

Like their Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/thecastledream

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