Thursday, 3 January 2013

Bid farewell to 2012!


I know it's pretty late for this post to be up at this date, but I have been really busy for the past few days!! 

Everyone's probably looking forward to the new year 2013! But memories are worth keeping and sharing isn't it. And though 2012 isn't my best year, I still had splendid experiences with my loved one and friends. 


Honestly, 2012 didn't start off very well for me and I was seriously badly hit by my A-level results. It was super under my expectations. Didn't get into the university I wanted, but I was still grateful that my parents could afford me a degree in SIM University of Buffalo (Which has super expensive school fees :/) Of course, I met many nice friends along the way too. And my loving boyfriend has always been there to support me all the way too, at my lowest period in 2012. 

I only put up 2 photos but if you're not in here doesn't mean you're not my friend okay? :D I didn't even take photos with some of you guys!

I worked my first admin job as a Customer Service Specialist at some company my father introduced to me over the long holidays. Quite a decent pay, reasonable workload and met nice colleagues who gave me super nice farewell gifts when I only worked for 3 months!

I have also been starting on my online business and it has been over a year already. Wouldn't say that I'm super successful at it as sales go high & low and it isn't that stable after some time, but I am really glad to learn some business tips on my own, and not forgetting, to earn some pocket money for myself! Like my page please!

It's always good to earn some money for SHOPPING & FOOD!

Quite a change for my teeth - Invisalign! I'm only half way there though! Read more here!

And I went for my first Peranakan photoshoot! Not very experienced, but definitely something new for me! And having so many cameras clicking at the same time is really some pressure hahah.

Credits (Photographer):

Murad Fettucini (both)

 Xavien -- Robin Chen -- Darren Chin

Later at 2012, I decided to start on this blog - Life like Candy. Have been blogging privately for 5 years and have decided to create a new blog to share with my readers! And my blog is about 4 months old now :D

I enjoy exploring around different places & restaurants with my boyf, having much fun and gaining fruitful experiences before marking them down in my blog. It's like creating and noting down my lovely memories. And my boyfriend has always been part of my life, to share all these great and sweet experiences with me. I'm really grateful for that. Look at the tons of photos we took together, and these are only the tip of an iceberg.

Not forgetting my caring family who is always there to bring me to different places, pampering me with their love as well. Met my friends for shopping & dining too! But this pretty much sums up my blog title - Life like Candy.

Anyway, I started off with only about a couple of readers per day, but I managed to gain more readers as I move on, and I'm so thankful for that! Thanks to those blogshops who put their trust in my blog, I started writing advertorials and sponsored reviews for them and I really really enjoyed the process. And of course, getting to wear many pretty apparels as well! Dressing up & camwhoring is the whole fun process of it! Check out those blogshops at my right sidebar (:

Recently, I've been invited to Nuffnang movie preview Wreck-It Ralph and also food tasting session.

To me, it's really an achievement as a blogger! Really motivates me to blog more, and thanks to those who have been reading my blog (^_^)


I have also joined the Icing room contest and won myself a camera & photo printer as well (2nd prize)! This time I won not only based on votes, but by judging as well. Though it wasn't as good as the previous year where I won the 1st, I'm still glad that I won based on my skills and creativity and not just garnering votes. BUT OF COURSE! I'm so thankful for those who have voted for me else I wouldn't have been able to make it into the final judging round. Thanks for all the support you all have gave me, and continue to support me next year again! (: 

I went to Korea just last week with my family and I have lot of awesome places to share with you guys soon!!

2012 also marks the 5th anniversary of me & my boyf!! 
♥♥ And I believe that we'll have more years down the road together ♥♥ 

Yep, so these are the main things that happened to me in 2012. If I left out any, it just means that I'm forgetful!

What I hope to achieve in 2013?

To make it short & sweet, I JUST WANT TO BE HAPPY LIKE NOW! Yes I really enjoy my life even though there may be ups & downs. But whose life doesn't! Most importantly, is that you know how to stay positive and you'll find that in life there's really many things you can look out for to cheer yourself up!



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