Friday, 30 November 2012

Savour your food at SAVEUR

A silly title.. I know. But it's kinda true because the food at Saveur is so yummy & delicious that you want to savour them slowly down your throat. Meet up with Shihua to have dinner together ^^ I wasn't so sure about the quality of food until we reached there at 5plus. The opening hours are really short from 6-9pm for dinner. Surprisingly, there were already many people waiting to get into the restaurant. 



Check out the cute duck on the menu. Actually, the menu is rather plain and there's no photos at all. The description is helpful but it would be good to have some photos especially for chef's recommendation.



Shihua ordered the DUCK (S$10.90)

"Duck leg confit, homemade mashed potato, saute shiitake mushroom, orange segments, & orange infused natural jus"


The below orders are ALL MINE. Nom nom nom :> I ordered 2 starters & 1 main course, super greedy.


FOIE GRAS (S$7.90)

"Pan-seared duck liver served with creamy lentils, & pickled pearl onion"

The portion came out much smaller than I have expected. In my mind, I thought that $7.90 is really cheap for an expensive dish like Foie gras, but in actual fact, the portion is really small. Don't be deceived by photos! The price is still considered reasonable though! And I thought that it was my first time trying it, but somehow it tasted really familiar, I just couldn't recall when & where I ate it before. Hmmmm. It's delicious, but I shall not eat it often, heard that it's cruel to the ducks ):



"A signature of Saveur's pasta tossed with chilli oil, fine-chopped Japanese konbu & sakura ebi with minced pork sauce"

The pasta is really cheap considering the fact that it is so neatly wrapped and cooked well. Look at the small cute prawn-like things. It adds much taste to the pasta! But the pasta itself is a lil plain. The taste comes mostly from the prawns. Don't expect such a big portion from a mere $5 dish, I got myself prepared by ordering another main course to satisfy my tummy :D


CHICKEN (S$9.90)

"A roulade of chicken thigh stuffed with foie gras-infused chicken farce, creamy parmesan sauce"

I think this dish is really unique, and Shihua said that it looks like Pork-belly. HAHA. I'd say it looks like fishcake to me. Apart from the rice, I think this dish is really nice. I can't explain, it's just really different from the usual chicken I have plus there's a tiny bit of foie gras in it, making it taste even nicer.


Say HI to the cute reindeer towards the entrance of the restaurant :D I can feel the Christmas season already!! 

Had a really good experience at Saveur, plus the serving time is really fast. We finished our dinner in less than an hour!!

05 Purvis Street
Singapore 188584
Tel no: 6333 3121

And we went for some Bugis shopping too! Bought a tribal winter top to wear during my Korea trip next month :D Got some other good buys as well, and I'll be heading back to Bugis street next week again with another friend. It's a shopping heaven :0

Till my next post!!! 

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