Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka - Top 8 in SG!

Even though Japanese food is one of the best food ever (to me), Ramen has never been on the top of my favourite food list. And now I've found the reason why. 

That's because Ramen at other restaurants that I've visited DOESN'T TASTE GOOD. 

And thanks to Ben who gave me a 1-for-1 coupon, my boy & I decided to go for this - Hokkaido Ramen Santouka. And I have this good biased impression towards Hokkaido. I always had this stereotype that Hokkaido food are really delicious and ice-cream which is said to be made from Hokkaido appeals to me a lot as well. I don't fancy Vanilla ice-cream, but when it comes to Hokkaido, vanilla is a MUST-TRY FLAVOUR. 

Ooops I'm drifting away from the main food here. Yes back to topic, this restaurant looks really appetizing from the outside already. Display shelves showing the different flavours of ramen is just at the entrance. But actually, I didn't really bother to look at it, I'm already super hungry!! 

And it's the TOP 8 Ramen restaurant in Singapore!

I know this photo looks like the restaurant is super empty & I know you're having second thoughts about trying this restaurant already, but by the time I snapped this photo after making payment, it was already almost closing time. I think they have a break in between the lunch & dinner hours.

You can always choose to sit outside to enjoy the breeze and scenery (If there are any). But I'll prefer not to, eating a hot bowl of noodles and you still want to stay outside in the SG hot weather?! NO WAY.

I ordered the Ramen set with Grilled salmon & Ikura - Soybean paste soup base (S$21.50) while my boy ordered the set with the Charsiew rice bowl - Salted soup base (S$19.50).

The set includes a salad, Chawanmushi & hot green tea.

I think the ramen is really good! I especially like the pork inside, usually I just bite 1 mouth & dump it aside but on that day I was hoping that I have more than 1 piece. Yes they only put in 1 piece and that's really little ): But it's quite a big one though. The soup wasn't too salty as well and the noodles texture were just right. Chewy and good. *Slurps down my throat greedily* The hot green tea tasted quite bland though. 

& YES TO THE MOST EXCITING PART (Ahem, for cheesecake lovers only)

& Oh my, it's really a very puny lil' piece of Caramel cheesecake. Seriously, it's really really small. Nowhere near the normal cheesecake slices you have. And its S$1.50. Actually, it's not a bad thing to sell in small pieces and at a much cheaper price than usual cakes like S$6.00. I usually like to take small bites and have more other different food than to stuff my stomach with the same thing no matter how nice it is. 

But anyway this Hokkaido cheesecake is really awesomely delicious. Damn rich in cheese. Just a bit too hard so I'm like nibbling away like a small little mouse. Can't bear to take big bites when it's so yummy. I'm already craving for it the moment I stepped out of the restaurant. I should try the other flavour too. #REGRET

But overall, the dining experience is great!

Ramen Santouka
21 Cuppage Road
Cuppage Terrace
Tel no: 6235 1059
GO TRY IT :D I will be going back again! 

And this is for my boy! ♥

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