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[AD] Little Doll House - Phone cases & accessories

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You know, I have always wanted to get myself those super pretty & 3D type of iPhone cases. Especially the baby pinkish colour & floral designs. Which most girls would go 'Awwwwww' over it. *That includes me* If you still have no idea where to get such pretty phone accessories (Include Samsung users), stop looking up, down, left, right for it! Because Little Doll House provides a HUGE variety of designs, styles and colours for you to choose from! 

& I'm seriously spoilt for choice to pick my favourite one for the advertorial. 

So here's the review of my chosen products! Continue reading to know more about iPhone cases, iPad cases, phone jacks, Samsung galaxy, note, accessories & polymailers! It is another shopping heaven!! 

Totally excited to receive this!

Look at the intricate design of the cover! Ribbons, butterflies, roses are just my favourite type of girly stuff. The lacy strip even added much more feminine texture. A packet of pearl is even added in so that you won't have missing pearls if it really does chipped off from your case. Just use a glue & fix it back ^_^

I think it's seriously too pretty to be used, I would probably stare at it for a couple of days before using it. 

//FACEPALM myself// *_* But seriously, I can't bear to use it.
And I'm going to feel much happier talking on the phone with this!

I am seriously intrigued with the designs they got to offer. Girls who have been shopping excessively on accessories & neglected your phone, it's time to spend some worthy money to dress it up! Your phone will really like you a lot. Furthermore, phones are something that gains a lot of attention if it looks really attractive. They also have the cute cartoon character designs like Sanrio, Disney, & not forgetting my FAVOURITE Rilakkuma!~~ \*_*/ Guys don't go away, because they also have plain & leathery designs that suit you! If you want to be so lovey dovey with your other half, get a matching couple iPhone case. People will immediately tell that you're a sweet pair! 

And I think vain girls like me would seriously need a mirror (YES, MIRROR) at the back of the case :0 It's so convenient this way!

Sometimes I think that girls need many iPhone cases to suit different occasions and OOTD! Don't you agree with me? 

I'm not a true fan of Hello Kitty or Sanrio items, though I kinda like it. But when I saw their Hello kitty pouch album, I instantly got 'OMGGGGG'. Damn pretty! And of course the prices are pretty affordable as well. The price tag shows 'for sale in Japan only'. I believed this means that the quality is good! Mine comes in bright hot pink colour which really stands out. 

They have other designs like coin purses, wallets, make up pouch. I personally like the coin purse a lot, although I don't really need one. But you can imagine, when you take out your coin purse and keep the change that the cashier passed to you, the cashier would go :0 Hehe (>_<) 

I would love to have a lipstick case too. [The top left one] So cute right?! I like how the designs are catered to both young kids and adults where not the whole Hello kitty character will be printed on the pouch like those for lil kids. 

The owner of Little Doll House is really nice to add in an iPhone jack for me! What a pleasant surprise. And it's in my favourite colour too! It's an elegant-looking handbag~ ^_^ I think it's going to match my floral case too! Since both are pinkish!

See how HAPPY I look?! :DDDDD

And they have like super lots of designs! Ranging from simple, bling, to super cute-looking ones.The monkey one looks as if it's clinging onto your phone! And I really like those super long and girly types with bling bling crystals which adds glamour to my phone. Sometimes you just can't be bothered to get yourself a complicated phone case so you can just buy a few of these iPhone jacks and switch every other day! Your phone will still look super expensive with a boring plain iPhone cover if you buy these iPhone jacks. But I WANT BOTH! Muahahaha :> I'm so greedy.

These are just some of my favourite picks, there's seriously much more in the album! So check them out!

Not only that, they are selling accessories for iPad users too! Get yourself a pretty iPad case and you can simply carry them around like a small briefcase/ bag. Super convenient & attractive at the same time.

Samsung users, don't fret yet! Little Doll House also offers many variety of Samsung galaxy & note cases + accessories. So you can have a chance to shop here too!

They also have preorder recycled bags selling in bundle, and look at the pretty rainbow colours!!! 

Soooooo C. O. L. O. U. R. F. U. L !!!

They also have ready stock plastic delivery envelopes/ polymailers in bundles. Blogshops or online businesses who are looking for delivery envelopes, here is the right place for you! Now your customers will be so thrilled when they receive such beautiful & colourful parcels. It's the first impression that you have when you take the first glance of your package, who knows your customer would be glad to buy from you again! :D

Besides, the delivery envelopes are self-adhesive so it's really convenient! I think the best point is that it's much lighter so it can save on your postage cost. Now you're tempted isn't it? It's durable & waterproof too (:

(They have more colours!)

Now you don't have to rely on those ugly brown or plain white envelopes (:

Enough said! I think you're excited to find out about this awesome place to shop at already


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