Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Catch Oz The Great and Powerful

Do you all remember this classic story book tale "The Wizard of Oz"? The story goes like this...
Dorothy and her dog are caught in a tornado's path and ended in the land of Oz. During her journey, she met a Scarecrow who needs a brain, a Tin Man who wants a heart and a Cowardly lion who needs courage. All of them hoped that the Wizard of Oz could help them before the Wicked Witch of the West catches them.
Yep, familiar?

And now Disney has came out with a new movie "Oz The Great and Powerful"!

 photo 33uzmsj_zps0fafdfe6.jpg

Disney's fantastical adventure "Oz The Great and Powerful" is directed by Sam Raimi, imagines the origins of L. Frank Baum’s beloved wizard character; produced by Joe Roth, with a screenplay by Mitchell Kapner and David Lindsay-Abaire (credit not final). Grant Curtis, Palak Patel, Philip Steuer and Josh Donen are serving as executive producers. 

Short synopsis:
" When Oscar Diggs, a small-time circus magician with dubious ethics, is hurled away from dusty Kansas to the vibrant Land of Oz, he thinks he’s hit the jackpot—fame and fortune are his for the taking—that is until he meets three witches, Theodora, Evanora and Glinda, who are not convinced he is the great wizard everyone’s been expecting. Reluctantly drawn into the epic problems facing the Land of Oz and its inhabitants, Oscar must find out who is good and who is evil before it is too late. Putting his magical arts to use through illusion, ingenuity—and even a bit of wizardry—Oscar transforms himself not only into the great and powerful wizard but into a better man as well. "
Although this isn't the typical horror witches and wizards type of movie, I would still like a switch from time to time. Seems like a battle between the GOOD and EVIL witches apart from the fantasy characters and creatures appearing in the show. Something I love about Disney shows, the good always triumph over the evil!!(︶ω︶)

 photo gallery_oztheodora_download-vert_zpscd87c078.jpg

And besides a nice story plot, we get to enjoy breathtaking scenery in the movie! It's like a fantasy dream, a short getaway. Seems like an enchanted forest to me. 

 photo gallery_bridge_download-vert_zps541baa1b.jpg

Main cast:

 photo gallery_poster_oz_download-horz_zpsa82c014d.jpg

From left to right: Oscar Diggs (James Franco), Theodora (Mila Kunis), Evanora (Rachel Weisz)

 photo gallery_poster_glinda_download-horz_zpsc87fa669.jpg

From left to right: Glinda (Michelle Williams), Finley a winged monkey, The evil witch

My favourite character would be GLINDA. What attracts me most about her is her beautiful white dress with shiny sequins on her sleeves. Her crown is really unique embellished with a big jewel on her forehead. Looks like she's wearing a wedding gown. And she's pretty too! She seems more like a princess than a witch to me actually.

Glinda is a compassionate and benevolent witch, but also a fierce protector of her people. And she helps Oz achieve his true destiny. So she's actually pretty with a kind and brave heart.

 photo gallery_glinda_download-vert_zps14d0a388.jpg

I can't wait to catch this movie and to indulge in the fantasy of Wizards and Witches.
Don't forget to watch this trailer below!

Catch Disney’s OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL in Singapore cinemas 
this 7 March 2013

I'll be going for it, how about you?

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The show was mediocre but the effects were super awesome, with dazzling scenery and colourful background. It's like living in a fantasy world. There were some twist here and there in the story, but more or less expected. I think it's nice to watch it for the pretty effects. I think it's pretty funny when you see the people getting shocked when Oz uses technology from his side of the world. Haha. One of my favourite character besides Glinda is the little monkey - Finley. Poor Finley was always "bullied" by Oz to carry his heavy stuff and was demanded to assist him. But all ends well definitely! What's great about childhood movies is that they ALWAYS have a happy ending :D

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

[Omy] Thai movie preview - Countdown

WARNING ALERT: Only for 18 years old and above


Are you ready for some BLOOD, VIOLENCE and THRILL?

