Sunday, 17 March 2013

A EVEN "Sweeter" Date

A "Sweet" Date, doesn't only refer to a romantic date with your loved one. 

Though in my case it is as well 

But I would name this a EVEN "sweeter" date because we satisfied our sweet tooth at Brunetti! Which I was super excited for as I love eating desserts. Which girl doesn't like sweet stuff! I'm already going crazy at the sight of all the cakes and we were also greeted with the Gelato section filled with colourful tubs of Ice-cream the moment we stepped in. 

Look at the variety of flavours they have to offer! Drooling at the sight of it already. 

I didn't get to try this yet as we didn't want to splurge on desserts. We could visit this place again anyway! The must-try list: Cookies, Carapino (No idea what's this but looks good), Berry cheesecake (Love cheesecake flavours!), Cappuccino, and Pistachio (One of my all-time favourite)!! 

Other flavours look supaaaaaaa appetizing as well, perhaps I'll try them after I'm done with my favourites!

You all might know that I'm in love with Macarons as well. I know its always pricey to get them as it's at least $2 for a small bite, but I know I just cannot resist that temptation. 

There are many flavours here which are not sold in common stores like Passionfruit, Pistachio and Coconut. And macarons are just too colourful that you can't take your eyes off the shelf. Look at the bottom filled with cakes too! In all sorts of shapes, design and colours! Some which looks too cute to be eaten.

Most of the bigger slices are roughly $8 while the smaller cakes which are bite-sized are roughly $2+. I should have ordered a few small cakes rather than a big one though, so that I can try many flavours at the price of $8 :3

The Chocolate section which I'm not very interested in. 

And other cakes & pastries

I was very interested in the Strawberry Eclair because there's my favourite whip cream and strawberries! But it's $6 so I figured out that it wasn't really worth it, I could just buy myself a box of strawberries, spam loads of cream on it, and have it at home.

Apart from desserts and cakes, Brunetti also serves main course and breakfast as well!

Look at our HAPPY faces! Waiting to devour our food!

Opera Slice ($8.00)

When my teeth sunk into the layers of cream, I could feel all the Chocolate & coffee cream taste together, bitter and sweet. A perfect balance, appetizing and delicious. It stated that there's liquer in it, but I didn't taste much of it except for the first few bites. 

Passione ($8.00)

My boy said that it was the most unique cake taste he had ever, but I shuddered the moment I tasted it. Not that it's revolting or anything like that, but I dislike sour cakes. It was sweet with a tinge of sourness in it >_< Like its name, the cake looked super passionate because it was sooooooo RED.

My coconut macaron ($2.25) was nice as a bite-sized snack, but pretty average as a macaron. Felt more like a cookie to me, probably because the cream wasn't thick enough. Mostly I felt was the crunchiness of the shell. 

Ciambella ($5.00)

I don't know why he ordered a $5 sugar ring donut over here, but he did and regretted. I never tried but it wasn't nice for him. And here's what he said:

"You should never order low-class food in high-class places"

Hmmm, what a stereotype hahahah

We looked around our seats and realized that we're the only Asian people there!

We love the food here and we're definitely coming back!

163 Tanglin Road
#01-35 Tanglin Mall

Tel: +65 6733 9088

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