Tuesday, 6 November 2012

[AD] Love Pine

Sponsored Advertorial:

More pretty apparels added to my wardrobe this week! Thanks to the sponsor of Love Pine. If you are running out of clothes to wear to school, to work or for a casual outing, go shop at 

& How lovely, the owner actually mailed me another 2 dresses besides the one that they have asked me to pick. I was really surprised when I opened up my package!!! Thank you so much! ^_^ 

So now presenting to you

Love Pine provides a wide genre of dresses for you to choose from which suits different styles and individual preference. They also follow the latest trend like Lace, Floral as well as Abstract and Timeless categories. 

Tribal designs are trending! There's this time when I went to Orchard and spotted about 10 different people wearing Tribal design apparels. Even guys too! Don't lose out on the trend, get yourself one too! And of course I picked one for myself as well :D You'll see later!! 

The Floral designs are really colourful and outstanding. Would probably suit girls who are very outgoing and daring in their fashion style! 

If you prefer something sweet and girly instead of the 'rather loud' designs, you can pick from their Lacy categories which caters more to girls who favour light and pastel colours like Baby pink, white, aqua blue. Something that looks romantic and elegant. Girls, wear this on your first romantic date and then look really demure & sweet with the puppy look. Actually... just act normal, you will look pretty enough ^^

If you are a HUGE NO-NO for pink sweet colours, who wants to look smart and good with less dramatic colours, go shop at the Timeless category as they have more plain and single-coloured dresses. 

Review time!!!! 

Adeline Lovely Dress 

A very simple piece yet with this sweet-looking & gentle style, this dress is sure to bring out the feminine side of you. The whole dress matches my entire room too - Baby pink & white! My favourite colours since young (Belt not included) 

Something very random, but check out my newly permed hair!!! (>_<) Love it! For this set of photos, I camwhored on different days, that explains why my hair isn't very curled in the top 2 photos.

Aztec Radiant Dress

A pretty dress featuring an elastic waist and Aztec prints in stunning pinks and blues. Match it with a thin plain belt and don't forget your heels! You'll simply love it! (Belt not included)

Aztec Lady Maxi Dress

My favourite pick! And also the one that I have chosen. 

This gorgeous piece features loose fit and smooth material, which completes this look with contrasting geometrical tribal designs. Perfect match with a pair of wedges & plain belt to bring out your figure. Style with boho accessories like beads and feather. (Belt not included) 

It's also my first time wearing Maxi dresses and I'm really really satisfied with this dress. So comfortable! It fits me nicely too. If you have read my previous post http://mons-diary.blogspot.sg/2012/11/a-visit-back-to-our-childhood-ancient.html, I wore this out on that day ^^ 

The quality of their dresses can be really trusted so rest assured you will never regret to shop with them! Check out their latest collections too. 

They are also featuring their shop at a pushcart in SIM, located just beside Ngee Ann poly. So do check them out if you're nearby or studying there! Which I do :D

Have fun shopping!!! 

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