Sunday, 31 March 2013

A little movie update

Have been busy with school stuff recently and the semester is coming to an end! Always 1 of my favourite time of the year. It just happened that my birthday week is also the last school week. Well, it could have been better if it was placed after the finals though!!

Anyway, I just wanted to post a little update here on my blog to share some movie reviews!! 
VHS and G.I Joe.

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The scariest, rawest horror movie of the year (TOTALLY NOT...)

The whole movie was recorded in such a budget way with a video recorder. Mind you, its not even some pro quality video cam that people own nowadays. It's those old, lousy type which makes you feel so giddy after watching it for long. Can you imagine the whole movie played this way? 

It would have been acceptable if the story line was good, but seriously, for some parts I went laughing away with my boy, because it was ridiculous, not funny. I would admit that there're parts of suspense in which I tried to cover my eyes, but overall, the scare level was really low. Some gore here and there but nothing close to Final Destination and not to forget, FD is already quite a low standard of gore. 

The whole story covers 5 different horror stories. A group of guys, I would say bastards, break into a house to steal a VHS tape and they started watching the tapes found in the room, with a dead old man sitting right behind.. WHAT.. Why would you even want to watch horror clips with a dead person behind. It's almost like he will pounce on you at any moment :0

Amateur Night

This had a predictable plot. A group of guys brought back two chicks from bars to their place to film a reality porn video using camera glasses. One chick passes out almost immediately and the other.. is definitely creepy.. Look at her huge eyes. And she kept whispering "I like you" to the guy. It was so obvious that she's gonna attack them and rip them apart anytime soon. I was just awaiting for that to happen. One thing I like?

You're going to see balls ripped apart.

Second Honeymoon

The story was quite boring at the start with a girl filming her 2nd honeymoon with her boyfriend. The scares all started when this suspicious girl came knocking on their hotel room door asking for a ride the next morning. And in the middle of the night, some unknown person came into their hotel room and switched on the video cam. This is very unexpected and I went totally :0 when the last scene was shown.

Tuesday The 17th

In this story, there's nothing much except for gore and violence. One girl lured all her friends to the woods and acted really strange, saying that all of them are going to die in this forest. Some dead body shots were seen in the video and there's a distorted killer always appearing the screen from nowhere. However, the story line was just bizarre with no explanations for this weird phenomenon. 

So all I saw was killing and killing, but no idea why it actually happened.

The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily When She Was Younger

 Similar to Paranormal activity 1, this is filmed using a webcam, where Emily heard strange footsteps and noises coming from her hostel. She seeks help from her surgeon boyfriend not knowing what is prepared for her. There're ghostly images of kids running around the apartment and Emily attempted to talk to the boy but things were not as simple as she thought..

It's like Halloween party gone wrong. A group of guys were dressed up for a Halloween party and they ended up in an empty house. Being curious, they wandered around but eventually found themselves in danger after rescuing an unknown girl. The house instantly got alive and "possessed" with hand prints on the wall and arms sticking out of the walls and floors. The group of guys then realized that it wasn't a good deed they're doing, but danger awaits them. 
All in all, the story line kinda sucks, with maybe 1 or 2 concepts being quite interesting and unique. But I really cannot go for movies that have poor quality filming though I understand that this is the main focus and intention of the whole movie. What could have been done is to reduce the number of horror stories and make each one more in-depth and to add in explanations. 5 is probably too much. 

Both my boy & I regretted watching VHS and I was constantly fidgeting in my seat.

Ratings: 2/5 stars  

Next movie - G.I Joe 2: Retaliation 

Couple date with Cy & Iris last Thursday ♥‿♥

A decent but unoriginal story plot with breathtaking action and fighting scenes. I have watched many "terrorist-like" movies and most of them are always involving bombs, especially Nuclear bombs. They really like Nuclear bombs a lot because there's a lot of threat in it. You can almost predict the main story line. 

Terrorist/ Bad guy releases the nuclear bomb

and then

The heroes have to snatch the briefcase to abort the nuclear mission.

Sounds familiar to Mission Impossible 4 right?

Out of many terrorists and action-packed movies, I would say one of my favourites is Die Hard. I have watched 2 versions before and both are so different and unique to their own. One is about the entire traffic controlled by the terrorists and they successfully turned the whole city into chaos, causing much injuries and death. While another is even more intense, the terrorists have taken in charge of the airport. And there is one guy who saves the day. (The same actor in the top left photo)

I don't know if it's just me being sleepy, but I kept falling asleep at the start of the movie, and wasn't fully awake till this part. Where the ninjas fought at the mountain cliffs, they're running and chasing on the mountain walls as if it was just a breeze. 

I enjoyed watching them use Katanas to fight, and there's one part where they prove that Katana can be faster than a gun. 

I probably enjoyed the action and fighting scenes more than the story line itself. And to me, the show was nicer compared to many other movies, but if I were to compare it with just the action genre, then sad to say, it's only average to me. This could probably be one of the many shows that I would forget after some time because it didn't leave me a strong impression. 

Ratings: 3/5 stars    

Watching movies have always been our favourite pastime, sometimes I feel that we spend too much on movies too. I have a rather big stack of movie tickets kept in my drawer. But I feel a little disappointed that they have changed the tickets to thinner paper which are of lousier quality. Makes me more unwilling to keep the movie tickets.. 

Looking forward to Iron Man 3 with my boy!

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