 photo blood2-vert2_zpsf6290262.jpg

If you love sadistic and thriller movies like I do, then get ready to be horrified with the latest movie Countdown!

 photo 419px-CountdownThai-IntPoster_zps25240b24.jpg

“4...3…2…1” no matter where you are, everyone in the world is looking
forward to the countdown to New Years Day, which includes 3 Thai teens in
New York City. They are roommates. Jack is a rich kid from Thailand who lies
to his parents that he’s in NYC to study, where in reality he is actually spending
their money on a daily basis just to have fun. Pam a materialistic girl who would
do anything to impress others and finally, Bee, Jack’s girlfriend, who has yet to
reveal to anyone why she came to NYC in the first place.
The 3 friends want to have a NYE party to remember, so Jack calls Jesus, a
drug dealer, to drop off some stuff to their apartment so they can celebrate the
end of the year in style. They actually don’t know Jesus that well and don’t really
know his background. However, his visit that night will change their lives
“4...3..2…1” They are counting down without knowing for sure that their
new day is going to be waiting for them….

Main cast:

 photo CountdownThai-04_zps928d8bc5.jpg

Patchara Chirathivat (Peach) as "Jack"

A rich kid who lies to his parents that he has been studying in NYU but
actually has been spending all the money just for fun

 photo CountdownThai-06_zps2296e619.jpg

Jarinporn Joonkiat (Toey) as"Bee"

Jack’s girlfriend who has never told anyone what is the real reason why she is
here in NYC

 photo CountdownThai-02_zpsaa63e51c.jpg

Pattarasaya Kruesuwansiri (Peak) as "Pam"

A sexy outgoing roommate who buys all the material things just to get
attention from others

 photo countdown01_zps052c7f06.jpg


“Welcome to the night of your life!”

 photo countdown03_zps03937352.jpg

I love thriller/ horror/ gore movies but ironically I'm so afraid of watching them that I could curl up in my seat and constantly tugging on my boy's shirt (─‿‿─) Countdown was not much of a gory bloody movie with blood all splattering around the scenes, but more of a torturing violence.

This "Jesus" guy didn't seem much like a true torturer to me when he first appeared, but wow! His sadistic actions really tormented my mind. Might not look gruesome, but you can almost imagine it.

There's a little twist at the end too. And also with positive values incorporated, never knew that violent movies will be portrayed in this manner. But I guess the whole point of watching such movies is to enjoy the intense action, violence and horror effects!

Watch the trailer if you haven't!

Be ready to countdown to the night hell of your life!

 photo countdown_zps90c74724.jpg

And thank you Omy.sg for the invite to this movie preview session!!!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Valentine's Day celebration ♥♥♥

Hope you guys had a fantastic Valentine's Day with your loved one/ friends/ family! Because mine was awesome!

Hmmm.. and I wonder if we have the 夫妻相.. (perfect couple/lover's face)

It was a simple yet sweet Valentine's Day celebration for us yesterday - Caught The Wedding Diary II and Ah Boys to Men 2, followed by a delicious meal at Kuishin Bo

My boy passed me the sweet Valentine's Day gifts in the morning and if you haven't read the post click here! 

It seems like a perfect time to watch this on Valentine's Day since this movie (The Wedding diary II) is about romance and family and BABIES

The story line is typical, about how a couple came together even when they are from two different worlds (The girl is from a very wealthy Singaporean family while the guy is from a poor family living in Malaysia). They managed to overcome the hurdles in their marriage and eventually gave birth to a son in the second episode. 

But the movie actually caused me to be even more decisive in not having any babies after marriage HAHA. It seemed so chaotic to take care of one! But I can't deny that babies are so adorable and cute!! (>_<)

The movie is pretty average, not something too boring, but definitely not very fantastic.

Ratings 3.5/5 stars    

I was more excited to catch Ah Boys to Men 2 though. Have been waiting for this movie release ever since I've watched the first one. You can read about the first one here:

Their usage of Hokkien and Singlish made the whole movie seem more lively and funnier even when I had to read the subtitles to fully understand. I personally prefer the second episode, and I especially like the part where the whole group find ways to seek revenge on IP Man's girlfriend & the "bastard" who stole her away. 

