Monday, 31 December 2012

[Omy] It's GOURMET-LICIOUS at Domino's!

Who said that Pizza must be always round! 

Just few days back, I attended a Omy food-tasting session at Simply "Gourmet-licious" from Domino's and tried their Domino's Gourmet Flatbreads!

Look at the whole stretch of food! Makes me salivate while snapping so many photos..

It's actually my very first time at Domino's! 

I was surprised to know that Domino's have this 30-minute delivery guarantee & 15-minute takeout guarantee. And if they are late, I'm going to get a FREE pizza. Like WOW. 

And am very lucky to have a sneak preview of their latest creation of their signature Flatbread, it's really something new & different from the usual I had. 

Look at all the other bloggers spamming their camera button. 

Pesto Prawn

Comes with succulent prawns marinated in herbs and spices, fresh cherry tomatoes, spinach, mozarella cheese on an authentic pesto sauce

Pesto is actually one of my favourite sauces! And I would like to have MORE of it! Really enhances the taste of the flatbread by a lot. The sweet taste of the prawns complimented the rest of the spices really well.

Chicken Sambal

Shredded chicken, fresh pineapples, red peppers, mozarella cheese on a spicy sambal sauce

A tad bit of sambal really spices up the whole taste! It's not too fiery hot and really matches well together with the chicken and the bread. Sometimes, extreme spiciness might eliminate the original taste and I really dislike that ):

Chicken Alfredo

Chicken Potpourri sausages, cherry tomatoes, mozarella cheese, parmesan cheese on a garlic butter sauce

Best best best combination ever even when it's all simple food. I loved how the parmesan cheese melted in my mouth. And I had a second serving! So far, this was the one with the strongest cheese taste so cheese lovers, if you don't want to go for the all plain cheese types, you just have to try this! 


Comes with fresh cherry tomatoes, olives, pesto, mozarella cheese on a delicious napolitana sauce

I don't really have a strong impression on this, but I think it tastes not bad as well! Don't really prefer olives :/ But to me, it has a very basic pizza taste compared to the rest of the flatbreads. 

And there are two other flavours - BBQ beef and Spinach & Feta which I left out some photos ): .... I guess I was too excited and started eating before I was done. Anyway, beef lovers and vege lovers, you know what you can aim for now! For ladies who are weight-conscious, you know you can enjoy pizzas like everyone else too! 

(Photo taken from their official website)

Super in love with Golden Roasted Drumlets - my all-time favourite. I think I ate FOUR. *Greedy*

Garlic Cheese Onion Rings

Something unique, I'm too bored of the usual plain ones :3

Crazy Chicken Crunchies in Original/ Tom yam flavour

Dip in your choice of sauce and savour those crunchy bits! Nom nom. I could replace these with popcorn :P

And now for dessert time! Honestly, I'm not a fan of caramel or chocolate, so I don't find these to my liking. But almost everyone there couldn't stop exclaiming how nice the lava cake is. I just cannot take super sweet chocolates, prefer dark ones!

Caramel Sticky Dessert

Chocolate Lava Cake

And Tiffany just proved that desserts are not only for consumption, but also for facial accessory, fancy a chocolate moustache on your face? :3

Lastly, a group photo of all the bloggers! Glad I made new friends there :D


And this is taken self-shot, for real :P Not even on timer. 

A photo of me & Rui Long!

A very happy girl at the end of the day! :D

Thanks for this special invite! 


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