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Valentine's Day celebration ♥♥♥

Hope you guys had a fantastic Valentine's Day with your loved one/ friends/ family! Because mine was awesome!

Hmmm.. and I wonder if we have the 夫妻相.. (perfect couple/lover's face)

It was a simple yet sweet Valentine's Day celebration for us yesterday - Caught The Wedding Diary II and Ah Boys to Men 2, followed by a delicious meal at Kuishin Bo

My boy passed me the sweet Valentine's Day gifts in the morning and if you haven't read the post click here! 

It seems like a perfect time to watch this on Valentine's Day since this movie (The Wedding diary II) is about romance and family and BABIES

The story line is typical, about how a couple came together even when they are from two different worlds (The girl is from a very wealthy Singaporean family while the guy is from a poor family living in Malaysia). They managed to overcome the hurdles in their marriage and eventually gave birth to a son in the second episode. 

But the movie actually caused me to be even more decisive in not having any babies after marriage HAHA. It seemed so chaotic to take care of one! But I can't deny that babies are so adorable and cute!! (>_<)

The movie is pretty average, not something too boring, but definitely not very fantastic.

Ratings 3.5/5 stars    

I was more excited to catch Ah Boys to Men 2 though. Have been waiting for this movie release ever since I've watched the first one. You can read about the first one here:

Their usage of Hokkien and Singlish made the whole movie seem more lively and funnier even when I had to read the subtitles to fully understand. I personally prefer the second episode, and I especially like the part where the whole group find ways to seek revenge on IP Man's girlfriend & the "bastard" who stole her away. 

This movie is really a successful one as it grossed a total of S$4.67 million just after 13 days of the movie release! Like WOW. And the main cast might skinny dip if the box office takings crossed $10 million HAHA. But Jack Neo did assure that they have to find a way to do it without breaking the law. 

Main cast: (Back row, from left) Tosh Zhang (Sergeant Ong), Wang Wei Liang (Lo Bang) and Charlie Goh . 
(Front row, from left) Luke Lee (Sergeant Heng), Aizuddin Naseer (Muthu Shanmugaratnam), Maxi Lim (Aloysius - Wayang King), Joshua Tan (Ken Chow), Ridhwan Azman (Ismail) and Noah Yap (IP Man)

Oh and by the way! You will get to see the ASS of one of the main casts

Ratings 5/5 stars     

We then rushed to KUISHIN BO for dinner after both movies. Have been craving for it for SUPER LONG. And I'm glad my boy bring me to dine here on Valentine's Day ≧◡≦

Look at my happy face holding the Snow crab!!! Nom nom!!! :>

Kuishin Bo is known for the fresh & sweet snowcrabs at an affordable buffet price! It's always the main thing we will go for. Usually, we will reach the buffet restaurants at probably the earliest timing 6pm, so the snow crabs area are always fully filled. But that day, we were rushing over after the movie and by 7pm the snow crabs looked like the leftovers ):

We were lucky enough such that when we walked over, they started refilling and so my boy took TWO FULL PLATES to gorge down and savour every bit of flesh. Okay kiddin', towards the end we were pretty lazy to scrape off every bit. HAHAA. 

But pincers parts are seriously BEST to consume. When you cut it with the tool and twist it open, you can just place the whole chunk in your mouth. Mmmmmmmm.

The mussels and prawns section, not so much left as well. But I didn't bother trying the prawns.

The Sashimi was average-tasting, but I went AHHHH when Salmon Belly was served. The flesh was so much fatter & juicier. 

And some other food which I don't even bother taking a look as I'm saving my stomach for the best! Like snow crabs and desserts!

Kami Nabe section

Teppanyaki section

Check out the Chocolate fondue! To be honest, I am not a real fan of chocolate, especially when there isn't ice cream for me to dip in the hot chocolate, but I will find myself dragged by some sort of temptation force, to AT LEAST poke some marshmallows into the brownish fountain.  After which I don't really bother eating much :3

I just enjoy doing that. 

Another plus point of Kuishin Bo is their Desserts section. Always filled with awesome varieties from mousse, tarts, cake, mochi to all kinds of assorted pastries. Some expensive buffet restaurants like Todai don't even have such a big section just for desserts. 

And because we made reservations before 3pm on that day or any earlier, we got ourselves a FREE lobster each. Yes, LOBSTER. See how worthy the price is for just S$41.90++? I still prefer Snow crab or the fresh cold lobster by itself as this seems too cheesy for me. But after all, this IS LOBSTER ^_^ 

Some Sushi & Sashimi I took

This prawn tasted like some Thai food! With a tad of spiciness that is just right and also sweet-tasting. The portion was also small which is good because I hate ordering buffet food which gives you one full plate. Then I won't be able to finish other food.. 

And I went 'crazy' when I saw this plate with 9 sections. Okay, now I feel like I'm such a small girl, pffff. But it's really cute because now you can place your cake or fruit nicely on each section. Looks more presentable now! And I happily grinned to myself after successfully placing every piece on it. 

My boy only ate the fruits and the ice-cream, THE REST ARE MINE. And his jaws dropped seeing that I can take in so much dessert after gorging all the food previously. Oh and I had some desserts before this already.

That's why I always say that bringing me to buffets is super worth the money. (◡‿◡)

Kuishin Bo
Suntec City Tower 1 #03-002
3 Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038983

Tel: 6238 7088

Lovin' this pic of us!

Thanks dear for all the gifts and also making this day memorable for both of us!

You are my only Valentine 

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