Friday, 25 January 2013

Hansel & Gretel + Genki Sushi

It has been a super long time ever since my boyf & I went out for a date. And I meant 二人世界!! We decided to have a Pre-CNY shopping at Bugis street - Our favourite shopping heaven! My boy had a huge shopping haul as he needed new clothes for CNY, but I only bought myself a cute light blue bralet as my family didn't have that practice of getting "new clothes" for CNY. I'll be heading back to HK during the winter season anyway.

Glad to be his "fashion advisor" as I chose and help him decide on most of the clothes he bought!

2 pants, 1 pair of jeans, 2 shirts, 1 formal-T, 1 pair of shoes = About S$200 

We got most of the items from the same shop! And definitely going back there for more in the future!!

I can't wait to wear my new bralet out too! It's beyond cuteness!

We then had an impromptu movie session and watched the show that I have anticipated...


I'm a sucker for horror & gore movies. Occasionally and perhaps FREQUENTLY frightened by "suspense" scenes but I LOVE THE GORE PART. I know it's like "ewwww" & "WHAT!?" for a girl to favour such movies but yep, if you're my friend, you probably know that I love movies like witches, ghosts, vampires, zombies and even pure gore like Final Destination. 

This show is almost perfect with unexpected twists (Ahh, don't worry I won't spill the beans, go catch the movie yourself and you'll find out ) It's like a fairytale gone wrong. And I realized that recent movies are produced from fairytales and Disney characters. Like "Snow White and the huntsmen".. 

Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters has an ENGAGING plot and there wasn't any boring scenes. I couldn't even find a suitable time to go to the toilet! Some violence and gore where bodies explode and bloody body parts flying everywhere. The witches look horrendous too, which perfectly suit the horror theme. Their faces look so rotten and teeth like fangs. But somehow, their faces reminded me of DINOSAUR EGGS :3

Do you agree with me??

And  for Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters!

We rushed down to Orchard Central after the movie for the sake of having our dinner at GENKI SUSHI. How dumb was I to change my mind to not dine at this place the other time. Because the food here is simply yummlicious and affordable! Much much more affordable than Jap restaurants like Sakae Sushi and MOF which have similar food standards.

I know I'm not a kid anymore :/ But I get fascinated with the express bullet train and even F1 car sending sushi to our table! Conveyor belts are already good enough, and now this express car/ train serving directly to us! Talk about speed delivery! Zooooooooooom! 

And I was tempted to intercept people's food when the express passed our table! Hehe :> 

Do note that each car/ train can only serve 4 plates! And remember to send the express tray back by pressing the button! 

Each table had an Ipad for us to take our own order, actually nowadays quite a number of restaurants do this too. But I love how this works. Just a click on the chosen food and it will POOF! Appear in the bullet train, ready to be served when you click confirm! Convenient and also easy to use!

A rack on top to place our shopping bags & stuff!

And one word to describe the food! TOOTHSOME!!! Nom nom nom ٩(^‿^)۶

When our food arrived in that cute little F1 car, I can't stop commenting how nice it looks & tastes. They even have a Salmon Sashimi triple flavour. Something different on every bite, that would be less boring instead of eating the same thing for 3 times! My boyf and I eat rather different things when it comes to Jap food so I usually get bored if I finish the whole plate myself (unless I have a super strong craving), but this is good! 

Not to mention that the sashimi is really fresh and with an acceptable portion! I was savouring every bit down. 

This Soft Shell Crab is the nicest I have ever eaten during these 2 years! It has a delicate crisp and it tasted so juicy inside. The whole thing was so flavourful that I just couldn't get enough of that! I wished that I had ordered 1 more serving!!!

My boy's favourite dish. And he always scares me with the octopus!!!! ॓_॔ 

Amaebi Sushi. This was another of my favourite dish in Genki Sushi. I don't usually pay much attention to the small shrimps as the taste of it is not really as strong as compared to those juicy big ones. But this was really fresh with a subtle hint of sweetness.  

I usually don't fancy this dish as well. Oh but actually, I used to love this when I was a kid. I think I somehow ate too much that I got afraid to eat it. And partly because I don't feel comfortable eating soft bones like Eel. Even though in actual fact it tastes really delicious. I know that soft bones can be swallowed, but sometimes they still prick through my gums and throat ):

This was something different, I felt almost nothing eating the whole body and the "eggs" inside had such a strong taste which I obviously love it! When I was younger, I used to dig them out and only eat the eggs, leaving the body. And it seemed like I'm operating on the fish or something. Yes gross I know!!


The price was really cheap. Some of which is almost half the price of Sakae Sushi/ Sushi Tei. Not kidding, the Sea urchin sushi only cost S$5.80. At Sushi Tei, I think it's above S$10.00!! We spent only S$37.00 and I didn't even take photos of all the food we ordered. The staff was friendly and service is good! Even though it doesn't matter as much since we can order from the Ipad. 

BUT OVERALL IT WAS AWESOME! *Thumbs up for them*

It was a whole new Sushi dining experience at Genki Sushi and we will DEFINITELY go back for more! The queue is pretty long but I believe that good things are worth the wait!

