Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Pika pika!!!!

Remember the blog post of Wreck-It Ralph previously? If you haven't read it, click HERE
I was asked to write about my favourite character in the movie, but I thought it would be also interesting to talk about my other favourite characters outside the movie. 

And so here's my favourite game character out of the games I have came across before!!
"Pika... Pikaa" (>_<) 

*Stuck in the hole*




Remember the game whereby you have to walk across the tall grass patch and hoping you won't run into any Pokemon...



Wild (Inserts Pokemon) appeared!
But of course there are times when you need to catch one too! Then you'll have to choose your attack and weaken the Pokemon in order to capture it. OR... Just run away if you can. 



I'll always love to play the yellow version to start off with Pikachu!!!! 

So why is it my favourite character?? :D

It's beyond adorable and cute! "Pika-pika!" Just can't stand it when Pikachu says that. It's voice is too cute! And it will attack its enemies with thunderbolt! ZAPPPPPPPP. And I remember it always ending with the enemies (Usually the Team Rocket) "flying away" from the scene after being electrocuted. I like it's abilities and power as lightning power tends to be very quick when they strike. It's a simple power yet threatening :>

Even when Pikachu is angry, it's so cute too! 


Pikachu is unlike other Pokemon which are kept in a pokeballs. Pikachu did not want to go into the Pokeball as Ash and Pikachu are like real friends. And they're the best buddies!


It has a super innocent face, small and cute, but has a great personality and will be strong and loyal when his friends need him! It's also the main reason why I used to play Pokemon DS games. It's really too lovable. And I used to have a stuff toy which can transform from Pikachu to Raichu. Nehhh, I still prefer it in the cutest form (>_<)

It's a good thing that Pikachu doesn't evolve into Raichu :3


So PIKACHU is my favourite game character, WHAT ABOUT YOURS?? (:

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