This movie is really a successful one as it grossed a total of S$4.67 million just after 13 days of the movie release! Like WOW. And the main cast might skinny dip if the box office takings crossed $10 million HAHA. But Jack Neo did assure that they have to find a way to do it without breaking the law. 

Main cast: (Back row, from left) Tosh Zhang (Sergeant Ong), Wang Wei Liang (Lo Bang) and Charlie Goh . 
(Front row, from left) Luke Lee (Sergeant Heng), Aizuddin Naseer (Muthu Shanmugaratnam), Maxi Lim (Aloysius - Wayang King), Joshua Tan (Ken Chow), Ridhwan Azman (Ismail) and Noah Yap (IP Man)

Oh and by the way! You will get to see the ASS of one of the main casts

Ratings 5/5 stars     

We then rushed to KUISHIN BO for dinner after both movies. Have been craving for it for SUPER LONG. And I'm glad my boy bring me to dine here on Valentine's Day ≧◡≦

Look at my happy face holding the Snow crab!!! Nom nom!!! :>

Kuishin Bo is known for the fresh & sweet snowcrabs at an affordable buffet price! It's always the main thing we will go for. Usually, we will reach the buffet restaurants at probably the earliest timing 6pm, so the snow crabs area are always fully filled. But that day, we were rushing over after the movie and by 7pm the snow crabs looked like the leftovers ):

We were lucky enough such that when we walked over, they started refilling and so my boy took TWO FULL PLATES to gorge down and savour every bit of flesh. Okay kiddin', towards the end we were pretty lazy to scrape off every bit. HAHAA. 

But pincers parts are seriously BEST to consume. When you cut it with the tool and twist it open, you can just place the whole chunk in your mouth. Mmmmmmmm.

The mussels and prawns section, not so much left as well. But I didn't bother trying the prawns.

The Sashimi was average-tasting, but I went AHHHH when Salmon Belly was served. The flesh was so much fatter & juicier. 

And some other food which I don't even bother taking a look as I'm saving my stomach for the best! Like snow crabs and desserts!

Kami Nabe section

Teppanyaki section

Check out the Chocolate fondue! To be honest, I am not a real fan of chocolate, especially when there isn't ice cream for me to dip in the hot chocolate, but I will find myself dragged by some sort of temptation force, to AT LEAST poke some marshmallows into the brownish fountain.  After which I don't really bother eating much :3

I just enjoy doing that. 

Another plus point of Kuishin Bo is their Desserts section. Always filled with awesome varieties from mousse, tarts, cake, mochi to all kinds of assorted pastries. Some expensive buffet restaurants like Todai don't even have such a big section just for desserts. 

And because we made reservations before 3pm on that day or any earlier, we got ourselves a FREE lobster each. Yes, LOBSTER. See how worthy the price is for just S$41.90++? I still prefer Snow crab or the fresh cold lobster by itself as this seems too cheesy for me. But after all, this IS LOBSTER ^_^ 

Some Sushi & Sashimi I took

This prawn tasted like some Thai food! With a tad of spiciness that is just right and also sweet-tasting. The portion was also small which is good because I hate ordering buffet food which gives you one full plate. Then I won't be able to finish other food.. 

And I went 'crazy' when I saw this plate with 9 sections. Okay, now I feel like I'm such a small girl, pffff. But it's really cute because now you can place your cake or fruit nicely on each section. Looks more presentable now! And I happily grinned to myself after successfully placing every piece on it. 

My boy only ate the fruits and the ice-cream, THE REST ARE MINE. And his jaws dropped seeing that I can take in so much dessert after gorging all the food previously. Oh and I had some desserts before this already.

That's why I always say that bringing me to buffets is super worth the money. (◡‿◡)

Kuishin Bo
Suntec City Tower 1 #03-002
3 Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038983

Tel: 6238 7088

Lovin' this pic of us!

Thanks dear for all the gifts and also making this day memorable for both of us!