Genki Sushi:
181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central
Singapore 238896

Tel no: 6238 0900


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Korea Trip #2 - Hello Kitty Cafe

Was lucky enough to be able to head over to the Hello-kitty themed cafe at Korea

I really wish that my house is like that! Of course, my favourite Rilakkuma would be the BEST!

But who can resist such lovely decorations, especially for HELLO KITTY LOVERS? Even the sofa is made of a Hello kitty head!!! Makes me crave for high-tea. I could imagine myself chilling at the cafe for half a day, studying with my laptop while enjoying a slice of cake and a cup of hot chocolate. 

It was a pity that I didn't have much time to snap all the photos, and it was even a rush for me to finish up my food ◔̯◔

But here are some photos that will make most girls go crazy over it!

Look at the shelf filled with cakes & pastries!! And did I mention that the cakes & drinks are all in Hello kitty theme?!! They're not only pretty to look stare at but delicious to taste! The variety is pretty limited compared to the Hello kitty cafe at Taiwan as this place only serves plainly drinks, desserts and maybe some small food. But their cafe is delicate enough.

It actually makes me felt like I'm in some kind of Hello Kitty world.

And I couldn't wait to indulge in the desserts!

The cafe also sells Hello kitty merchandise for the Hello kitty fans, and every product is so pretty! 

And you know what? Even the toilet has a huge Hello kitty mirror 0_0 I'll probably stare at it the whole day hehe (Didn't manage to take a photo)

Who wouldn't love a cup of Cafe latte with Hello kitty design! I couldn't bear to drink it. *Slurps slowly and carefully while still staring at the design* ◙‿◙

Rare Cheese cake with the Hello kitty head

I understand why it is called "rare" because the taste is really unique and different from the usual cheese cakes! It's more moist and creamy rather than having a firm texture. Pretty sweet for my taste buds but overall I love it!

Choco Banana Waffle with my favourite whip cream 

Unfortunately, I took the photo from the wrong angle and this doesn't justify the real product. It was supposedly a Hello Kitty head waffle too! And the whip cream is so toothsome! So thick and creamy texture. Was an awesome combination together with the banana slices and chocolate sauce. Waffle was acceptable but I prefer Gelare waffles, they're still the best although the standard dropped a little the last time I went there :/

My brother ordered the Mint frappucino. I didn't try because I don't like mint flavours ):

I'm a greedy girl and food is always not enough for me, so I went for another slice of cake!

Due to time constraint, I had a dessert lunch instead of a proper meal. But it was really a satisfying and enjoyable lunch, having to see all the Hello kitty furniture and setting. If I have the money in the future, I'd make my kitchen into a RILAKKUMA theme!!! Even the pots and pans must be in that design!

(∪ ◡ ∪)


And sorry for the SUPER SLOW updates! Have been really busy juggling with school, work and online business!! Do remember to visit my blogshop as there's a CNY promotion!!!

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And if you're reading this post and being so excited about it, I figured out you might need this too! 

I'm selling the Hello kitty stickers for only S$2 per packet! And there's still more than half a packet left after decorating on both hands!

Hope you enjoyed looking at all the pretty Hello kitty photos!!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Korea Trip #1

Sorry for the super overdue post!!! 

If you have been reading my blog, you would realized that I have actually went to KOREA with my family just last month Dec! During the Christmas season! 

We actually chose a tour package by Chan Brothers and we traveled from Daegu, to Jeju and then to Seoul! We changed hotels every 1-2 days and its tiring!!! (>_<)

Honestly I wasn't very happy when I knew about the tour as I always preferred free and easy. But the service of Chan Brothers was really good and sincere. The only flaw was that there wasn't any beef in the meals provided.


Many years back, I went to Korea and tasted one of the best beef ever! The juicy beef slice instantly melts in your mouth when you take a bite. It really left me a strong impression till now. (Getting hungry as I'm typing this yikes!)

But anyway, the overall trip was enjoyable and really well planned by them!

Without this tour, I wouldn't have visited such special and interesting places! I'm only going to share on some of my favourite ones (:

Have you ever tasted Kimchi and wondered how they were made?

Because we went for a KIMCHI-MAKING SESSION!!!

Unfortunately, the whole process would take really long so we only get to do the final step. 

Some main products - salt water, garlic, chilli powder. And then we would rub and wrap the cabbage with the seasoning we prepared. 

My final product! I think I did pretty well didnt I? :x But we don't get to eat it as it's actually made for charity. Why would Kimchi be used for charity purposes? It won't be enough for a meal 0.o But I heard that Kimchi is really really good for health. 

And the most exciting part is to dress up in a Hanbok! I'd prefer a Kimono but this looks interesting too! After all, we don't get to wear costumes like that on normal occasions! 

