Saturday, 19 January 2013

Korea Trip #2 - Hello Kitty Cafe

Was lucky enough to be able to head over to the Hello-kitty themed cafe at Korea

I really wish that my house is like that! Of course, my favourite Rilakkuma would be the BEST!

But who can resist such lovely decorations, especially for HELLO KITTY LOVERS? Even the sofa is made of a Hello kitty head!!! Makes me crave for high-tea. I could imagine myself chilling at the cafe for half a day, studying with my laptop while enjoying a slice of cake and a cup of hot chocolate. 

It was a pity that I didn't have much time to snap all the photos, and it was even a rush for me to finish up my food ◔̯◔

But here are some photos that will make most girls go crazy over it!

Look at the shelf filled with cakes & pastries!! And did I mention that the cakes & drinks are all in Hello kitty theme?!! They're not only pretty to look stare at but delicious to taste! The variety is pretty limited compared to the Hello kitty cafe at Taiwan as this place only serves plainly drinks, desserts and maybe some small food. But their cafe is delicate enough.

It actually makes me felt like I'm in some kind of Hello Kitty world.

And I couldn't wait to indulge in the desserts!

The cafe also sells Hello kitty merchandise for the Hello kitty fans, and every product is so pretty! 

And you know what? Even the toilet has a huge Hello kitty mirror 0_0 I'll probably stare at it the whole day hehe (Didn't manage to take a photo)

Who wouldn't love a cup of Cafe latte with Hello kitty design! I couldn't bear to drink it. *Slurps slowly and carefully while still staring at the design* ◙‿◙

Rare Cheese cake with the Hello kitty head

I understand why it is called "rare" because the taste is really unique and different from the usual cheese cakes! It's more moist and creamy rather than having a firm texture. Pretty sweet for my taste buds but overall I love it!

Choco Banana Waffle with my favourite whip cream 

Unfortunately, I took the photo from the wrong angle and this doesn't justify the real product. It was supposedly a Hello Kitty head waffle too! And the whip cream is so toothsome! So thick and creamy texture. Was an awesome combination together with the banana slices and chocolate sauce. Waffle was acceptable but I prefer Gelare waffles, they're still the best although the standard dropped a little the last time I went there :/

My brother ordered the Mint frappucino. I didn't try because I don't like mint flavours ):

I'm a greedy girl and food is always not enough for me, so I went for another slice of cake!

Due to time constraint, I had a dessert lunch instead of a proper meal. But it was really a satisfying and enjoyable lunch, having to see all the Hello kitty furniture and setting. If I have the money in the future, I'd make my kitchen into a RILAKKUMA theme!!! Even the pots and pans must be in that design!

(∪ ◡ ∪)


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Hope you enjoyed looking at all the pretty Hello kitty photos!!

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