Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Gardens by the Bay with my family

Cute lil bunny behind me is saying "HELLO" to all of you!

Familiar place right? Because I went to Gardens by the Bay again! But this time round, it's with my family since it's the Deepavali holidays. Previous time, I went to celebrate our 5th anniversary with my boy. (Read here to know more!

& Because it's the public holidays, it was so crowded on that day!!! Even the ticketing counter has long long queues ): Thankfully it wasn't so bad when we entered the conservatories - Cloud Forest & Flower Dome

Enlarged version of the adorable bunnies waving their hands!

Do you spot a mouse? 2 big ears, 2 round eyes & a oval looking nose! Not so obvious in the photo though. My family not able to tell on the first glance, but I did.. 


Anyway, while my father went around snapping photos of the flowers, my brother is learning how to be a photographer. He took most of the photos except for those that I camwhore with my Casio Tr150 duhhh. I must admit that he is pretty much talented for a beginner. A super super patient one too.. Until I get too impatient at times waiting for him snap a perfect photo *Oops* :3
And mind you, he's only 12 this year. You'll see for yourself later. 

The scarecrow should be named cutecrow! 

A garden full of pumpkins! Can they turn into an elegant carriage?? Like Cinderella's one? :D

My dad teaching my brother how to adjust the camera's settings to take a nice photo.

And then he actually stayed at one place for quite long to take a photo of a droplet.. But it's WOW indeed. 

We decided to be a little 'creative' and came up with this. Actually it sorta look like a photo frame with our faces inside. 

My dad photobombing us! Grrrrrr.

And we ended our day with a plate of assorted Sashimi at Sakae Sushi. Satisfied tummies! Nom nom nom :> I'm never sick of Japanese food if you let me eat all the Sashimi! (>_<)

I'm a happy girl! School is ending in a week. But wait, it's only 2 days of school in that week! More places to explore with my boy~! Just have to endure this torturing process of completing my research paper & undone work!

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