Dressing up like 大长今!! 
Makes me look fat though :0 And maybe I should have chosen pink over red, looks brighter (>_<)

We went for some sightseeing around as well, and the weather was super super SUPER COLD especially on the first day, at least to my family. ●﹏● I don't understand how the rest could wear normal socks and normal shoes to such winter places. Just so you know, I was wearing stockings, a normal pair of socks with woolly socks and then a pair of WINTER BOOTS. But still, my feet were almost numb. My hands were freezing as if they were going to drop off. Oh gosh, I just can't stand cold places even though I'm so used to being in air-con rooms. And my mum always said that my room feels like a freezer :3

A panorama shot by my Casio tr150!

The photos actually reminded me of satellite shots, you can almost distinguish the difference of land and water by just seeing the blue & green patches. Just snapping this photo is an easy task, but guess what? I climbed 108478153251341 flights of stairs just to get this high. Okay, maybe not that exaggerating but seriously it was really tiring to climb this mountain as the steps were uneven, it was cold, and I'm tired since it was really early. 

SO I MUST UPLOAD THESE PHOTOS to justify for my efforts!! ॓_॔

We went to the Tangerine Farm too which is a little similar to the Strawberry farm at Malaysia. 

They gave us a pair of huge scissors and we can just cut off any Tangerines we like, and immediately eat it on the spot. Then we can throw the skin on the ground just like that. Oh great, no need to hang on to the rubbish haha. 

We were taught that the best tangerines are of medium sizes and the tips must be in green. 

Nom nom nommmmmmmmmm~ Tasted really sweet and refreshing. I would want to pop one in my mouth right now!

& To be continued! ^_^

Thursday, 10 January 2013

BUFFET @ Zaffron Restaurant

It has been quite some time since I've eaten a buffet!!! Buffets are so expensive and I really needed to save up, but guess what! I just had one with my boyf & friends yesterday! 


They suggested buffet and it was perfect because I own a stack of member vouchers called the Buffet Club. And one of them was this!

"50% Dining Discount at Zaffron Restaurant
When minimum of 4 up to maximum 8 persons dining"

The buffet itself is $35++ and so at the end of the day, each person only paid $21!

Actually, the food variety is really minimal, but what to expect from $21?! You probably could have spent that same amount on some plate of spaghetti in any normal restaurants! But honestly, for the original price, I think it's not worth it :/

Stingray and some assorted vegetables 

I tried some stingray and it was good but a pity that there wasn't much sambal sauce left ): I really should have taken it at the start. 

Some other local delicacies which I wasn't very much interested in, but the others kept complimenting about the beef and lamb. I prefer beef steak and roasted meat when it comes to buffet though. 


Laksa is always one of my favourite counter and also a must-try for every buffet restaurant. I have absolutely no idea why I'm eating something so filling which cost only a few bucks outside. Perhaps cooking a mini bowl of Laksa seems fun enough and chewing on a few strands of noodle can satisfy my cravings without feeling too bloated.

But I've actually tried eating 3 mini bowls before (>_<)

I present to you........ my own Laksa creation! Over here at Zaffron, you will have to cook the noodles yourself. 

Some salad and appetizer that I had at the start, usually the section that I seldom/ never paid attention to. 

Sashimi Counter

It was kinda average to me...

My favourite part of buffets are always DESSERTS!

Hazelnut cakes, Japanese Sponge cakes, Almond Saffron cakes, and more!

The hazetnut cake was yummy but just a tad too sweet for me. But the texture is so creamy and soft, feels like its melting in my mouth. 

Fruit salad and Apricot

Cheese and Assorted nuts

Honestly, I have always been curious how this type of cheese taste like, but I NEVER dared to try, can anyone tell me if it tastes nice? 

NOW FOR THE BEST PART (At least to me)

Bet you can tell how excited I was.

You know the ice-cream store where they mix your ice-cream together and toss it into a cup? Yup, but over here, they are just giving you ice-cream scoops (>_<) Oh well, I was expecting more. But mixing Banana & Strawberry together is awesomely delicious! Like banana split taste. And I realized many places do not sell Banana flavour anymore ): 

Some toppings they have - chocolates, M&Ms, my favourite marshmallows & even childhood gummy bears! I think marshmallows goes really perfectly with the ice-cream. 

And my yummy creation of 'Banana Split' flavour! 

But we were quite disappointed with their service. No smiles, no friendliness. And the ice-cream counter was always empty with no one standing there. I saw some houseflies after some time too. Ewww.

Anyway, Zaffron Restaurant caters more to local and Asian food, do not expect much and seafood is only available on Fridays-Sunday. Call to check for availability!

Zaffron Restaurant:
Oasia Hotel Level 1, 
8 Sinaran Drive
Singapore 307470

Contact: +65 66640348

And here's some photos we took at the end of the day!

The guys

Me with the girls

The SWEET couples
Bella & Marcus ♥ Me & my boy ♥ Yi Ning & Leon


 Andre & Zi Heng with my boy being extra at the 2nd photo haha

We had a great time together, meeting up to catch up with one another. A pity that the time was really short but I really enjoyed all the time, and of course to explore different food places with my boy. 

Overdue Korea trip will be posted soon! \^_^/