You are my only Valentine 

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Our 4th Valentine's Day

Our 4th Valentine's Day together

I am really lucky to have you in my life.

We started off not knowing one another even though we were from the same school and eventually got together after some time, and we have been through many ups and downs. Never knew we could last till now, but we did. And I'm really thankful for having such a sweet and caring boyf, but most importantly someone who love me wholeheartedly. 



Here are the sweet gifts that I have received from my boyf

Sweet pink card with a long written message inside. Not going to reveal hehe

Devil heart necklace from Glampuss! I love this! Devil necklaces are unique and hard to find and this is really gorgeous! Thanks dear!

A black bag that he chose for me. I seriously needed one haha!

And lastly, here's a gift that I have prepared for him! Have been running out of ideas as I've done many things for him before, luckily I came across customized T-shirts! 

So here's a design that I have drawn using Digital art

He's my DEVIL & I'm his ANGEL

Now we have couple tees that no one else have! 


 The next post on our celebration will be up soon!

Friday, 1 February 2013

BEWARE of such scammers!

For people who always buy and sell things online, PLEASE beware such scammers on the Internet. You don't get scammed only when you buy things from untrusted blogshops. 
Even as a seller, if you are not careful enough, you MAY get cheated as well. 

I didn't fall into that deceiving trap of these suspicious scammers behind the screens. But I was quite frustrated and now rather amused at the fact that these "professional" scammers don't only go for expensive items but they try to cheat on cheap products that are worth $20+. 

Besides, I have encountered a few experiences with these tricky people and I really want to warn anyone who read this post. 


So I started with posting an ad on GUMTREE stating that I'm offering to sell away my camera which is estimated to be worth SGD300. This guy replied me stating that he wants it at SGD500 including shipping cost. I was totally shocked. Why would anyone pay such a huge amount for this camera? I was suspicious. But I thought 'no harm trying'.. the maximum he could do is to back out/ not pay.

Then he claimed that he's buying it for his girlfriend and daughter in another case today, making it seem less suspicious. 

This scammer asked me to mail out the item FIRST, and I have to send 'PayPal' my proof of shipment before the funds will be successfully added to my account. WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS RULE. I have done several transactions with my customers and none has this kind of requirement. 

He even misused people's trust for PayPal to conduct such scams. Tsk tsk.

He even acted as the 'victim' and that I'm scamming his money as I was unwilling to mail out the item to his mailing address. OBVIOUSLY I wouldn't. 

You think that this is all they have? No! They are kinda smart in faking 'PayPal' emails which are sent into my junk folder. Sorry for the really small screenshot, but the whole email is roughly about informing me of the funds transferred to my account. But I would have to show proof of shipment before they will successfully transfer. 

And their email looks quite real, except for a few mistakes they made.

I bet some would fall into this trap after reading this email. Lucky I didn't!

But in fact, there were quite a few loopholes in the whole scamming process. And I tend to be a very cautious person when dealing with such transactions and buy-sell thing.

1) The buyer offered to buy at a ridiculously high price without a single bit of negotiation

2) The 'PayPal' email sent to my junk folder was actually from 'costumer_careservice@accountant.com'.
Apparently, they couldn't even spell 'customer' correctly and it wasn't even PayPal's official email

3) I used my mum's PayPal account which is her email, so in any case, PayPal should be sending a confirmation email to her and NOT TO ME

So I replied "I have enquired PayPal about this case and we will see who is scamming"

That scammer never replied again.


And I even reported this fraud to Paypal. 


And today, I received another 'interested' buyer's reply for one of my handphone pouch which is worth SGD20-30. I saw the same methods used, and immediately knew that it was another scam. 


These people really got nothing to scam, so they target such cheap items? *Shakes head totally*

Rather than being angry, I feel amused that they have demoted to become CHEAPO scammers (¬‿¬)

So guys, remember to be really careful when this happens to you!!!

On a side note, maybe I should start posting at the side of my ads "Please don't bother contacting me if you're one of those buyers who will ask me to mail out the items first before PayPal funds will be transferred to my account, you will be wasting your time (:"