Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Korea Trip #1

Sorry for the super overdue post!!! 

If you have been reading my blog, you would realized that I have actually went to KOREA with my family just last month Dec! During the Christmas season! 

We actually chose a tour package by Chan Brothers and we traveled from Daegu, to Jeju and then to Seoul! We changed hotels every 1-2 days and its tiring!!! (>_<)

Honestly I wasn't very happy when I knew about the tour as I always preferred free and easy. But the service of Chan Brothers was really good and sincere. The only flaw was that there wasn't any beef in the meals provided.


Many years back, I went to Korea and tasted one of the best beef ever! The juicy beef slice instantly melts in your mouth when you take a bite. It really left me a strong impression till now. (Getting hungry as I'm typing this yikes!)

But anyway, the overall trip was enjoyable and really well planned by them!

Without this tour, I wouldn't have visited such special and interesting places! I'm only going to share on some of my favourite ones (:

Have you ever tasted Kimchi and wondered how they were made?

Because we went for a KIMCHI-MAKING SESSION!!!

Unfortunately, the whole process would take really long so we only get to do the final step. 

Some main products - salt water, garlic, chilli powder. And then we would rub and wrap the cabbage with the seasoning we prepared. 

My final product! I think I did pretty well didnt I? :x But we don't get to eat it as it's actually made for charity. Why would Kimchi be used for charity purposes? It won't be enough for a meal 0.o But I heard that Kimchi is really really good for health. 

And the most exciting part is to dress up in a Hanbok! I'd prefer a Kimono but this looks interesting too! After all, we don't get to wear costumes like that on normal occasions! 

Dressing up like 大长今!! 
Makes me look fat though :0 And maybe I should have chosen pink over red, looks brighter (>_<)

We went for some sightseeing around as well, and the weather was super super SUPER COLD especially on the first day, at least to my family. ●﹏● I don't understand how the rest could wear normal socks and normal shoes to such winter places. Just so you know, I was wearing stockings, a normal pair of socks with woolly socks and then a pair of WINTER BOOTS. But still, my feet were almost numb. My hands were freezing as if they were going to drop off. Oh gosh, I just can't stand cold places even though I'm so used to being in air-con rooms. And my mum always said that my room feels like a freezer :3

A panorama shot by my Casio tr150!

The photos actually reminded me of satellite shots, you can almost distinguish the difference of land and water by just seeing the blue & green patches. Just snapping this photo is an easy task, but guess what? I climbed 108478153251341 flights of stairs just to get this high. Okay, maybe not that exaggerating but seriously it was really tiring to climb this mountain as the steps were uneven, it was cold, and I'm tired since it was really early. 

SO I MUST UPLOAD THESE PHOTOS to justify for my efforts!! ॓_॔

We went to the Tangerine Farm too which is a little similar to the Strawberry farm at Malaysia. 

They gave us a pair of huge scissors and we can just cut off any Tangerines we like, and immediately eat it on the spot. Then we can throw the skin on the ground just like that. Oh great, no need to hang on to the rubbish haha. 

We were taught that the best tangerines are of medium sizes and the tips must be in green. 

Nom nom nommmmmmmmmm~ Tasted really sweet and refreshing. I would want to pop one in my mouth right now!

& To be continued! ^_^

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