Thursday, 10 January 2013

BUFFET @ Zaffron Restaurant

It has been quite some time since I've eaten a buffet!!! Buffets are so expensive and I really needed to save up, but guess what! I just had one with my boyf & friends yesterday! 


They suggested buffet and it was perfect because I own a stack of member vouchers called the Buffet Club. And one of them was this!

"50% Dining Discount at Zaffron Restaurant
When minimum of 4 up to maximum 8 persons dining"

The buffet itself is $35++ and so at the end of the day, each person only paid $21!

Actually, the food variety is really minimal, but what to expect from $21?! You probably could have spent that same amount on some plate of spaghetti in any normal restaurants! But honestly, for the original price, I think it's not worth it :/

Stingray and some assorted vegetables 

I tried some stingray and it was good but a pity that there wasn't much sambal sauce left ): I really should have taken it at the start. 

Some other local delicacies which I wasn't very much interested in, but the others kept complimenting about the beef and lamb. I prefer beef steak and roasted meat when it comes to buffet though. 


Laksa is always one of my favourite counter and also a must-try for every buffet restaurant. I have absolutely no idea why I'm eating something so filling which cost only a few bucks outside. Perhaps cooking a mini bowl of Laksa seems fun enough and chewing on a few strands of noodle can satisfy my cravings without feeling too bloated.

But I've actually tried eating 3 mini bowls before (>_<)

I present to you........ my own Laksa creation! Over here at Zaffron, you will have to cook the noodles yourself. 

Some salad and appetizer that I had at the start, usually the section that I seldom/ never paid attention to. 

Sashimi Counter

It was kinda average to me...

My favourite part of buffets are always DESSERTS!

Hazelnut cakes, Japanese Sponge cakes, Almond Saffron cakes, and more!

The hazetnut cake was yummy but just a tad too sweet for me. But the texture is so creamy and soft, feels like its melting in my mouth. 

Fruit salad and Apricot

Cheese and Assorted nuts

Honestly, I have always been curious how this type of cheese taste like, but I NEVER dared to try, can anyone tell me if it tastes nice? 

NOW FOR THE BEST PART (At least to me)

Bet you can tell how excited I was.

You know the ice-cream store where they mix your ice-cream together and toss it into a cup? Yup, but over here, they are just giving you ice-cream scoops (>_<) Oh well, I was expecting more. But mixing Banana & Strawberry together is awesomely delicious! Like banana split taste. And I realized many places do not sell Banana flavour anymore ): 

Some toppings they have - chocolates, M&Ms, my favourite marshmallows & even childhood gummy bears! I think marshmallows goes really perfectly with the ice-cream. 

And my yummy creation of 'Banana Split' flavour! 

But we were quite disappointed with their service. No smiles, no friendliness. And the ice-cream counter was always empty with no one standing there. I saw some houseflies after some time too. Ewww.

Anyway, Zaffron Restaurant caters more to local and Asian food, do not expect much and seafood is only available on Fridays-Sunday. Call to check for availability!

Zaffron Restaurant:
Oasia Hotel Level 1, 
8 Sinaran Drive
Singapore 307470

Contact: +65 66640348

And here's some photos we took at the end of the day!

The guys

Me with the girls

The SWEET couples
Bella & Marcus ♥ Me & my boy ♥ Yi Ning & Leon


 Andre & Zi Heng with my boy being extra at the 2nd photo haha

We had a great time together, meeting up to catch up with one another. A pity that the time was really short but I really enjoyed all the time, and of course to explore different food places with my boy. 

Overdue Korea trip will be posted soon! \^_^/

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