Saturday, 2 March 2013

In search of good food!

Have been going out with my boy lately, and savouring all the yummy food at our usual favourite restaurants! We have also been watching quite a number of movies and sometimes I feel that we watch movie for the sake of watching, and not really because the movie is super interesting.  Kinda enjoying life in the midst of my exam preparations. #Procrastination.

So here are 3 of our favourite restaurants!

LENAS  ♥♥ 13 Feb ♥♥

We love the food here so much that we have tried dining at this place 3 times in that week! 
Totally not kiddin'.

Spiky necklace sponsored by IMPULSE
Blue tank top from H&M

This was also the day we met up just after I'm back from my HK trip!

The reason why Lenas is such a great choice is because of the good quality & affordability of the food. With the member card, we're entitled to special offers as well! I think that the food range is quite wide and I always go crazy over the drinks and desserts!!

I love the Parmesan cheese fries there! Munch munch!

GENKI SUSHI ♥♥ 21 Feb ♥♥
Also on our 65th months anniversary! 

Hearts to Hearts necklace sponsored by ESMERALDALLE
Arwen Babydoll dress in Pink from LUXY COUTURE

We had some super delicious cakes at Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe for our teabreak. Got a $20 voucher so we decided to just spend it all on cakes! SINFUL meal. I even chose 2 cheesecakes and gorge them down my stomach. The tofu cheesecake was so delicious, like instantly melting into my mouth. I seldom see cafe selling tofu cheesecake so I'm really satisfied! 

Raspberry Cheesecake

Poor Tofu Cheesecake locked up in a wooden cage, ready to be eaten by me!

Orange Chocolate Cake for the CHOCOLATE LOVER boy

Dinner was awesome! I'm still not sick of the soft shell crab. And I can't wait to be back for more! Fresh and yummy Sashimi too!

SEOUL GARDEN ♥♥ 28 Feb ♥♥

Definitely on the top of my list! Just a lil expensive especially for dinner, but I had a voucher, AGAIN!

I think it's a great pleasure to cook your own food and slowly tasting them bit by bit. Sometimes I hate it when all the food is served at once. At Seoul Garden I can just take my own sweet time.. I can never have enough of Seoul Garden mostly because of the Chicken Bulgogi and Seafood Kimchi soup. Remember to put some cockles into the soup! Serene taught me this trick! 

Blue bralet from BUGIS STREET

I prefer eating at the Marina Square outlet. The teppanyaki stove is covered with the metal sides so oil will not splatter as much. Hate it when I'm eating and all the oil just dirty the table and of course burn my hands!!! My boy used to cook the food for me, but I've learnt to enjoy cooking it myself and realized that I could eat a lot more than usual because of this. 

Probably because I can't be stuffed with too many food at once heheh.

See that slogan on his NUM tee: "GRIND ME IF YOU DARE" You dare? :<

NUM shirts have lots of kinky slogans haha. 


I totally burst out laughing while snapping this photo!

So that's all for the month of February! I think my boy has been influenced by me to enjoy good food. And we will always be craving for more. I am willing to spend money on FOOD more than SHOPPING. I think other girls are opposite from me! 

MY LOGIC: I might not be willing to spend on some top for $20, but will not consider much if it's on some delicious food. I know that clothes can be worn many times, and food just go down your stomach and THAT'S IT. No, actually you even have to excrete them out. But I find that eating is such a GREAT ENJOYMENT WITH HIGH SATISFACTION LEVEL. :3

I love this dress a lot! One of the few sweet princess pink outfits I have!


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