Saturday, 10 November 2012

TGIF everyone! Ah Boys to Men & Charly T's for dinner

TGIF once again!! 

Time to savour some good food & enjoy nice movies with my boy!

Canton Paradise! If you want to read my review of this restaurant, read this! ( But it's only on desserts & drinks. Anyway, if you chance upon this restaurant, go try the Fei Po Char Siew, don't go and order the normal ones!

And I was pretty much excited to catch this movie - Ah Boys to Men! Honestly when I heard that there's an NS movie coming up (Without knowing the movie name), I thought it's about some horror stories again. 

I think they are clever in using youtube artists & blogger to act in this movie. People like me don't really follow Singapore actors & actresses, but on the other hand watch a lot of these so-called online celebrities. Anyway, things go viral on the Internet nowadays and people can get famous must like that! I only recognise 2 in this movie though. 

Noah Yap acting as IP Man

From left to right (Lobang, IP Man, Ken Chow, SL Jin)

I then realized after the movie that Sergeant Ong is also a Youtuber called Tosh Rock. I think I have came across his videos before, no wonder he looked a little familiar!

QiuQiu aka Budget Barbie acting as Ken's girlfriend

Overall, the show is really funny & I couldn't stop laughing at some of the scenes! Although I don't fully know the dialects used (Mostly Hokkien), but I still understand some of the funny things and phrases that they say. I liked so many scenes that somehow I have forgotten some already, unless someone brings it up. Short term memory loss? ): That is why I'm planning to watch it with my family again as they are interested to watch the movie! & I really cannot cannot stand that SL Jin guy in the movie hahaha. Wayang king. Anyway I think that movie is great! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to watch Ah Boys to Men! But you must understand, to enjoy :D Oh & I forgot to mention that they will have a part 2 coming out. Damnnn :< I hate watching good movies & getting the suspense to wait for the next ):

We chose to dine at Charly T's as you will be entitled to 50% off 2nd main course if you have movie tickets on the same day. Although I was a little doubtful about the quality of food, we still gave it a try as it was a good deal.

Green Flash

It's a fresh fruit juice - Pineapple, Orange, Green Apple. But somehow it tasted only like Green Apple juice. Blehh :/ Not that it's not tasty, but for S$6.50, seems overpriced to me. 

Promotional Cocktail of the day

My boy said that there wasn't much alcohol in it though. Maybe overpriced for S$10.00 too. Furthermore, it's already on promo.

Chicken Grosti

I seriously think that my boy is really unlucky to keep ordering the wrong food. Looks like some food for sick patients because it tasted really bland. And I hate chicken cut in chunks like that with no bones. Nevermind, eat healthy! :/ And it's for S$12.00. 2nd main course half price so S$6.00. 

Chicken Cordon Bleu

I think this is the only dish we ordered that can pass our standards. What's interesting about this is that.. It looks just like a normal piece of fried chicken right? But NOOO you're wrong! 


The chicken contains cheese & ham inside!!! I know it is simple food but I like cheesy stuff as long as it's not too much. The cheese kept oozing out!!~ x_x Quite filling though. The fries are seriously good with unique taste, different from the usual fries you get from Mcdonalds or KFC. I think they have their specialized sauce & spices. I was quite surprised that they don't serve normal Chilli sauce but they served a special spicy sauce which tasted really good!

Although some of the things we ordered were a disappointment, I wouldn't want to blacklist this restaurant yet, because I took a few glances of the tables beside us. And WOW, their food looks simply tempting and delicious! Besides, the prices are reasonable too. With the exception of some drinks :x It's just probably not our day. I would love to try their cheese cake the next time round! ^_^ 

& Remember not to throw away your movie tickets before going to the restaurant! We almost did that! 

Look at where's EEYORE! :0 It's look very innocent & cute ohmygodddd. (>_<)

& I love this Original Iced Milk Tea!! *SLURPS*

Stay tuned to my new blog banner~ 
(If I stop procrastinating, oops!)

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